Useless Junk? Well, someone was really creative, when they were looking for a domain...NOT! I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again – the reason that you can masturbate all the time to super sexy, free internet porn on a daily basis (or less than that, depends on your quality of life) is due to the fact that back in the 70s and 80s, when porn was still a taboo concept that was relatively unknown, nudie mags were running the whole game. One of the most attractive ways in which porn can enter a person’s field of view and win them over is by peeking to them in the corner of their eye while at a corner store or gas station. Many people have fallen victim to this subtle yet effective marketing technique decades ago, and it’s deceptively simple. I mean all it took for someone to buy a porn mag was walk in a gas station or corner store and they’d see a certain pair of boobs or ass in the corner of their eye at the end of the magazine station.And mind you, back then there was basically no porn around, so this was certainly something that caught a lot of attention. It probably took a little bravery but nonetheless, thousands upon thousands of people such as lonely dudes, horny teenagers and truck drivers made the decision to purchase these magazines, which fuelled the porn industry with enough revenue to transcend into video format and eventually become a billion-dollar worth industry that’s basically everywhere. I mean porn has grown so much that people come to my website in order to see which XXX tube they should visit. Nowadays there are a lot of XXX tubes all over the internet that you can fap to, but ‘’ pays homage by sticking to the roots of pornography and containing only image-based content.Train your Brain with Still ImagesScientifically, it’s way healthier to masturbate to pictures of porn as opposed to videos. While keeping your hands off your dick is probably the best way to get a real girlfriend instead of switching to a new virtual fuck-bae every night, you can still increase your chances of getting some real sex by toning down the intensity of your porn. The reason why pictures are better material to fap to than videos is because videos nowadays (the professional ones at least) feature girls with a ton of makeup on and good lighting that makes them impossibly hot, getting fucked in camera angles that make porn look like perfection to anyone who watches it.The more you jack off to that kind of stuff, the more your brain starts to learn that it’s a better source of pleasure than real sex, which can be ‘smelly’ and does not look as good as professionally-filmed porn. When you jack off to pictures, you don’t get as visually over-stimulated as you do by videos – sure, you’re probably jacking it to a hot bitch that your dick gets hard to in a moment’s notice, but she’s not moving around, taking dick and moaning, so all you have left in order to get you through your fap is your imagination. Using your imagination while jacking off to images is healthier for your brain than letting the videos do all the work for you. In fact, watching ultra-premium XXX video content on a daily basis actually decreases the ‘gray matter’ in your brain. I have no fucking clue what that is, but it does sound pretty important.Jacking Off to Pictures Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Laid in Real LifeThe more visually-stimulating the porn your jacking it to is, the more dopamine you get from your fap – this can easily create a vicious cycle which sums up to your brain demanding you to jack off to more visually-stimulating XXX video content in order to get that same dopamine high. If this happens enough, over time you’ll lose interest in real girls without even noticing it. Your brain now thinks that trying to get a real girl to fuck you is a futile effort, because why would you try to get some real-life girl to fuck you when you can open up a video of Gina Valentina taking it in the ass from a POV perspective and jack off to it in order to get a disgusting amount of dopamine for free?The paradox here is that the reason you’re jacking off in the first place is because you can’t get laid in real life, but you probably didn’t realize that jacking off to porn has completely replaced actual sex on a psychological level, ensuring that you really will not get laid in real life ever again so long as you keep it up. Quitting watching videos may be impossibly hard for someone who has a monthly subscription to a premium XXX production, but making the switch to image-based content is definitely the best possible first step to do. So do your sex life a favor and try fapping to the pics on ‘Useless Junk’ – your odds of getting laid in real life will definitely increase. But whatever you do, don’t ever stop fapping, because fapping is a magical gift from God to men that feels great and decreases the risk of prostate cancer.What Kind Of Pictures Are On This Site?Now that you’ve informed yourself of the advantages of jacking off to images over videos and how that will make women want you more in real life (or the other way around), let’s go over the kind of image content that this site contains. At first glance, it looks weirdly barren and rather unattractive, but on the left side, you can see a dropdown menu that shows you all the categories on this website. There are a total of 31 categories on this website that specialize in different kinds of pictures, and they’re not exactly the kind of usual categories you’re used to.While there are some of the beloved classics that are on almost every XXX site with a picture section such as Amateur, Milf, Blowjob, Lesbians and Ass (aptly named ‘asstastic’ on this site), there are also a good number of categories that you’ve probably never encountered before regardless if you watch porn every day or participate in the occasional ‘self-care’ fap. You’re definitely gonna find categories such as ‘RealGirls’ (real girls with real accounts posting pictures of themselves), ‘HappyEmbarrasedGirls’ (girls caught naked but aren’t worried about it), ‘FaceDownAssUp’ (you already know what this is), ‘FestivalSluts’ (for those MDMA-induced babe lovers out there) and other alternative categories which are sure to tickle your fancy and harden your dick up.All The Pictures are from SubredditsFor those of you who still get your information from social media and news media pages because you’re not supreme beings, a ‘SubReddit’ is what’s known as a forum on Reddit, one of the best open-source board websites on the internet, which contains information and personal experience from users on literally every subject and topic that exists, from artificial intelligence to MILFs. All the pictures on this website are pulled directly from Reddit’s most NSFW subreddits, so this website is more of a useful ‘NSFW Reddit Picture’ app than a standalone website, because showing images from NSFW Reddit boards is its sole function. While this may be useful since NSFW images on Reddit are pretty rare and are always top quality thanks to Reddit’s mostly refined community, it still doesn’t stop you from searching ‘NSFW Reddit boards’ on Google and getting a dozen results that list all of them. Reddit itself mostly has pictures and gifs when it comes to NSFW content, with video links only being submittable through links that lead you to an alternate website.Currently, It Seems as If the Site is DefunctWhile the website ‘’ itself can be visited, there’s a huge problem that makes it literally unusable – all the categories do not work at all. At this moment, I tried to open all 31 categories, and instead of getting the content I expected all I get is ‘currently unable to connect to “Reddit link example”’. I’m not sure if Reddit themselves stopped this site from having their backlinks, or if this site itself somehow failed to properly optimize its links and content. There is nothing fapworthy on this site at the moment, and whether there will be one day or not is unknown.