Are you a Snifffr? I’m not talking about some poor sap with a bad case of allergies or a leaky coke nose, either. Nah, I’m talking about those perverts who like to take a big ol’ whiff of a beautiful woman’s used panties, kind of like what I do with every lady who takes them off over on the PornDudeCasting couch. Of course, I consider myself a lucky motherfucker to have all these babes throwing their underwear at me all the time, but what if you aren’t a legitimate pornstar like yours truly?That’s where Snifffr.com comes in. They spell out the whole concept right there at the top of the landing page: this is a trusted anonymous marketplace to buy and sell used panties. In fetish niches like this, where money will be changing hands, it’s pretty natural to worry about getting ripped off. The idea here is that you won’t, and one of the things I notice right away is that these guys have a great reputation with knicker-huffing deviates, pulling in thousands of visitors every day. That’s even more than your mom gets, and I’m guessing these drawers don’t smell like fucking taco night like mama’s. Let’s take a closer look and see what’s up.Get Yourself a Sniff at SnifffrIf you’re a kinky motherfucker, there’s a good chance you’ve trolled some pretty skeezy websites trying to get your fix. You know the joints I’m talking about, those little-trafficked forums running on 1996 architecture, the sketchy homemade blogs with 12 visitors, or the weirdest, most obscure corners of sites like Craiglist and Reddit. That’s just how it is since the folks at most adult-oriented companies usually aim for the bigger demographics of masturbators like lesbian fans and dildo users.Snifffr.com instantly distinguishes itself from those half-ass websites with a fucking professional presentation. That alone has got to be part of the appeal since you’re not immediately going to wonder if you’re going to get your money and identity stolen. This place is fucking legit, from the stock photo of the babe in pink lingerie at the top to the OnlyFans-style shots of Featured Sellers sliding by mid-screen. I’m already hard as a rock from the user photos, and I haven’t even gotten off the front page yet.The tour lays out the simple 4-step process for getting your dirty panties from the babes. First, you browse the site and check out the gorgeous ladies. Second, you message or chat with those sexy Snifffr members. Third, select and pay for your new panties. Fourth, well, I think you can decide for yourself what you’re going to do with those soiled undergarments. You can sniff them, cram them in your mouth, use them as a COVID facemask or even put those bad boys over your whole head like a motherfucking supervillain. And of course, you could also grab your morning coffee while inhaling the succulent fumes of some broad’s cooter. Hell, just use it as a Lucha mask.What’s That Smell Coming from the Mail?I mentioned those Featured Sellers out front, and there’s no doubt in my mind that these are a big reason why this site gets so many signups. Snifffr.com is one of those adult websites where you only get to see a limited amount of material until you sign up. So those featured photos are definitely luring pervs in by showing off just some of the site’s wide selection of hot chicks selling their undies.Already, I see slutty white girls with their panties riding their cracks, thick goth babes with their underwear around their ankles, and ebony babes with G-strings that are barely visible on account of being jammed up their ass cracks. There’s a girl in pink granny panties showing off a nice cameltoe and a quote from a lovely MILF about how much she loves acting out her naughty side via the Snifffr platform.To really browse the site, you need to sign up for an account. It’s a quick process that you can do in under a minute, including clicking the validation link in the email they send. Then you’ll be shuffled along to the Snifffr.com members’ area where the action really is.My dudes, it’s even better than I thought. I figured those thousands of viewers a day were almost all just buyers, but holy fuck, they’ve got an absolute ton of babes selling their panties. I’m checking out the site on a Monday morning, and there are a thousand panty sellers online right now. I hope you’ve got some money and some sick days saved up because there’s so fucking much on offer here.It’s Like Facebook for Panty SniffersOne thing I really wasn’t expecting was all the social media features in the member’s area. Most of Snifffr.com is set up like your favorite social network, with a feed of panty shots from featured sellers and your list of favorites, plus the ability to comment and like the content. You can add friends, poke people, send private messages and even add reviews. You can post your own updates even if you’ve signed up as a buyer and not a seller, as I have.Honestly, though, I wasn’t all that interested in posting a status. I came here for the panties, so I made my way to the site’s Shop section with that in mind. Here, I found all the latest offerings on the site.  There’s a nice set of search features to help find what you’re looking for by category, price, country, and keyword.The site’s main thing is used panties, but there’s other stuff for sale, too. You can also buy used socks, sheets, phone calls or webcam shows, and a fair number of OnlyFans-style photo and video sets. One of today’s newest listings is a set of dirty bedsheets from a lesbian couple who hate doing laundry. They’re $175 and come with a month’s worth of shed skin cells, sweat, and sex juice.The prices are all over the place, as you might expect. I see a thick redhead selling different colors of panties for $15 each, a babe selling her dusty blue Calvin Klein socks for $30, and a pretty girl selling a lace bra for $50. You get to see a photo in most cases, so you know it isn’t just some fat guy wiping his ass with some panties he shoplifted from Wal-Mart.The photo and video sets also vary wildly in price. Some curvy chick posted today offering vaguely defined photos and videos for $40, followed a few minutes later by somebody offering Google Drive access to their stash for $5 monthly or $20 for lifetime access. One woman is asking twenty-five bones to chat off-site; pony up the cash, and she’ll give you her phone number or Kik username.Plus Some Pics to Beat Off ToI came into Snifffr.com thinking it would be some lo-fi, mostly text-based marketplace for panties, but they’ve consistently kept me impressed by both their presentation and the wide range of products available from all these hot chicks. Another thing that surprised me was all the free fappable content available all over the fucking place.Some of that is a natural result of posting promo shots. After all, it always helps to show the product in question if you’re asking fifty bucks for it. That said, they also have sizable Photo and Video areas on the site where you can browse user content. Those users usually sell socks and/or panties, so if you like what you see, you can get an actual sniff at Snifffr.I have to admit; I fell down the fucking rabbit hole in that free photo area. There are so many hot chicks showing off their asses in panties, their legs and feet, their pretty faces, and thorough cleavage. There doesn’t seem to be any prohibition against full-on nudity, so you get a little bit of everything, including a few sex shots.Snifffr.com is a fucking easy recommendation for anybody who might be in the market for a used pair of panties to hold up to their face while jerking off into a used pair of women’s socks. The social media features and the shop make it easy to find and connect with babes hawking their used wares, plus there’s a lot of free stuff in there to shake your dick at. Signup only takes a few seconds, so give it a look.