While specialization is power, am guessing in this generation where people are always on their phones laughing at stupid dumbass memes other people have posted on their statuses, people hardly have the creativity to come up with jokes leave alone crack them or even interact with people that share in their own ideologies. This is why today am introducing a site that has had all this figured out, entensity.net.As for the name, we can assume that it sounds like intensity which is the magnitude or strength at which you fucking do something; for example, these suckers run their site with so much intensity to the extent that there are always updates on daily basis. Now you want to find the best erotic amateur porn pictures and videos slutty bitches getting their pussies hacked, laugh at silly dumbass jokes and even more hilarious nasty memes you may be able to relate with, then this is the kind of bitch you need to check out. To know more about the site follow through my review below.StatisticsEntensity.net a site that has a bit of everything for everyone; a sense of humor, erotism and obscene stories has been around for over 16 years now. While the owner is anonymous, the website is located in the United States. Currently, the website’s estimated value is $109019.32. This website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 23892 globally and 5865 in the United States.Site design and navigationWell, we fucking get that the site was designed over a decade ago and may have looked way better than their mate's but, right now it seems shitty. It's almost like it is displaced because it is not only bare and extremely basic, but it is also pretty much confusing. Also, the Ads and pop-ups make it look even uglier.As for navigation, it is not any good; apart from the links that seem to work quite alright, there are too many sorting features, no search engine to assist you in narrowing down on any content and even worse there are categories or tags to help you sort out the erotic photos and videos available. And frankly, I don’t even understand why they used a donkey on their logo; almost feels like users are the donkeys since they have presented them with a tough task of trying to sort out shit they should have in the first place.ContentThis bitch hosts a mash up of content all of which you get to access for free. These include; erotic amateur porn photos and videos, stupid jokes, memes, GIFs and a forum to share your twisted thoughts with fellow fucked up freaks. Judging from their archives dating back from 2002 this bitch has a hell lot of goodies for you! If you find yourself still looking for more content, there are some useful tutorials you can access from the more section on the top menu bar.Videos and picturesThere aren't too many erotic photos or porn videos to brag about on this site and GIFs seem to be somehow dominating. However, all this crap redirects you to the mother site just like tube sites which does not work too well for me. Otherwise, there is pretty much of sweet action going down with babes with huge strap ons fucking other bitches, sexy babes receiving the pounding of their lives from well-built dudes with huge dicks and much more. Too bad there are no categories to talk about.ForumsUsually, this is the heart of interactivity in any fucking site; here people get to share their dumb ideas with other dumbasses, discuss various erotic topics as well as share erotic materials such as porn photos, videos, memes, and GIFs. Unfortunately, my attempt to sign up was met by a notification that the admin had closed down the registration option. What a waste, suckers!JokesAbout 2 or 3 jokes are posted each day, so in case you are looking for an escape they may serve you well depending on what’s funny to you. You can also share your own, you know, if you have always considered comedy your thing but never actually gave it a chance.GIFsThese folks must be working their asses off; they update 12 GIFs on a daily basis for your own fucking enjoyment. Some of them are way too sexy and equally amusing plus they fucking repeat. Very awesome!Outside linksThe site has been generous enough to include a list of top 100 sites they recommend that you check out and then there is a friends list below that card. If you want to be a friend of the site, i.e. get to advertise your shit here, you only need to click on that red link provided and be directed accordingly. So far their friends include; Best Porn aka theporndude.com, efukt, orsm, Free sex, Inhumanity, Boredtown, Voyeur, The Feeding Tube, Hardcore Porn Videos, Phun Dog org, Best Free, and Porno Banana. So I guess if their amateur porn doesn’t click you can proceed to explore these sites. Also, the live cams section links to myfreecams.com and so does the free Hentai section which links to freehentaistream.com. I must say that I expected them to at least own one at least not just redirect, this sort of bullshit sucks! After all many sites have their own live cam sites.MembershipI don’t know about you but; as long as the site allows users access to free content and there are only a few sections such as the forum section and content submission that require you to register to be able to access then the site gets into my good books automatically. After all, I don't have shit to post because am always exploring, unlike you motherfuckers who have not reached that point where you are spoilt for choice, and as for forums I've got the chance to share all my shit with you all so if you need to you can sign up to join the forum.What I like about the siteWell, it's not a secret that the site is not too appealing to the eye and pretty much looks like some old blog which is struggling not to die. But you know what they say; even a gold mine isn't all golden. After, digging deep into the site I came across some pretty cool diverse shit. Lots of erotic photos and porn videos, hot porn GIFs, silly jokes and what have you. What can I say, it’s just a chunk full of fun in one basket.Also, there is always something to look forward to since each day new content covering all the goddamned niches are covered. As for interactivity am guessing old members are enjoying themselves while potential new members are at the mercy of the site's admin.What I hate about the siteThese folks should suck it up that their site's design is bad news and while the site lacks exclusivity and therefore does not deliver the best of anything the user interface is deplorable especially with the omission of basic sorting options like categories, a search feature, and pagination. Seriously dudes! There are also shitty Ads determined to spoil the slightest hint of a good time on this site and trust me you don’t want to fuck with them.Suggestions that I have for the siteThe site design is apparently crying out for a makeover for heaven’s sake, so the best thing these folks can do is shove their authenticity up their fat asses and do what every fucking site is doing. Also, in as much as there is no specific content on focus, try to fucking bring worthy shit because some jokes aren't funny and you can spend a long time searching for a fucking porn video. Am sure everyone would agree with me that their navigation is a total waste, so they better include basic categories, a search engine and work on pagination. In addition, they should cut too much advertising, plus its bullshit since they already redirect to too many sites.ConclusionAre you looking for a porn site with something extra besides the typical porn videos and erotic photos? Don’t let that old and boring site design fool you, entensity is the ultimate fun destination. There is a little bit of everything; jokes, porn GIFs, memes, porn videos, erotic photos and more. With a free gate pass with no formalities and content that is always today. I bet there is no better escape site.