Deep Throat X sounds like it could be the 10th installment in a series of high-tension political thrillers, at least if you need an explanation when your wife finds it in your browser history. I think you already know it ain’t a website about secret informants or presidential intrigue, because that ain’t the kind of thing I talk about here at ThePornDude. What I do talk about is girls getting their faces fucked, their throats stuffed and their stomachs pumped full of cum.Yes, ladies and gentlemen, is, indeed, a free tube devoted to fellatio. They started building their collection in March, 2021, right as the pandemic began forcing people to social distance. There’s no law saying you’re required to jerk off to blowjob movies while you’re stuck at home, but what else have you got to do today? Grab that rubber pornstar mouth you bought on Wish and let’s see what these girls are slurping on.Hot Girls Sucking All Kinds of CockAs soon as I pulled up the front page of DeepthroatX, I thought, this is really fucking familiar! Nearly every tube out there has that wall-of-porno layout, but regular masturbators will notice right away the similarities between this site and Pornhub. The format is slightly cleaner than the ‘hubs, especially with an adblocker running, but the color scheme and general layout is identical. Even the logo is a blatant copy of Pornhub’s, which is an obvious copy of YouTube’s old logo.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, and I can’t fault them for going with a format that works. Whereas Pornhub’s front page is a smorgasbord of perversion, from butt sex to titty banging to virgin cherry popping, Deepthroat X has a very clear focus: girls sucking dick, getting their faces fucked and swallowing cum.The default view shows the site’s most recent additions first, and already I’m seeing some of the biggest names in the business practicing their oral skills. Ella Knox is going to town, her pretty mouth wrapped around a big cock, and Aidra Fox’s cheeks are sucked in as she slurps hard on ding-dong. The beautiful Katie Kush has her makeup smeared by a cum-drenched suck-a-thon, while Carolina Sweets and Khloe Kapri are double-teaming a truly lucky motherfucker, sharing his shaft like an ice cream cone.The Actors section lists hundreds of the hottest professional cock smokers in the business. Watch Abella Danger slobbing on knob, or see Carolina Sweets choking on kebab. They’ve got Gia Derza working mouth magic, Gianna Dior sucking dudes dry, and Brooklyn Gray looking so adorably fucking cute while she gags on some dude’s junk.I try to be professional about reviewing these things, but I’m a human male and I have needs, especially after snorting as much Viagra as I have this morning. I had to take a few quick breaks while typing the above paragraphs, my hands guided by the pretty girls on the screen. One thing I don’t like about is all the popunders that slipped through my adblocker when I was clicking through to the videos. Don’t forget to put a condom on your browser!Deepthroating, Cocksucking, and Blowjobs GaloreSome of the major tubes out there update with hundreds of videos a day, but tubes in any particular niche tend to grow at a much slower rate. Blowjobs are, admittedly, one of the most popular porn niches of all time, which may be why is collecting movies so quickly. They’re adding tons of new material to the collection every week. It looks like movies are added by hand rather than by script, because while they don’t update every day, they add a bunch of movies at a time.Today alone, the site has added 16 cocksucking movies to the archive. One of Deep Throat X’s biggest and best gimmicks is that their films are full-length, so those face-fucking flicks really add up. If I’m doing my mental math right, today’s movies add up to nearly ten hours of cum-swallowing entertainment. Better call the wife and tell her you’ll be working late tonight.I clicked through to their very most recent addition, a Gloryhole Secrets movie called Liz Jordan 1st Visit. There was a second or two of buffering before the flick started up, a pretty, dark-haired chick sucking at a dick protruding from the wall. The scene had barely begun before Liz scurried to the opposite wall, where another shaft was poking out of a hole. She vacuumed out a really quick nut, flashed it in her mouth before swallowing, and moved on to the next anonymous penis. That’s in the first two minutes!Like the front page, the video pages at Deepthroat X are designed to look like the ones at Pornhub. The player isn’t as advanced as Pornhub’s however, with a fairly basic set of controls. You can’t adjust the playback speed or even the resolution, but they do have a picture-in-picture mode so you can watch a girl fill up on sperm while you check your local COVID-19 infection rate. Those gloryholes are sure sounding like a safer option these days, huh?Premium Oral from Premium SlutsYou’ve probably already guessed this from the full-length features and the star-studded cast, but Deep Throat X has premium content from a ton of major studios and paysites. Besides Gloryhole Secrets, other recent updates have been such illustrious sites as Amateur Allure, 1000 Facials and This Girl Sucks.Their Categories page has the full breakdown, complete with more thumbnails of girls eating hot dogs. They’ve got a few dozen paysites listed, and a good number of flicks from each. They’ve got 13 from Mylked and 36 from Gloryhole Secrets, a dozen from German Goo Girls and 31 from Swallow Salon.I’m surprised not to see a lot of the super big-name sites you always expect to see everywhere, but maybe that’s because DeepthroatX is so focused on getting the best BJ films. A lot of the listed sites sound obscure but are part of larger networks. Blowjob Fridays, for example, is a BangBros site. They’ve also got scenes from Only Blowjob, which is part of DDF, and ThisGirlSucks from TeamSkeet.Speaking of, there’s a ThisGirlSucks scene starring Natalie Porkman that I recommend if you’re beating off to Deepthroat X. She’s such an innocent-looking chick even as she strips out of her clothes in the opening minutes, talking about how she loves sucking cock. She clearly does, too, as evidenced by the GLUG-GLUG-GLUG noises she’s making before we even hit the 3-minute mark. The first twenty minutes are shot POV-style, so you can enjoy some beautiful eye contact while Natalie enjoys the flavor of semen.Show Granny Your Favorite BJ VidsAfter I finished watching the lovely Miss Porkman chowing down on unborn children, I clicked the Share button beneath the video player. They’ve got buttons to post this on Reddit, Twitter, VK, and… Google Plus? That last service shuttered before DeepthroatX even posted their first movie, so I’m not sure what it’s even doing there. I just wish there was a Facebook button so I could show grandma.Some of you will consider this a feature, not a bug, but the biggest problem I can find with DeepthroatX is that I’m not sure where they’re getting all these premium movies. It’ll save you a lot of money, in the long run, to shake your dick at this free tube instead of signing up for all the sites on the menu, but that’s ultimately less money for the sites to hire more talented orators with.Other than that, it’s hard to really complain about anything at Deep Throat X. The popunders are annoying, sure, but what free porn site have you fapped to lately that didn’t hit you with some ads? That’s always the deal, and you’ve got an adblocker anyway, right? Sites with full-length material often hit you with the really rough stuff, like malware redirects and malicious popups, so some bullshit ads shouldn’t turn you off. Just click the X and get back to watching girls doing is a pretty killer free tube for the oral sex enthusiast. Their collection consists entirely of full-length blowjob movies starring some of the most beautiful, talented and horny women ever to eat cum on camera. Christ, what more could you even ask for?