Hentai Memes

Reddit Hentai Memes, aka r/HentaiMemes! Ever wanted to jerk off but have a good laugh while doing it? Introducing /r/hentaimemes, the subreddit that combines, well, hentai and memes! As you might have guessed already, this makes for a very interesting combination of content. If you want to jerk off to hentai and that’s it, then this place isn’t for you. I can guarantee that you won’t enjoy yourself if you just want to jerk off here. This place really does do something special that no other subreddit does. And my, I like unique stuff. No, seriously. As The Porn Dude, I have seen so much shit that at this point, I just have to find original content for myself.Not a place to jerk off to hentai at allNow, Reddit.com has a community for pretty much everything, and /r/hentaimemes is quite specific in the way that it operates. It really is made for memes first and foremost, and the hentai comes in second. I mean, one can’t function without the other on /r/hentaimemes, but I definitely see that the meme aspect is more enforced than the hentai aspect. For example, sometimes you’ll find memes that just have hentai mentioned in them but use a standard format. However, you won’t find hentai content without any meme attached to it. That’s not what /r/hentaimemes is about, so don’t expect that here.I don’t mind this, but at the same time, I feel that many people who come here just want to jerk off. If you come here to masturbate, then you’ll feel like you made a wrong turn somewhere and now you have to find your way to the right subreddit. I guess you can look at /r/hentaimemes as being somewhat of a warmup masturbation sub, and once you’re ready for the real thing, you go to a sub that is more about hentai and not about memes at all. That’s at least how I see it. And I can’t stress this enough, but if you’re just looking to jerk off to hentai, there are better subreddits for that purpose! You shouldn’t come to this place if you’re just looking to do that. I feel like you’re just wasting the potential then.Really fun way to combine hentai and memes as wellAt that point, you really have to stop and wonder who are the people who use this place anyway? Are they really just people warming up for proper hentai? Actually, no, I don’t think that this is the main clientele. I think most people who come to /r/hentaimemes actually do come here for the memes, but they have gotten so addicted to hentai that they can’t spend more than a few minutes without staring at it. And believe me, I know how addictive hentai can be. Everything you get in real porn, you can get in hentai and then some. Drawing the porn really removes any kinds of limits that you might have had. Not to mention that you can craft the perfect girl to star in every single hentai release you post on Reddit.So yeah, there is a reason why hentai is so damn popular, but if this place was just about that, then I don’t think I would have much of a problem with it. But because it tries to combine the hentai with memes, it just loses a bit of value for me. I know some of you like to see memes combined with hentai, but most people are just going to turn the page and just look at some nice hentai while they’re jerking off. Still, hentai is amazing. It’s absolutely stunning how much stuff you can get in this genre of porn content. All of your darkest and deepest sexual fantasies can be fulfilled with hentai drawings.The sub doesn’t allow for loli and pedo contentDon’t believe me? Well, /r/hentaimemes might not be the best place to see that, but even here you’ll find all kinds of content that will manage to satisfy you. However, you’ll also find some content that will seem like it’s treading a fine line between being tasteless and even illegal, I think. Well, I wouldn’t know how you can create illegal drawings, but I do know that /r/hentaimemes doesn’t allow for certain kinds of hentai content to be featured. Do you know where this is going? That’s right; we’re talking about loli content with really tiny hentai girls that look like they’re still in elementary school! This stuff is creepy.I know some of you just see loli as harmless fun, but I guarantee that there are pedos out there who love jerking off to this stuff. You girls really are arousing for many people who don’t have any kind of morals or shit like that. As The Porn Dude, I will never ever support pedo content, so I’m glad that /r/hentaimemes got rid of that. You can tell that they don’t like any of that controversial stuff by checking out their rules. The subreddit clearly marks what is acceptable content and what isn’t acceptable. If you just think that you can get away with anything here, you’ve got another thing coming to you. You really have to pick your fights here if you want to enjoy yourself with no controversy.Pretty small community with a very active member baseWhile it’s not the biggest NSFW sub out there, /r/hentaimemes does have one thing going for it and it comes in the form of the activity that it manages to generate. You really can’t find this much engagement on many other NSFW subs. This is probably because the posts here aren’t just for jerking off. Many posts here are made for people to have fun with and discuss different things in the comments and so on. If you were looking to jerk off, I repeat, this ain’t it chief. But if you’re here to enjoy the community of people who all like the same hentai content that you do, then you can definitely find your stay. The people here obviously like to see people who are active and who upvote and comment a lot.The subreddit only has around 141,000 members. This is the lowest out of the entire Hentai subreddit group. Still, it manages to score quite highly when it comes to the engagement and activity. These things are important on Reddit, so it’s nice to see that there are NSFW subs out there that manage to make a huge splash in their communities and that prompt people to comment on posts and upvote them as well. This is what I like to see with subreddits, so I don’t really care that they only have just under 150,000 members. All in all, this place is simply amazing when it comes to the activity of it.The subreddit design is decent but could be a lot betterFinally, let’s talk a little bit about the design of the subreddit. It’s not much, but /r/hentaimemes does have a few things designed well here and there. For example, they do have an avatar, and even though it’s just a poorly illustrated chicken, at least it has an avatar. The cover photo is pretty okay, but the color scheme is quite lame. The blue color definitely doesn’t do the sub justice. I feel like they should add some kind of background picture to really complete the memefication of the sub. But hey, it’s not the biggest problem ever and I’m sure you’re still going to enjoy everything that this place has to offer.The only thing that I would like to see more of is the usage of flairs here. Flairs would allow people to filter out different kinds of memes. For example, maybe people could filter out non-explicit hentai memes from the explicit ones. Sometimes you just really have the urge to see tits and pussies. With flairs, filtering through this content would be pretty amazing. But hey, I don’t see this as a deal-breaker either. All in all, if you’re looking to have a good laugh with hentai content while still keeping things in the sphere of memes, then /r/hentaimemes is the perfect place to check out. It’s free, so don’t wait!