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Man, who doesn’t love a blowjob? I bet girls all want dicks so they can get to feel what a blowjob looks like. Your dad, your uncle, your grandpa, and even your local pastor would definitely find it hard to say no to a nice sloppy blowjob regardless if their sex drive is turned up to maniacal levels or if they’re as docile as a eunuch. It’s really one of the greatest pleasures on Earth - sitting back and watching a pretty girl go down on you is better than a two-week vacation on a beach resort with your family, and if you don’t think that’s true, then you’ve obviously never gotten good head before.Blowjobs are what makes the world go round - you might think it’s money, but blowjobs are the ultimate thing that money can’t buy, which costs zero dollars. I mean you can’t expect a rich 6-year old CEO to actually have sex with his secretary during work hours, do you? Hell no, but you can bet that she’s going down on him every lunch hour, and that’s better than sex most of the time.But in any case, everyone wants a blowjob - every man would love for a girl to wrap her lips around his dong even if she isn’t that good looking, but not a lot of men get them, unfortunately. But don’t worry, my dear readers - if you’re one of the people who don’t get blowjobs, you can at least get the next best thing - blowjob porn! Fapping to blowjob porn is *almost* as good as fapping to blowjobs, especially if you’ve gotten good head before and can actually relate to the video you’re fapping to.But as great as videos are, it’s hard to find an actual good oral video - most girls don’t give head that well, and those that do aren’t really making free porn. But GIFs are a whole different story - they capture only the best parts, and believe you me, there are TONS of fappable GIFs over on ImageFap’s “Oral” section. This little section contains all the best oral GIFs that the internet has to offer - might just be your final destination for quality blowjob content. But is it as good as I make it sound? Keep reading and find out for yourself.Most of The Pictures Here Are GIFsLike I said, and like this paragraph’s title so clearly suggests - most of the pictures here are GIFs, meaning that they’re loops of a certain oral scene with no sound. Usually, it’s a good scene too, because you can’t expect the horny bastards who upload GIFs here to upload bad ones. There are some still images here too, although they’re pretty hard to find - and you can’t really see the beauty of a good pump-action blowjob in a still image anyway, so best believe that there are tons of GIFs over here on They Can be Sorted In a Few Different WaysThe whole “oral” niche contains plenty of GIFs and still images here on - way too many to count. But as with all good porn sites, ImageFap has its own means of content organization and segregation; otherwise, how are all the people hoping on this site going to find the content they want to fap to? You can filter any niche or results on ImageFap here by their date of upload, as well as their size. Now naturally, the date of upload filter is pretty much meaningless unless you’ve fapped here every day for a long time, and the size filter is used to organize the GIFs from shortest to longest (as well as the resolution for still images).There’s also a search bar that lets you look for certain albums within any niche, and last, but not least, there’s an option that lets you set how many results you want to see per page. All in all, the content organization and segregation tools here on ImageFap work pretty well.There Are Also Plenty of Different AlbumsOne of the best things which I personally love about this site is the number of albums it has for each and every niche you search, not just the blowjob stuff here on But in order to keep this review focused, I’m going to give you a little rundown of the albums that show up on and explain to you just how crucial they are when it comes to variety. You’ve got a different album for each theme or setting that applies within the overall “blowjob” niche - there’s an album named “Little Girls Serving,” which contains GIFs and images of “teenie” girls serving blowjobs.There’s also an album named “Every Last Inch,” which is a compilation of GIFs and images that show girls giving deepthroat head, all the way down to the last inch, hence its namesake. There’s also an album named “Make Her Suck His Cock,” which is a collection of GIFs and images (but again, it’s mostly GIFs) that depict double blowjobs. Except one of the girls is literally physically forcing the other girl to give the guy head, which is common in most threesome XXX scenes. All in all, there are tons of different albums, not just on here, but on every single “niche”, there is on the site itself.But You Can’t Really Get The Source Of Any Given GIF HereUnless the GIF you’re looking to source has a watermark on it and that watermark leads you to a legit destination, it’s really hard to find exactly what video any given GIF on was sourced from. The community on this site isn’t as helpful like on other websites such as Reddit, and there’s no guarantee that your source request will be answered by the GIFs’ uploader. The best that you could hope for is to post one of these GIFs on a Subreddit over on Reddit that’s focused on blowjobs (or whatever the niche of the GIF you’re looking to source is) and hope that some good Samaritan will notice and answer your plea.Yes, All This Can Be Accessed From Your SmartphoneThe entirety of ImageFap, including, of course, its “oral” section can all be accessed easily from any given smartphone or WiFi-enabled digital device. Now that we’re all living in quarantine lockdown, it’s important to be able to jerk off amidst all this chaos and uncertainty in these dark days. In order to do that, you’ll need a reliable device as well as a reliable XXX website that’s well-optimized for smartphone/digital device access like ImageFap here is. I mean, you can’t expect to jerk off in front of a laptop or a desktop PC when you’re stuck at home with your loved ones? The risk is way too great.