Sexy Sex Doll

Sexy Sex Doll! It’s hard to get tired of porno, but I know sometimes people want to ramp it up a little. That’s one of the reasons hookers are so popular, but even those lays come with some strings attached. Well, we’re living in the goddamn future, so you’ve got a growing number of options. For example, offers stunningly realistic sex dolls for your pleasure.These aren’t the inflatable bitches you can buy at the dank and dirty local porn shop. You know, like the one your buddies bought you ironically for your birthday, and that you unironically got drunk and banged until the plastic chafed your boner skin raw. One look at the realistic silicone love dolls offered by Sexy Sex Doll and you’ll know this is a completely different sex toy.The World’s #1 Lifelike Sex DollsA banner near the top of the page declares SexySexDoll as the World’s #1 Lifelife Sex Dolls: Real Sex Dolls, Silicone Dolls and TPE Love Doll Store. If you’re going to blow a couple grand on one of these ladies, I suggest reading up on TPE vs Silicone. TPE is considerably cheaper but comes with some compromises that may shorten her lifespan.An even bigger banner shows off a few of their synthetic sluts and offers a point-reward system for customers, as well as a free care set for any big doll purchase. I really think the care set should be standard without mentioning it, but the reward program might be useful if you’re building a harem of fake whores. SexySexDOlls will also hook you up with free clothes and wigs, and also have a VAT and import duty clearance service to help get your new girlfriend home with minimal effort.Scroll down just a bit and you’ll see a section introducing their newest and best lifelike sex dolls. There’s a blurb about realistic fuck dolls in general, which includes gems like this:“Real Sex dolls have been around for decades, yet people are still apprehensive about buying or even talking about these human-size sex toy. This can be attributed to the stigma associated with pleasure dolls and the related assumptions about its legality and use. However, in actual fact, realistic sex dolls are highly inclusive in today’s free society.”It goes on to talk about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and how those are going to improve sex dolls even more. Memorize the entire paragraph so you can quote it in a few years when your parents give you shit about bringing your big-titted robo-wife to Christmas dinner. Come on, mom, she’s highly inclusive, and she keeps her mouth open like that for a damn good reason. No, dad, you can’t put your fingers in.Titfuck Sex Dolls, Lesbian Sex Dolls, and Unchaste Teacher Sex DollsSexySexDoll’s newest artificial babes are lined up across the screen. Below each pic is their “name,” which really consists of a name, a vague descriptive word, and some stats. She’s not just Daisy, she’s Titfuck Sex Doll 162cm 5ft4 G-cup Mouth Open Daisy. The girl in the leather jacket goes by Denisa, but her full name is actually Lesbian Sex Doll 168cm 5ft6 B-cup Denisa. Other descriptors include Unchaste Teacher, Shameless, Fiancee, and Uncensored, though I’ve yet to notice any censorship anywhere.It’s crazy how realistic these things have become over the years. One of the things that gives them away is their sheer perfection; they remind me of overly Photoshopped pornstars with smooth, flawless skin and ripe melons. Scroll over a thumbnail and you can get some more angles of the babe of your choice, add her to your cart, or click through to her profile for a full bio. Sorry, I mean click through to the sex toy’s item listing for a full product description. See? I told you they were realistic.The girls at the top don’t have any user ratings because they’re so new. Scroll down a bit to the Customer Favorites and Featured Realistic Sex Dolls and look at all the stars. Customer satisfaction is through the roof, because most of them have 5-stars. There might be some bias here, because who wants to give a 1-star review to the hump dummy they just paid thousands of dollars for?Oh, speaking of thousands of dollars, these aren’t the most expensive dolls I’ve seen. In fact, if you’ve ever browsed the RealDolls site, these bitches are going to look like bargains. Most of the synthetic women on the front page are just under $2,000.SexySexDolls vs RealDolls: As Good as the Original?Everybody has heard of RealDolls, even if you’ve never considered buying one. They’re the original lifelike love doll, and still considered to be the best. I’m sure you’re all wondering how SexySexDoll measures up, especially if you’re in the market for one.There’s a Best Sex Dolls Guide on SexySexDoll. Half the dates say 2018 and the other say 2019, which seems like some sloppy keyword adjusting but it doesn’t matter. The info is still there. SexySexDoll readily admits that RealDoll is The Best USA High-End Sex Doll Brand. They also give Orient Industry the award for The Best Asia High-End Sex Doll Brand.The rest of the awards all go to products available on SexySexDoll. They’re an authorized retailer for a few different brands of love dolls, and those companies have high spots on this list. WM Dolls are the Best Asia Mid-Range TPE Dolls, and 6Ye is the Most Innovative and Best Uprising Brand. Both are available here.The whole Awards/Buyer’s Guide reads basically like this: “We’re not the absolute best premium realistic sex doll, but we’re really fucking amazingly good and also a solid deal. Look at all these SexySexDolls we’ve got. You should definitely buy one.”I assumed customization options would be more limited than with RealDolls, just based on the price point, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Custom Doll link in the header leads to several different customization pages for their different brands. Yes, custom builds can be much more expensive than those $2k TPE sluts outside.SexySexDoll will also build you a sex doll using photos, details and measurements you send in. Some included pics show parts of the process. There’s a newly sculpted, unpainted head, and then you get to see it all dolled up with a wig, colors and a matching set of perky tits. They claim to be the only company doing this, so you’d better get that fake Scarlet Johannson doll made before this feature opens up a legal can of worms.Sexy Dorrs Rove You Rong TimeI have to admit, the broken English on every page of the site was a red flag for me. SexySexDoll does business around the world, but they’re based in Hong Kong. If you’ve ever even known somebody to buy some Chinese shit on Wish, you know you don’t always get what’s in the picture. I don’t want to buy a love doll and find out her custom vagina won’t even fit my dick because they measured in Chinese inches.That said, I did some Googling to see what kind of reputation these guys have. It’s easy enough to slap some fake positive reviews up and refuse to let anyone post anything negative, but that’s not what SexySexDoll is doing. In fact, everything I found said the site is highly trustworthy and the customers are very satisfied. Their location in Hong Kong is a prime convenience, not a scam: they’re spitting distance from most of the major sex doll manufacturers, and speak the language.RealDoll is arguably still king of the block when it comes to realistic sex dolls. Other players have been coming out of the wordwork, offering similar products and competitive prices. SexySexDoll carries a number of brands and hundreds of models, and can also do next-level customizations. Shipping is free worldwide, and they’ll even help with import duty. If you’re in the market, this is absolutely one of the sites you need to browse before you pull the trigger.