WTF People

WTFPeople! Not gonna lie, the name of this website is right. The first thing I saw when I got on WTFpeople.com was an ad that was selling synthetic urine. Yeah, you could tell that I went “WTF” when I read that. And the way that a website is all about first impressions. I don’t’ know how this one will fare with presenting WTFpeople.com but we’re going to give the website a go anyway. There’s no reason not to, after all, since it’s free and it does offer a lot of free porn content to all its users.Videos that are hosted on this domain are mostly amateurOne thing that you’ll immediately notice is that there are two kinds of content that’s served on "WTF People". The first kind is the videos that are actually contained on this website. Now, there’s quite a few of these. Over 30 pages of videos that you can just watch on WTFpeople.com without going to any other website and they all have a similar tone of both amateur videos and extreme videos. I mean, you could probably tell that there are going to be some extreme videos on WTFpeople.com just by looking at the ads that they allow on their website.So the videos that are actually on WTFpeople.com are mostly amateurish in nature, but there are a few extreme ones too. There’s no way to categorize them, and when you do use the categories on WTFpeople.com, it’s going to list the other type of videos that we haven’t touched on yet, but we will soon. Basically, if you want to enjoy porn on WTFpeople.com that’s actually on WTFpeople.com, you’re going to have to browse through the pages and find something that’s interesting to you. There’s no going around it.External videos that contain more extreme contentThe second type of videos that you’ll find on WTFpeople.com, is not actually on the site itself, but it’s usually a link that will redirect you to the website where you can watch the actual video. The sites that are offered are always free, but there are a few drawbacks to this method. Still, it’s a fair way to have more content on your website without overloading your servers with a bunch of videos. It might not be the best solution, but it’s certainly better than just wasting all of that potential.You won’t get a lot of info about the external videos hereThe drawbacks are obvious though. No thumbnails, which means that you have no visual cue on what you can expect. Usually, thumbnails are really indicative of what you’ll be watching, and here you’ll just have to take a guess based on the title. And that brings us to the other problem, which is that sometimes the titles aren’t descriptive enough, you might click on a video and expect one thing but end up getting something completely different. Titles just aren’t enough to figure out what you’re getting yourself into.It’s also obvious that being redirected to a different site is a big drawback too. It would be much better if these videos were on WTFpeople.com so that you wouldn’t have to load up an entirely new site that will probably take a while instead of just watching the video on the already loaded WTFpeople.com. Still, though, this isn’t that big of a deal since the sites are free and you won’t have to deal with any problems when viewing the videos.Lots of design problems including bad graphics, cluttering, and old resolutionThe site looks narrow. In fact, it looks like it was made for 4:3 displays for whatever reason. Maybe it was made back when that was still popular? Either way, the format is the least of your concerns when looking at this website. Honestly, it’s just damn ugly. I don’t like the logo, I don’t like the graphics, and the colors are just meh. Obviously, this can be done a lot better, and they should really think about fixing up the design so that it doesn’t look so damn miserable.Most of the links are just redirections to other websitesWhat’s even worse is the actual functionality of the website. I swear over 80% of the links on the page are ads! Literally, they aren’t even hiding it. I mean obviously they’re hiding it in the navigation bar but we’re going to get to that in a second. But just look at all these links to all these different websites. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Who is going to go through all this tiny text to find a porn site that they can use when there are just so many sites out there that you can use. I guess it has something to do with the fact that your brain activity goes way down when you’re horny.I guess in that regard they might even get some hits on some of these links. But there’s just way too many of them and they clutter the website and get rid of a lot of useful space that could’ve been used to categorize your damn videos to start. But no, they instead decided to use almost the entirety of the navigation bat in order to promote other websites. Only the first three tabs are connected to WTFpeople.com, the rest redirect you. And out of the first three tabs, only Our Videos does something remotely useful for the user.Even the tabs for this website are kind of uselessI mean there is also the Contact tab where you can get in touch with the guys who run this place to tell them how horrible their website is. There’s also the Home button before the Our Videos tab and this is also useless as you already figured out since you can just click on the damn logo to take you back to the home screen. But when you’re wasting space in the navigation bar on random websites that you’re trying to promote, I guess it’s not that big of a deal to waste a bit more on useless crap like the Home button.So with that horrible design, bullshit clutter, and mostly ad links, this website passes as one of the worst websites when it comes to design and functionality. Honestly, the only reason you’d want to use this website is for the extreme videos. That niche is a bit hard to come by, but amateur videos are insanely easy to find so I don’t think that WTFpeople.com is worthy of your time with its bullshit and all that. I mean, come on guys, at least make a category section for all your videos instead of just categories on the sidebar that don’t even categorize your videos but rather do it with the external crap.Wait, who sponsored them again?And of course, it would make sense that this place would have some of the most retarded sponsors, including Mr. Porn Geek which we all know as one of the lamest porn list sites out there. No offense (or actually, yes offense), but The Porn Dude always was and will be the best porn index website on the planet. Too bad WTFpeople.com isn’t worthy enough to have me as a sponsor. Anyway, all these ads are trash anyway, it’s not like anyone is going to click on them when there’s like a hundred links to different sites to click on.Overall, WTFpeople.com is a site that you can use only if you’re a big fan of extreme porn and there’s no other place that you can find that serves extreme porn, so you have to settle for this. I definitely think that there are better sites out there than this one that won’t waste your time, but I guess to each their own. You can still check this place out and find some free content on it, and at least they don’t serve pop up ads. At least you’ll be spared from that since you have to look at so many ad links here anyway.