Cuckold Captions

<p>The cuckold world is very split, you are either a hardcore cuckold lover, or you do not understand it at all. Since you clicked on this review, you are either a lover, or you do not understand what the cuckold fetish offers. Well, let me give you a simple explanation. When a person enjoys watching their spouse or significant other get fucked by another person, they are called a cuckold.Of course, this is a spectrum. Not all cuckold videos are the same; they can also be separated into two categories. There are the cuckolds who love to be humiliated when it comes to fucking. They enjoy when their partners cheat in front of them and simply belittle them. The second types of cuckolds are on a whole opposite side of this spectrum. They love t be in control of who their significant other will be fucking, and when.Now, no matter in which category you fall under, as long as you are a cuckold, you will enjoy this subreddit. Oh yeah, if I forgot to mention, I am talking about a subreddit called r/cuckoldcaptions/. It is pretty neat and covers the cuckold fetish quite splendidly. As for those who are not really into this sort of thing, why the fuck are you still here? I have reviewed a ton of other websites, so feel free to check them the fuck out.What to expect from this subreddit?First of all, I assume that you know what is? I mean, with the popularity of this website, I would be very fucking surprised if you have never actually heard about it… If you have not, then you are in for a treat. Reddit is an amazing user-driven website, so everything you can find here was uploaded by the users of the website.The same applies to each of its subreddits, which are basically categories on the site. Reddit is not really a porn website, so keep that in mind. But, it does have a ton of adult subreddits you are probably going to love, such as r/cuckoldcaptions/. So, let’s talk about r/cuckoldcaptions/ and what the fuck this subreddit has to offer.I think just by reading the name of the subreddit; you can guess what to expect. On r/cuckoldcaptions/, you get to see lots of cuckold fucking images with different captions. Some people love to post funny captions; others prefer to post naughty ones. It all depends on what the fuck you run into, since the users upload everything, so you can never be sure what you will find.There were lots and lots of images with captions. Some captions were more like story-telling. Aka, a brief plot was described, and it went nice with the image. The pictures were all very different and random. Some were obviously taken from porn videos; others were real amateurs taking their own personal photos. I mean, that is the beauty of a website where the users upload everything.Now, there were also videos with captions. The clips are all pretty short, so I’d much rather call the gifs with a play button. They would just show the act of fucking, and you would have captions to explain the situation. Of course, all the situations were in the cuckold nature, and there were all kinds of videos and images on this subreddit. The sort of content you will get to see will depend on when you visit the site.As for the quality, you have it all. Some videos are of lower, some of higher quality, and the same applies to the images. I mean, it all depends on the users; I am not sure how many times I can fucking say this. Personally, I prefer to browse through actual videos and watch cuckold pornos. In case you do not really like this type of crap, I have reviewed other cuckold websites your dick might appreciate a lot more. You are welcome.Great design.Overall, I think that Reddit has a great design. You can switch between the dark and light layout, all the browsing options are where they should be, and everything is rather tidy. Plus, is a free website, so you can browse through as much as you fucking want. You have all kinds of content, and on the side of each subreddit, you will have a description of that particular subreddit. So, in this case, you get just one sentence telling you what r/cuckoldcaptions/ has to offer. To be fair, I do not think that you need more than that.One thing that was a bit annoying is that Reddit does not have the best search options. Sure, you have thousands of naughty subreddits, but you cannot browse within them… or for them. So, you do not have categories or filters; instead, you can a search box that will let you find a subreddit if you know the name. Some subreddits have filters within their content, but that is rare and also rarely useful. Oh well.You can register.The great thing about Reddit is that you can register, but you do not really have to. The registration is completely optional, and even if you do not register, you will be able to enjoy what r/cuckoldcaptions/ has to offer. This subreddit is perfect for cuckold fetish lovers who also enjoy humor. Since, let’s be honest, a lot of these images were pretty funny, and a good portion of them were hot.The registration on Reddit is free and simple. If you register, you will be able to enjoy many great user-features, all of which I shall mention. But as I said, if you are just here to check out what r/cuckoldcaptions/ has to offer, you do not need to register. You can just visit Reddit and enjoy the content. The registration is for those who want to enjoy the user features.Registered members can comment, like, and dislike all the content that they find on any of the subreddits. You can also post your own content if you want. However, if you plan to start uploading your own shit, you should know where and how to upload it. There are a lot of subreddits, so posting the right content on the right subreddit is very important.Do not worry, because each subreddit will have their rules listed… or well, most of them will. When talking about r/cuckoldcaptions/ there are no posted rules, but there are guidelines. So, the rules will either be listed on the side of the subreddit or as the first pinned post. On r/cuckoldcaptions/, you will get the first pinned post, where you can read all the guidelines about posting.This shit is important, and if you post crap that is not appropriate or within their rules, do not be surprised if you get fucking banned. It is just common sense. With a million subreddits on Reddit, rules are needed to keep everything in order. Especially when you consider that the community drives all the content on Reddit. So, you have no fucking clue what to expect.Interact with the community.Another great aspect that makes Reddit almost too good to be true is the fact that you can interact with the community. So, if you register, you can send other members a message and simply enjoy chatting. This can be very fun, but you should also try and not be a fucking moron. What do I mean by that? Well, it is more than obvious that the members of r/cuckoldcaptions/ are probably not here to chat. They are here to share and enjoy cuckold content.If you are here to chat, there are many subreddits that are dedicated just to chatting. For example, you have subreddits that will help you find hookups, pen-pals, soulmates, or whatever else you might be looking for. With that said, if all you really want is to chat with random people, why the fuck are you on Reddit? There are a lot of dating and hookup websites, which I have reviewed, so check that crap out instead.Lots of cuckold and other kinds of content.In simple words, has it all. No matter what you might be looking for, I am pretty sure that you will be able to find it on As for those who love cuckold content, you are more than welcome to explore r/cuckoldcaptions/. This is a subreddit with over 135k members and a lot of regular (but random) updates.Everything you find on r/cuckoldcaptions/ is free, and so is every other subreddit you will run into. For some naughty user-features, you can register, but you do not have to. R/cuckoldcaptions/ is filled with lots of naughty images and videos of cuckold content being captioned in a playful or funny matter. Simple as that.</p>