Reddit Cuckold, aka r/Cuckold! Other than being the second most popular insult on online image boards, cuck is also the official word for a member of one of the weirdest fetishes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Now, I review porn for a living, so I see a lot of wacky stuff. And since the third world porn industry is constantly trying to produce weirder, filthier smut, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But I don’t think any genre of porn is going to outdo my surprise when I first discovered the cuckoldry fetish, unless actual aliens land on Earth and we get Ron Jeremy to plow them on camera.The Weirdest Wholesome Experience, EverI never thought that I’d find the best community etiquette on a smut site, even though I’ve met many perverts who’ve been real upstanding guys. Reddit’s Cuckold sub is one of the nicest most respectful smut zones on the entire internet. I’d venture to guess that they’re so used to being made fun of that they can’t afford to be mean to each other. Just knowing that they’re in a place where their fetish is normal and beloved must be a huge boost to their egos and overall self-confidence.These guys really look out for each other. Even though they mostly get together on the sub to exchange photos of their wives and various cuckoldry adventures, they’re very respectful when it comes to the comments. They’ll swap stories and advice and even coach each other on getting into the cuck lifestyle.It’s also not uncommon to see them actually try and make some friends to form a get-together wife swap type of scenario. Hell, you’ll even see people straight up asking members of the sub to come over to their house and be their “bulls”. That’s a very endearing name for a guy who’s coming over to fuck your wife. I’d rather call them something like snakes or weasels, but to each their own.All in all, I applaud them for being really nice people and giving each other a decent amount of distance and patience. Not everyone on the sub is equally versed in the art of cuckoldry and some of these people are just learning now, for the first time, how to properly indulge in the sport.Standing by Your ManIf you’ve been hurt by women before and you have a negative opinion of them, you might assume that they might enjoy more dick in their lives no matter how they get it, especially if they’re married. On the other hand, if you’re a well-centered individual, you’d assume that your wife is loyal to you and she chose you for a reason. All the wives on this sub, and there are plenty of them, seem to lean towards the latter rather than the former, and that just makes me more confused.They’re loyal, loving and devoted wives who stand by their husbands and support them in their cuckoldry fetish. It’s interesting to note that for the women in particular, this fetish is a completely different experience. Cuckoldry seems to be related to the feeling of being cheated on in front of you, rather than doing the cheating. So, for the women, it’s an entirely different bag of beans. Some of them might actually enjoy the extra dick in their lives, especially if their husbands have disappointing toolboxes.Overall it seems like these women are not in it for the pleasure they get, even though they seem to enjoy themselves very much. I mean, most of the bulls I’ve seen on this sub are bigger and thicker than the husbands. Still, the wives seem to be in it for the husbands. They want to satisfy their depraved desire to see the action and their dicking is sort of an afterthought. I genuinely can’t put myself in this mind space and if my wife ever asks me to go through a cuckoldry fantasy with her I’d probably give the marriage second thoughts. Luckily, I’m still very much single, so I don’t have to worry about this for a long time.Loving Your WifeI am as of yet very single, though I do make sure to spread the love with every beautiful woman I come across in my day to day life. Usually, when I sleep with a woman and find out she’s married right after, I have to worry about her husband rolling up and trying to fight me or some shit. Normally I just tell them I didn’t know, because she wasn’t wearing her ring and it was her choice and usually it goes fine.Enter the cuckoldry fetish and now I know that there are dudes out there who not only wouldn’t mind me doing their wives, they might even pay me to watch it go down. Now don’t get me wrong, there are no downsides from my perspective, but I just can’t get in their headspace. You fall for a woman, you decide that she’s the only cooch you ever want to have for the rest of your life and then you rent her out to other dudes while you watch them from a nearby closet. It boggles my mind. That’s like buying yourself a Lamborghini and asking people to drive you around instead of getting behind the wheel.But in the world of cuckolds, there’s some depraved super-satisfaction that kicks in when they see their wives being plowed by other dudes, especially if they get to watch. And this isn’t some sort of one-off kink that a few weirdos cooked up in their basement – this is a global network for a specific fetish that thousands of people swear by. I’ve never tried to get another dude to fuck a girl for me, mostly because fucking her myself is sort of the entire point of the experience, the way I see it.Maybe these guys have some sort of inferiority complex. Maybe they want other dudes to satisfy their wives because they think they’re too tiny or too lazy to do the job right themselves. That’s the only theory I have so far. But love them or hate them, you have to admit that cucks are really fucking active on the internet. They take their smut to a whole new level. They’re not your garden variety perverts who enjoy the occasional smut post. Their hanging grounds are usually temples of depravity, with a ton of respect and mutual admiration. It’s almost as if they’ve got more respect for each other than they do for their wives.The Cuckold HeadspaceIt’s clear that I’m biased, because I do not now nor have I ever identified as a cuck, but I’ll try to withhold my judgment and stay neutral for this next part. I’ve found that actual self-professed cucks are usually really nice people who care about their sex lives. They’re also really liberal about sharing homemade smut videos of their wives taking a dicking, so they get double props for that in my book. As for what makes them tick, I got a theory.Now, it’s possible I’m absolutely wrong about this, but consider the possibility that cuckoldry is hot to these people not because it feels right, but because it feels wrong as fuck. I mean, we’ve seen a ton of taboo porn over the past 20 years. It’s always about something that is categorically not sexy. Still, because it’s a perversion of conventional smut, it works really well and people love it. It’s the same reason you see the word “stepdaughter” in damn near every ad on every porn tube these days. Those aren’t actual stepdaughters, but the fantasy is raw and taboo, so it works well. I think cucks are the kind of people who were brave enough to embrace the satisfaction of doing something wrong, along with all the implied consequences. Sure, your wife will never look at you the same if you go through with it, but you’ve just unlocked a whole new world of satisfaction. And, like riding a bike, it gets less awkward as time goes on. Eventually, it becomes commonplace and normal to you, so there’s no psychological damage. Though in that case, you run the risk of losing the taboo and ending up right where you started.Personally, I’d recommend that everyone just go out and have sex with as many consenting adults as they can, but that’s just my personal credo. If you’re the type of person who is in a long term relationship and you find the cuck lifestyle to be appealing, then head over to Reddit’s cuckold sub. You’re going to find a ton of content that you’ll enjoy, complete with pictures and videos of other people engaged in the sport.You’ll also make a ton of friends and learn a lot about becoming a cuckold yourself. And if you find it’s a shade too out there for you, no-one’s going to fault you for leaving. That’s the nice thing about subreddits, they’re here for you all day, any day.