Reddit Deepthroat, aka r/Deepthroat! Reddit.com is once again at it, and this time around, they have a really sick subreddit that ThePornDude feels is worth my time for a review. This is a pretty big community, and there’s no way any porn enthusiast would miss it, especially if you’re a sucker for Reddit NSFW sites. As you can probably figure out, the main focus of this subreddit is on ladies that really love to have massive cocks or dildos stuffed down their throats just like the cock-starved whores they are.Honestly, I really love getting some head from a fine-ass girl, and when I first landed on this site, I felt there’s no other place any sane dude out there would like to check out. So, strap on to find out if these little bitches will be able to withstand the fucking ruthless skull punishment as I explore the hits and misses at r/deepthroat.The Metrics and History of the SiteI always like to start off on my reviews with a brief snapshot of the history and an objective analysis of metrics, and r/Deepthroat is no exception. To start with, this subreddit has been around for quite a long time. In fact, I was surprised that I have never come across it in my quest to find some jizz-worthy porn content to liven up my fap sessions. Established in January 2009, this is probably one of the older Reddit communities out there.Since it was created, it has raked in over 340K active members who love to either watch or actively participate in some deepthroat action. When it comes to link submission rates, and based on all the new posts I tried to find per day; the site has approximately 15 new entries. That’s just a bit unexpected, given the number of members here. But given the unique nature of the kind of smut featured here, I won’t complain too much. Unless, of course, ThePornDude just wants to be a pain in the ass!A Decent Serving of Deepthroat Videos and GifsThe content is certainly one of the primary aspects of an erotica site that usually pulls guys to a website. You want a fetish site’s content that on one hand, ranks high compared to other sites of similar content, but still at the same time is capable of rewarding you with great fap-worthy content. Deepthroat seemingly looked into both ideas, and what has been offered by other erotica sites, and worked out a way they could offer a bit of both.Their content, for instance, features clips and gifs of girls taking the cock down their throat rather than picture galleries that you often come across in other subreddits. Moreover, the clips are direct-to-the-point with no shitty scenes before the action, as I have seen in most erotica sites. As a bonus, they have 25+ links to other fetish sites for you, just in case it happens, you’re bored with their content, and you just feel it will never get the junk in your pants excited.As I said earlier, the content on this subreddit is mainly based on gifs, and video clips, contrary to some subreddits I’ve come across that are all about fucking images. I guess their aim is to give you a sense of reality by watching a slut move her head back and forth whilst taking a deepthroat — moreover, the subreddit majors mostly on clips of chicks taking up the task. So, if you usually love to fap to some perfect sessions of bitches taking huge cocks down their throat, and you are fucking addicted to that kind of shit, then DeepThroat is definitely your one-stop site.That’s right, you sick pervert! If you want to watch some experts in giving deepthroats, this is where you should be. I'm cocksure most guys love to watch these kinds of goddamn videos, hoping they would be the ones receiving the head too. I swear the deepthroats that I have checked out on this subreddit are fucking surreal. Honestly, I think if some of you fuckers got a chance to meet a bitch that sucks you off so deep, you would always have her on call whenever you’re bored, and your cuckold wife or girlfriend is away. I have to give the whores on this subreddit the thumbs up for the fucking awesome job they are doing. They might be short on character, but one thing that’s for sure is that they can suck dick really deep.The Craziest Deepthroat Sessions you’ve Ever Wanked To!Anyway, deepthroat is the main reason why you need to be here, but the other major reason is the amount of content that you’ll find here too. Get me right; I understand that you love watching high-quality clips. That’s the same case for me here. And that’s probably why r/deepthroat has set aside a special section for you. It’s the Hot section, and that’s where you’ll find all the finest recent posts. Nevertheless, I know some of you sick fucks are so depraved of erotic content that you’ll go over all the content offered on the Hot tab of r/deepthroat, and even on the New tab as well as the Rising tab.I guess the New tab is meant for those of you who can’t get enough of this shit. But on the bright side, you can always be sure to find new stuff being updated here. There’s always a new video or gif uploaded on the site, and even if the rate at which they are uploaded is not all that high, at least the action is interesting enough to make you want to polish your pole.A Shit Load of Fucking RulesAs much as I love the kind of smut being served on r/deepthroat, I have a few doubts regarding the ton fuck of rules moderating the conduct of members on the platform. However, some of the rules seem rational, but others seem too restrictive given that this is a site where people post dirty shit. On the upside, I like the fact that members must post actual deepthroat content, which means something (a dick or a dildo) going down the throat.I also appreciate that members are not allowed to link to malware, pop-ups, or redirects, which is a good thing. You all know how fucking frustrating it can be when you have to deal with annoying ads and pop-ups when watching your favorite erotica. Additionally, members are not allowed to link to poorly-designed or slow sites, which is great since nobody wants to visit a shitty website. However, I don’t understand why members must be nice to people on the platform. I mean, I don’t have to be kind to you when you’re posting bullshit content. At least give me the leeway to criticize fucked up content when necessary.The UpsideApart from the fucking rules, I like several things about r/deepthroat. First, there’s a ton fuck of clips and gifs to keep you busy all night beating the meat while your cuckold wife is away from home. Secondly, the videos here feature great deepthroat action, and there are no fucked up clips with shitty scenes and storylines. Lastly, this is an established community of active members, which is great since you can always expect to come across new stuff uploaded whenever you log in, even if not so many uploads.Final Take from ThePornDudeWell, it’s really simple when it comes to r/deepthroat. Basically, you’ve got a platform that is relatively active and has lots of videos and gifs of deepthroating action. In case that’s the kind of smut that will make the equipment in your pants throb with excitement, then I would highly recommend that you check out this site as soon as now. I am really impressed by the fact that most of the posts here are clips and gifs, not images. And that’s really important since I find a hard time getting excited by images. So, r/deepthroat gets ThePornDude’s seal of approval, and anyone who is craving extreme blowjob porn should definitely check it out.