Reddit Handjob, aka r/Handjob! Don’t you just love it when your girl knows how to tug on a throbbing hose properly? I think all men appreciate that. In case you are here to see some lovely chicks giving amazing handjobs, I am sure that you will love what r/Handjob/ has to offer. To be fair, why else the fuck would you visit a subreddit that is literally called handjob?I mean, that is basically the gist of what r/Handjob/ has to offer. But, that is not all that you need to know about Reddit.com in general, which is where I step in. If you would like to know everything about Reddit.com and the subreddit, I am here to enlighten your world. So take your time and read my awesome review, or visit the website/subreddit yourself.If you follow the link I provided, you will be taken to r/Handjob/ immediately; otherwise, you will have to search for the subreddit instead. Do not worry, the browsing options and all that are pretty self-explanatory. And in case you are not that interested in handjobs, you have millions of other subreddits on Reddit.com to explore for free.Lots of handjob videos!Although I say that there will be loads of handy-videos, that does not mean that you will not have a combo of images as well. However, the majority of the posts on r/Handjob/ will feature videos, which is pretty neat. I am pretty sure the majority of you fuckers prefer videos, right? I mean, why the fuck would you prefer handjob images? What is there to like about that?The videos that I saw were rather random, which is to be expected. The users upload everything on Reddit, so you never really know what the fuck to expect. Users can upload basically whatever the fuck they want, as long as it correlates to the subreddit. So, you can see babes getting nude and giving handjobs in the bedroom, or chicks giving handjobs in public places… you never know what to expect.For example, one of the first videos was a chick sucking and giving a handjob with a cock-ring. It was just a casual handy, nothing special, and we did not even get to see her face. The next video showed a close-up of a chick giving a handjob, and there you could see it all. She was naked and on her knees, as her pretty face got covered with cum.Then I’ve seen videos that were taken from premium porn websites or just other websites in general, such as voyeuristic handjobs, or public ones. Anyway, all I am saying is that you can expect to see a little bit of everything. I always appreciate seeing such a variety because we are all into different shit, so you never really know what to expect.There were some images, just like I already mentioned. But they were nothing special if you ask me. Sure, you get the gist of the motion of the ocean, or however, you want me to put it. But, at the end of the day, it is still just an image of a handjob. I prefer to see these sluts do the actual work in a fucking video. Where you get to see them enjoy stroking the superior pole.At least there is a combination of both, so you can choose what interests you. I also found some gifs here and there, and a lot of what was posted on r/Handjob/ was actual amateur content. By that I mean, that you can also expect real users of Reddit posting their naughty content, or just users posting their favorite amateur porn videos.As long as the content has handjob lovemaking action in it, you will find it on r/Handjob/. I think that should basically explain all that you can expect from what this subreddit is all about. To be fair, it is very simple. If you like handjobs, then browse through this subreddit, and if you do not, then you can just check out other subreddits. Pretty fucking simple, if you ask me.Before I get down to more statistical shit, I want to mention that Reddit.com is not a good fap website. Sure, it offers a lot of great pornographic content… but if you are on r/Handjob/ or other subreddits to fap, you ain’t in luck. The videos tend to be pretty short, or you just have images. So, unless you are able to wank off to short snippets or still images, you might want to visit an actual porn website.Good design and simple browsing.As soon as you open Reddit, it is obvious that the design is pretty dope. I am sure that the majority of you have already heard or visited Reddit at least once in your fucking life. I mean, the site is very fucking popular, and it basically has a section for all your needs. You can also choose between the dark and the light layout, which makes browsing so much easier.All the subreddits look the same; they just offer different content. So once you get the hang of what r/Handjob/ offers and how it works, you will basically know it all. The search options and all that are listed on top of the website, and that is all you will really need. Even a fucking moron will be able to get the gist of how Reddit.com works, so don’t even fret about it.Registered members get to enjoy more crap.Now, if you really want to enjoy what Reddit.com has to offer, you can register. You will get more privileges overall, and I also mean on r/Handjob/. Basically, as a registered member, you can like and dislike whatever you find, and you can also comment if you want. The community on r/Handjob/ is mostly here to enjoy the content; they are not that into commenting… which makes sense. I guess their hands are too busy from their own personal handies, if you know what I mean.The registration is free, so why the fuck not give it a shot? Plus, if you choose to register, you can post your own favorites if you want. You can actually post anywhere on Reddit, not just this specific subreddit. With that said, if you like to make naughty handjob videos, why the fuck not actually post your shit here? Let the world see your talents.Now, if you do plan to post your shit, you might want to pay attention to the rules. When talking about r/Handjob/ in particular, you do not have to give a shit about specific rules. As long as you are posting handjob content, it will be approved. However, some subreddits are very specific and have rules that you need to follow.The rules and all the other information about each subreddit are listed on the side of that subreddit. For example, you can see that r/Handjob/ was created about ten years ago, and that it has over 100k members. Form what I have seen, they also offer pretty frequent updates, which is always good. But the updates, quality of the videos, length, and all that shit mostly depends on the users.Chat with users.On the other hand, you are allowed to chat with the users, and I do not mean through the comments. Reddit.com allows you to send private messages to other Redditors. So, if you find a video or an image that you like, you can send that user a private message or whatever the fuck. Though I should just add that the majority of Redditors are here to enjoy the content and not fucking chat about it. But, you do whatever.Conclusion.So, what the fuck can you actually expect from r/Handjob/? I think it is there in the title, mate. You can expect all kinds of content featuring the art of giving a handjob, and that’s all you really need to know. There are chicks of all shapes and sizes, giving handjobs in the most random scenarios, and loving every second of it.But, even if you get bored of browsing through r/Handjob/ or you would want to enjoy some other type of content in general, Reddit.com basically has it all. There are millions of subreddits you are more than welcome to explore… Though I am assuming that if you clicked on a subreddit called r/Handjob/, you are here to see some sluts tug on cocks, right? Well, that is exactly what you are in for!