Adam & Eve Store

Adam & Eve adult store! Why are you still buying sex toys from that weird, greasy feeling sex shop across town? It’s expensive, the cashier with the combover always gives you that weird look, and you have to carry that black bag back to your car hoping that nobody you know sees you. It fucking sucks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if I told you there was an awesome site that could offer discreet delivery and competitive prices with none of the shame? Well, I’ve got just the site for you, and I’m certain you’ve heard of is your one-stop sex shop for everything and anything you might need. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of years, then you know about them. Their ads pop up the more adult-themed channels on TV, on all sorts of internet sites, and, hell, I even heard their ads on the radio once. This site is one of the biggest sex shops in the world with nearly 6 million visitors every single month. And their marketing boom may be new, but they have been providing quality service and products since as early as 1996. With two decades of experience, you can trust these guys to give you the good shit.Site Designs Feels Clean and Professional. Tons of Deals on the Front PageThe site layout is pretty good, albeit pretty bright on the eyes. It’s mainly a white design, which makes the site feel kind of premium. It’s not dark and seedy like your average sex shop. No weird stains in the carpet or odd marks on the wall. The front page shows off some of their deals with a slideshow of previews. Things like “50 percent of candy dreams dildos, 5 best masturbation toys for women, free shipping plus 25 percent off any one item.” These deals are changing every day, but I can say for certain that they are legit. I order from here every now and again and I always get some awesome coupons, free gifts, and usually free shipping. That alone cuts the prices down to a fraction of what you would pay at a brick and mortar place.Aside from the deals, the front page is organized by “Sex Toys, Vibrators, Women’s Sex Toys, Men’s Sex Toys, Movies, Lingerie, Lubes & Lotions, and Sexy Extras.” You can also access these same categories using the navigation bar up top, as well as gain a few additional sections for exclusive couple’s deals, gift guides, and bondage stuff. There is something for every kind of kinky individual out there no matter your gender or sexual preferences.Wide Range of Categories Make the Site Well-Organized and Easy to UseWhen you click on a category, Women’s Sex Toys for example, you get taken to a page with more subcategories and products. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a master list of everything related to sex toys. You can see exactly how many items are in each category. There are over 400 items for women’s sex toys, 150 bondage items, 157 dildos, and the list goes on and on. The great thing about Adam & Eve is that the site is always growing and selling new seasonal products, so there’s always something new to check out.So, say you’re someone in the market for a dildo. Click on the preview image for dildos or click on the side bar to get taken to a menu full of even more previews. Realistic dildos, vibrating ones, giant ones, glass, strap ons, you fucking name it and they have it. Once you see the kind that you want to buy just click through and check out all of the products in that category.The preview images show you the product, a rating out of 5 stars (and how many people have rated it), what it’s called, and how much it costs. If you don’t feel like scrolling through every page you can sort by recommended, price high to low or low to high, best sellers, top rated, etc. It makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.Safe and Secure Check Out with Fast ShippingThe next logical step is to, well, decide what the fuck you want. Once you see something you like, click on that shit to get taken to the product page. Here I’m checking out the All-American Whopper Dong 8 Inch Dildo. It shows that it’s in stock and I can even view 5 more photos of the product if I want to get every angle of it. I can even choose between white and black. Below the product itself, you get a sizeable description of what it is, what it’s made of, and the features that it comes with. Next to the product, they advertise their discreet shipping, 24/7 support, and 90-day returns.Incredibly Lenient Return Policy and a Great Mobile SiteWait, returns? It must be really limited, right? Nope. If you don’t like the item within 90 days, you can return that shit for another product or your money back. That’s right, you could shove the massive American Bombshell War Daddy Dildo up your ass for an entire two months, decide you don’t like it, and send it back with no problem. Well, no problem except your loose foghorn sounding balloon knot. But anyway, yeah, you can send anything back that you don’t like. You definitely couldn’t walk into a sex shop with a used cock ring and expect any kind of help, unless you count them getting someone to help escort you out of the building.After that, it’s easy enough to order and check out. Add the item to your cart, say yes or no to their recommended add on, use one of the many coupon codes on the site, claim any free gifts you might have gotten, and you’re done. They usually show up on your billing statement as Adam Mail or something like that. So, it won’t say anything too incriminating on your bank account. It’s the same with the shipping. It’ll come in a plain cardboard box with the only mark saying Adam Mail on the little sticker. No big logos. No worries about snoop neighbors or friends. Oh, and if you want even more deals just make an account when you place your order and sign up for their email list. They are always sending out coupons.And, as to be expected, the site works great on mobile. It’s designed and formatted perfectly fine, and you can still use all of the same features of the desktop version of the site. Place orders, browse their extensive catalog, and more all on the go! No annoying ads or pop-ups on either site, so you can feel safe ordering and putting in your personal and credit info through their secure system on either version of the website.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature of this site? Fuck, where do I even begin. I love the fact that the prices here are reasonable and that the shipping is actually discreet. It’s always worth checking this site out if you’re in the market for any sort of sex toy. Their customer service is great too. I had an issue in the past where I received an incorrect item, so they fixed the issue and sent me something free along with it for my troubles! You also won’t be left waiting forever on their service line. They pick up quickly and you’ll get to talk to an actual person.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy suggestion would be to use this site the next time you need a sex tory. There’s really nothing that they do badly here. Site design is great and just the sheer selection of things they have here is awesome. Tons of sex toys for most fetishes out there, even the more obscure ones. Lot of toys, masturbates, and gift sets for anyone kinky in your life. You won’t feel cheated or scammed here. It’s definitely popular for a reason.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, what can I say except go to Adam Eve (often misspelled as "adam&") and get browsing. This site has every naughty product you could ever dream of for a fair price. With solid customer support, quick and discreet shipping, and tons of deals, you really can’t go wrong ordering from here.