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Reddit NSFW Funny, aka r/NSFWFunny! There are a lot of NSFW funny porn sites out there, and they've been active since the early 2000s - I remember being on the old "FunnyJunk" and opening up NSFW stuff that was meant to be "funny" just so I could fap to it like the horny middle schooler I was. Nowadays, this genre of "funny porn" is still active, and even though it has spread around enough the internet to be considered a serious genre, it's still viewed as a very alternative representation of "humor porn" that not many people can digest properly. I mean, how are you supposed to fap to stuff that's supposed to be funny?But nevertheless, there are still a lot of people out there who frequently consume this kind of stuff - in fact, there's a Subreddit dedicated to "funny porn" that contains a whopping 709 thousand subscribers. I expected a Subreddit of this caliber to have only a few hundred thousand fans at most, but it seems like /r/NSFWFunny here is quite the hot topic over on Reddit.I personally don't mind having a laugh at some XXX content, and I really don't care if it has been intentionally made to look funny or not. But the only problem is that most of this stuff has been nothing short of toilet humor for the better part of a decade now, and my eyes don't really "pop" at the sight of anything that's a cross between porn and humor. But to be fair, I do admire Reddit's' "no low effort posts" policy that it strictly enforces with its army of bots and moderators.That same policy keeps this Subreddit's content in check, which has to abide by a LOT of rules, by the way. So yes, this /r/NSFWFunny isn't a complete waste of time. In fact, it's worth checking out, but let me do that for you before you decide to jump in here and potentially waste your time.First Thing's First - There Is Plenty of Good Porn Here Despite The HumorYes! You CAN actually fap to this Subreddit's content - /r/NSFWFunny might just be the only place on the internet where the porn quality is actually hot enough to fap to. Now I don't know how people manage to laugh, chuckle, giggle or scoff while masturbating at the same time, but I'm pretty sure that plenty of you who are reading this right now are perfectly capable of doing just that. With that being said, there's plenty of hot porn to blow loads to here on this Subreddit, and with that comes plenty of funny shit too...And of Course There’s Lots of Funny Shit TooYou can find all kinds of porn-related and NSFW-Esque humor here, from guys holding up laptops with their hard meat rods to girls twerking with their boobs. Of course, there are a lot of XXX bloopers too, and you already know that there's tons of Coronavirus-related stuff too. I've seen at least five pictures of guys using their girl's panties as a facemask, and plenty of posts which convey in explicit XXX humor just how agonizingly boring it is to be stuck at home amidst this whole quarantine situation while you're hornier than a rabbit during mating season. So since pretty much the whole world is stuck at home right now, you can count on plenty of content here to be able to genuinely make you laugh.Plenty of Amateur ContentA lot of the content here is amateur in nature - which means that it's homemade, and nowadays pretty much everybody is at home, so guess what that means? It means there are thousands of super-bored, horny couples quarantined together who are just so mind-numbingly frustrated with this whole situation that they'll resort to doing the craziest shit together just to be able to upload it on the internet.And of course, it helps if those same couples are open to having sex with each other and filming it in order to upload it to the internet out of sheer boredom too. This is a golden age for content creators who are now keeping the world entertained by posting all kinds of crap online for e-fame, including funny XXX content like the stuff you can see here on this Subreddit.With A Good Amount of Studio-Made Stuff TooMost of the "good porn" that I mentioned earlier comes in the form of studio-made material that's uploaded on pretty much half the posts here on this Subreddit. There are plenty of good GIFs, clips, and even some still images that can get you, at the very least, half a hard-on here while guaranteeing at least a chuckle. I'm not saying that you should fap to the content on /r/NSFWFunny here because it really isn't porn traditionally speaking, but if you ever do get the urge to whip it out and start beating it while browsing this Subreddit then, by all means, break a leg.And Even Some OCOh yeah, you can bet your life insurance money that there's plenty of original content here on this Subreddit, because of course there is - it IS Reddit after all. The best thing about OC here on this Subreddit and Reddit, in general, is that it can't be found anywhere else on the internet, and now with this whole apocalyptic scenario of a situation, there's way more OC being pumped out onto the internet than ever before. You can even directly message the users who post their own self-made OC on this and any other XXX-themed Subreddit.Yes You Can Definitely Access This Subreddit From Your PhoneReddit didn't have a mobile app for a few years before it rolled out with its brand new spanking Reddit app back in April of 2016. Since then, smartphone users have been thriving on this site's Subreddits, including /r/NSFWFunny here - any Subreddit can easily be opened with the Reddit app. It works seamlessly on all smartphones and other portable WiFi-enabled digital devices. I personally love how the app lets you flip through posts in a slideshow-Esque style instead of making you open and close them repeatedly, which can waste a lot of time if you're trying to rub one out quickly in a bathroom.You Won’t Run into Any Toxic Behavior HereDespite it being a free and open site that anyone can just waltz in and make a profile on for free, Reddit is far from a toxic wasteland. Thousands of people share differing opinions between one another on this site on a daily basis, and it rarely ever gets tense, if ever. That’s because the community here knows how to be mature and not spew out toxicity, and if anyone ever does spread negativity here, they’re quickly taken care of by this site’s ever-vigilant moderators.This, of course, means that you can browse /r/NSFWFunny here and other Subreddits without having to worry about being talked down or having your “mojo ruined” by a fellow Redditor who may not be taking this whole “corona storm” situation so well.