Reddit blowjob, aka r/Blowjob! Welcome to one of the classics, the blowjob subreddit. What you will get to see is pretty straightforward if you ask me, since there ain’t no rocket science with a subreddit that is this simple. It is called r/BlowJob/, and everyone can explore it for free. So, if you are into cock sucking, then you are more than welcome to check out this amazing is a free website with a lot of other NSFW subreddits, so if you get bored of BJs, you know where to go. Although, I am sure that you will not get bored of blowjobs since who the fucks does that. You get to explore r/BlowJob/ as much as you want since this is a free subreddit just like every other, so take your time and explore all you fucking want.I think it is straightforward; if you are thinking about whether r/BlowJob/ would suit your taste or not, it all comes down to whether you enjoy watching girls suck on hard throbbing dicks. If you do, then I think that you are going to just love what r/BlowJob/ is all about, and if you do not… who the fuck cares? You have many other subreddits to check out.What to expect?I am pretty sure we all know what r/BlowJob/ has to offer. It is right there in the name, so unless you are fucking stupid, I am pretty sure that you can crack that code. Expect to see blowjobs in all shapes and forms, and I really mean that. You would be surprised to see just how creative the teen beauties can get when a dick is in their mouth.Of course, I do not mean that you only have teens in this subreddit; you have older milfs, and grannies too. It just depends on which post you click on because, with so many user-submitted posts, you never know what the fuck to expect. Do you want to know about my experience? Well, let me mention some crap that I found here.The first post was just an image of a cutie being caught at the right moment. She was getting her mouth filled with cum, as the pic was taken, and you basically get to see all the dirty details. The very next post was a video of a chick sucking a hard cock in bed, and ending it with a delicious cumshots. Both these posts were filmed by amateurs, which is more than obvious.However, the next post I checked out was taken from a naughty Japanese adult movie, and it featured a hot Japanese cutie giving a BJ. I loved the video because it was uncensored, and I am not sure how much do you know about JAVs in general, but they tend to be censored. Basically, this is a subreddit dedicated to blowjobs featuring amateurs and professionals.I’ve seen a lot of cuties dressed in a naughty outfit, such as cosplaying or just for pleasure, and some professional porn videos taken out of context. There were all kinds of cuties featured, which is great, but the main focus of this subreddit will always be the hot babes who are sucking cocks. While the subreddit does not specify that, all the posts here will feature women sucking cocks.So, when it comes to women and all that, I am sure that you will find a baby who suits your taste. The same applies to the blowjob, but do keep in mind that you will have to scroll and scroll until you find something that makes your dick interested. To be fair, the search options here are good, but they could be better as well. But whatever, at least you have a subreddit dedicated to blowjobs!The only thing that made me a bit annoyed is the fact that the videos here were quite short. They usually last about 30-ish seconds, and that’s that. This is why I like to say that you cannot really use as a website to masturbate to. I mean, you can try, but unless you can nut as soon as you open the video, I am not sure this is the best choice.At least there are a lot more blowjob videos than images! Then again, if you really want to watch a porn video, you might want to check out a different porn website instead. So, take your time and explore all that r/BlowJob/ is about, or just browse through my website instead. I am sure that I reviewed a website that will suit your taste one way or the other.Register if you’d like more.The great thing about is that you can register if you would like to enjoy everything that this website has to offer. Of course, that includes more privileges with r/BlowJob/ as well. Plus, the registration on is free and very simple, and once you are a member, you can expect all the usual shit, such as liking and disliking content and commenting.People often like to chat through the comment section, and I did see that the community on r/BlowJob/ is pretty active. Although, the community on, in general, is active as well. Other than chatting with the members through the comments, you can send all members a private message, which is pretty neat.But, keep in mind that the members of this subreddit or many others are probably not here to chat. They are here to enjoy the content that is in front of them. So, if you were just looking for a place to chat with random strangers who are usually not idiots, you can visit many other subreddits that are dedicated to chatting instead.For example, you have subreddits such as pen-pals, dating, hookups, fetish parties, swingers, and so on. It all depends on what the fuck you are searching for since I think that you will find whatever the fuck you want. This is why I always like to say that it all comes down to your personal preference and that if you get bored of r/BlowJob/, you can check out other subreddits instead. Simple as that.Post your own BJ videos and images.Another great thing if you decide to register is that you can post your own BJ videos and images as well. So if you have any hot BJ videos, you would love to share, whether, of yourself or the ones you find online, you are welcome to do so. However, those who plan to share their shit should keep in mind that you need to follow the rules of posting, and each subreddit will have different rules.Usually, the rules will be listed on the side of, so pay attention to them. Logically speaking, would be a fucking mess if there were no rules or something to keep their content in check, don’t you think? Well, that is more than obvious if you ask me, and if you post bullshit, you will be banned. So, try not to be stupid.Now, when I say that you can post your own shit, I mean that you can post it anywhere, not just on this subreddit. Other than that, you have some additional information listed on the side of the subreddit, such as a small description telling you that r/BlowJob/ is all about cock sucking… DUH! You can also see that this subreddit was created in 2009 and that it has over 180k members. I think that is as much as you really need to know to be fair.Conclusion.To all the fuckers who were too lazy to read my full review, here is the gist of it all. Basically, r/BlowJob/ is a subreddit dedicated to blowjobs, as you can see from the fucking name of the subreddit. You have a shit ton of BJ videos and images, both amateur and professional pornography. Everything on is uploaded by the users, which is why you never really know what the fuck to expect.Now, if you get bored of watching sluts sucking cocks, then you can browse through other subreddits instead. If you register, you get to chat with members and upload your own shit, so why the fuck not? As for those who are here just for the blowjobs, take your time, my friend. You will find all kinds of BJ content on r/BlowJob/, so take it slow, and browse as much as you want.