Reddit HotWife, aka r/HotWife! Well, we’re back at it again. It would seem that we have a new subreddit to review, and this time around it’s /r/HotWife that takes the stage. We all know as a place where you can find pretty much every kind of community. Well, this 18+ community seems to be a very unlikely one because of what it’s supposed to be about. This subreddit is all about people showing off their hot wife as she gets fucked by her boyfriend outside of their marriage. So, you know, cuckolding, right? Well, kinda, but cuckolding is a bit more extreme. There’s a difference and we’ll go over it in a bit, but first, we need to concentrate on the actual content on this subreddit.A huge community of wife sharing fetish enthusiastsSo, you’ve come to /r/HotWife, and you don’t know what to expect. Don’t worry, I know that you’ll be really confused in just a second once you realize what this place is definitely not. So, this place is NOT a place where husbands come to show off their hot wife in the nude or otherwise. People don’t care about your hot wife on /r/HotWife unless she’s having sex with someone other than you. Also, it has to be a boyfriend rather than just a sex partner that she sees on the weekends cause she needs some sex. Also, /r/HotWife is about relationships that aren’t completely based on the guy not having any sex with his wife. He can still have fun with her, unlike some other subreddits.We all know that we can sort the content on /r/HotWife, and this will be important for this subreddit since it seems to have a fairly large community. Whenever a subreddit has a large community, you’re going to have to use those tools for sorting by New, Hot, and Trending as well. You can go to the Top section as well if you want to see the hall of fame and get the general idea of what the pinnacle of this subreddit might look like. That being said, there seems to be some low-quality content posted all the time on here as well, but more on that later. But I digress, let’s compare this subreddit to some other similar ones out there.Not swinging, not cuckolding, but wife sharingThere are similar subreddits to /r/HotWife, such as /r/WifeSharing, and /r/Cuckold. However, this subreddit is much different than those two. /r/WifeSharing is all about showing off your hot wife to other people. I know, things are getting confusing now that you put them on paper. People go to that subreddit to post nudes of their wives. As for /r/Cuckold, well, this place is all about dudes whose wives won’t even fuck them, and instead just get fucked by their sex partner outside their marriage. These dudes are some next-level cucks and they don’t even have that spirit inside them to have what it takes to post on /r/HotWife. They just let their wives’ bulls fuck them over all the time as they don’t ever get any pussy.But /r/HotWife is different. On this subreddit, people are actually having sex with their wives, and their wife occasionally has a fling outside the marriage with their husband being fully aware of that. It’s probably the case that the husband gets to fuck people outside the marriage as well, so it’s not like he’s a cuck. This isn’t a place for cucks, but people who get turned on at the idea of their wife fucking a boyfriend outside the marriage. And let me tell you what, I might be all macho and shit, but that does sound at least a little bit arousing. Of course, I’d never allow that. I’d probably be the bull in a cuck’s relationship or a boyfriend for someone’s wife, however, if she’s hot enough of course.A thriving community with hundreds of thousands of membersBut is /r/HotWife even worth checking out? Well, let’s talk numbers. There are almost 350 thousand members subscribed to this community as of the writing of this review. has plenty of NSFW subreddits which get more than that but seeing as how /r/HotWife as a very niche topic as it’s the centerpiece, it’s definitely one of the livelier niche subreddits that have to do with one of these taboo topics such as wife sharing. If you’re into wife sharing, then there’s no reason that you shouldn’t check out /r/HotWife with its thriving community and thousands of online users at any point in time watching and posting some hot wife sharing content.There are posts on here which routinely get hundreds of upvotes, so you’ll definitely see them on your home page if you subscribe to the place. Also, even without that many upvotes, you’ll still be able to enjoy some amazing content on your Home section on since the site has undergone algorithm changes in order to show you posts from pretty much every subreddit you’re subscribed to, and especially the subs that you actually visit often and spend the most time. Needless to say, if you’re a serial hot wife sharing video and picture watcher and consumer, then you’re going to get a lot of this content on your home feed. And honestly, I don’t think that there’s any reason for you not to enjoy that if this is the niche you’re after.The quality can be barely passable with a few exceptionsNow I know that I’ve said that /r/HotWife has some pretty weak content when it comes to quality, but there are some pieces on here which you’ll probably love. I’m talking about content that has some amazing quality to it. It’s almost as if it was filmed by professionals. However, these videos are few and far between, so you’re going to have to handle whatever kind of content /r/HotWife gives you at the moment. Sometimes it’s shit content, sometimes it might be the best shit that you’ve ever seen in your entire life, but you’ll never know unless you keep coming back to and checking out all the new content. There are many ways to do this as well by using those tools that I mentioned earlier.If you want the best content, no questions asked, then you should stay on the Hot page and occasionally revisit the Top page in order to enjoy some of that amazing content without it getting too old so that you don’t run out of potential jerk off material for when the Hot section is dry. If you’re looking for newer content then go to Trending, but if you’re a risk-taker and don’t mind filtering through all the garbage that gets released sometimes, then you can always go to the New section and curate the content that end-users and members on here are going to see by upvoting and downvoting content.Show or hide the content immediately while scrolling through contentFinally, we need to mention the fact that /r/HotWife looks really good. Of course, this is in part because of the recent facelift that has had. I don’t even think that there’s a single person who is still on the old version of Reddit. Everyone’s switching over, and the new design absolutely takes advantage of everything that this kind of niche would have to offer. you can decide to have all the content shown to you automatically while you’re scrolling down the page without you having to open it, or you can have it the other way around if you want to be in control of which pictures and videos you play and which you can skip over based on the title alone.Overall, I think we have a great subreddit on our hands here. This is one of those NSFW subreddits that I definitely recommend if you’re in the market for this kind of content that you’ll find on /r/HotWife. If you aren’t the type who approves of swinging and cuckolding, then you probably won’t like wife sharing either. But if you’re someone who really likes the idea of sharing his wife, then maybe you can even post your own content to /r/HotWife. Of course, you don’t have to, and you can enjoy all the hot content on here for absolutely free without paying a single cent at all.