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Do you prefer to stream your shit online or to download it instead? I have reviewed a good portion of websites that offer both and some that offer just one of those two options. Here I am today, reviewing a website dedicated to porn downloads. It a free porn website called, where you have tons of pornos to enjoy.I understand how the site's name could be rather confusing since porn blogs are not really known to actually offer downloads. This website is basically a blog and a download website, so you get the best of both worlds. If you’d love to learn more about, you are more than welcome to stick around and read. But, I should also tell you that I am mostly here to talk about their incredible selection of BJ pornos… so if you just want to learn about in general, check out that review on TPD instead.Plenty of downloadable BJ pornos.Are you into hot babes getting down and dirty, sucking hard cocks? Well, you are going to love this section on Keep in mind that this is a website that has a little bit of everything, but I am here to talk about its BJ section, which I am sure you will love. I mean, what is there not to like about watching horny sluts get face fucked hard?I am pretty sure we can all agree that the blowjob category is just one of those categories that everyone loves. Here, you will get to see all kinds of girls getting their mouth stuffed with cock, and sometimes their other holes will be plugged as well. It all depends on the video you choose to check out, so let’s get down to that. What kind of videos can you actually find on Naughty Blog?Well, since this website is called a blog, it will not just be a list of download links… Instead, you will have a blog-like website structure and download links available. This also means that all the videos will have a small description of what you can expect from the video, which is pretty neat. Usually, I dislike having descriptions of the videos since I can just watch them. There is no need for a description of the video is being streamed.However, considering that you will usually be downloading GB of content, you might want to know what the fuck to expect, right? Well, that is why NaughtyBlog is so great. Every downloadable video on Naughty Blog will have a description and screenshots available, which lets you decide whether that video will suit your taste.I mean, imagine downloading a 6GB movie and waiting a long while just to be disappointed? Make sure to check out the screenshots and the trailer that is sometimes linked. In case you prefer something specific when it comes to cock sucking, this can be very useful.As for the actual content, you have it all. To be fair, a lot of the videos feature in the BJ section will not focus on just the BJ. In most scenarios, I saw videos that they were full-on fuck fests with a great BJ scene instead of just a girl sucking cock. Of course, that does not mean that you will not be able to find videos where the main point is a BJ. I just want to say that you have it all.On top of that, there are a lot of familiar faces here. There are girls of all shapes and sizes, and a lot of variety when it comes to their age. I’ve seen teen girls, older sluts, grannies, and so on. Obviously, all the sluts who are presented are of legal age, if that is what you are wondering. I am content with the number of blowjob videos that has to offer… I mean, with over 18k blowjob pornos, how can one not be satisfied?How to download videos?If you are not interested in downloading videos, why the fuck are you even here? As for the folks who want to know how the download process actually works, let me give you the gist. Below every description and screenshots, there will be download links. Usually, you will have three download links that will send you to Keep2Share, NitroFlare, or RapidGator. I did see that some older files have other download links, but usually, you will get these three options.Those who tend to download pornos a lot are probably already familiar with these websites. They all have a free option, which is very annoying. For example, for RapidGator is a very popular website, you can choose to download for free, but for a file that is about 1.30 GB, you will have to wait 2.5 hours. While if you choose the premium option, you can download videos simultaneously, and for 1.30 GB, it takes around 34 seconds.Of course, it will cost you, but RapidGator has a lot of great payment options, with the cheapest being $14.99 and the priciest being $99.99. Now, let’s mention another popular option, Keep2Share. On this website, you can download the same video for free in 7.5 hours… or you can pay and have it downloaded in 4 minutes. The premium membership is very nice, and you even have a 3-day trial that will cost you about $9 for three days.For the same video, NitroFlare will let you download the video for free with the max speed of 20 kb/s… and with 1.30 GB, you can calculate just how slow that shit will be. Of course, the premium version lets you download much faster, and you also get to watch it online. NitroFlare also has a trial membership of 2-days for $10, or you can choose from one of the four regular memberships. Simple.Great design!If you follow the link I provided, you will be taken to the blowjob section of immediately. You can start enjoying all the BJs after you download them. The browsing on Naughty Blog is very simple. The site has a nice tone of color, and it does resemble a blog. All you have to do is click on the video that interests you and read about it a bit more. Every blog post is structured in the same way and provides all the necessary crap.There will be some other options on top of the site, and if you just visit NaughtyBlog, you will have random pornos available for download instead. You can also choose to list just the best videos voted by users instead. If you have a category that you love, like the blowjob one, you can subscribe to it and then get updated with new available downloads.Lots of other categories.In case you get bored of watching sluts slurp cocks, you have plenty of other categories to check out. For the most part, Naughty Blog offers a little bit of everything, so no matter what kind of shit you are into, you will find it here. Plus, you can also choose to list just clips or movies, or you can scroll through pornstars if you have a favorite. The page for the pornstars allows you to list out only her naughty videos.The same applies if you have a favorite website. There are over 1100 websites listed on NaughtyBlog, and if you already know a site that offers the type of content that makes your cock hard, you are in luck. There are a bunch of popular sites, such as Brazzers, Naughty America, and so on. I mean, with over 191k porn videos in general, I am pretty sure that will suit anyone’s taste!Final thoughts.So what is the gist of it all? Well, it is simple. Do you like to download porn videos? If you do, then you’ve come to the right place. Naughty Blog is a website filled with all kinds of porn videos, and they also have a lot of amazing blowjob pornos that you can download. All the videos can be downloaded for free, but honestly, it is much easier if you choose to pay for the downloads instead.With so much content, I am sure that you will find whatever makes your cock hard, trust me. There are blowjob videos in all kinds of scenarios, from blow-bangs to POVs, and even VR blowjobs. Plus, the majority of the videos can be downloaded in full HD if you pay for the downloads, so you get to enjoy the highest quality whenever the fuck you want.