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What’s better than fucking some slut in all of her holes? Well, not much. But I know loads of you sex-starved betas drool over the thought of sticking your knob through a hole in a bathroom stall and having a cum-hungry whore deepthroat it. I mean, hey, it works out for you ugly cucks who might happen to have massive cocks. Once you’re at that gloryhole, looks don’t matter. It looks great, right? There’s porn of it everywhere. But it might be better left as a fantasy. You don’t want to shove your cock through only to feel a suspicious amount of stubble from the “chick” on the other side.It’s one of those things where the risks might not outweigh the benefits. But who am I to deny you bastards your fantasy? I’m here to make sure you’re fapping to exactly the sort of content that you want to. And that’s where Noodlemagazine.com comes in. This site is like Google for hot HD videos. It’s an adult video search engine where you can find all sorts of fap-worthy videos. But I’m not going to be going over the entirety of this awesome site today. I’ve got a single-focused plan of giving you guys the scoop on their hot selection of gloryhole videos.Use this Adult Search Engine to Find Fap-Worthy HD VideosNow, this is a pretty fresh site. It’s only been kickin’ since 2018. Don’t let that short lifespan fool you because this site brings in well over 44 million fappers every single month. That’s some wild growth for only being around for a little over two years now. Most sites don’t even breach a million by then, let alone 40 times that amount. So, yeah, this is a popular site.Once you plug their domain in and find yourself at the homepage, you’ll be greeted with a simple search bar. That’s it. There aren’t any menus, headers, or categories to go flipping through like on your regular porntube site. To get a look at the fap-worthy gloryhole content, simply type “gloryhole” into the search bar and let this site take the wheel. This site will provide you with a massive page full of HD videos that you can jerk your dick to.A Massive Catalog of Amateur and Professional Gloryhole VideosYou do have a couple of options at your disposal if you want to narrow down your search to something specific. Some filters let you sort the results by duration, date added, and by videos in HD. That last tag will give you videos that are at least in 720p HD. Yep, 720p is technically considered HD. And that’s what the vast majority of videos on this site are going to be. It’s not bad, especially considering that you’re getting all of this amazing content without having to pay a dime. But I would definitely have liked to see some more 1080p content in this catalog.The result page lists videos in rows of 4 that go on and on until you give up or somehow find the end of the results. There are a fuck ton of videos here. And I wish they did that imageboard thing where you could scroll forever and have videos keep loading. Nope, you’ll have to do a little bit of work and click “show more” when you reach the bottom of the results. And, man, you get a little bit of everything on this site.No Account, Subscription, or Payment Required to Enjoy this Hot ContentNoodlemagazine doesn’t just give you professionally shot gloryhole videos. Oh no, you’re getting professional-grade content, amateur pornstars, found videos, toons, hentai, and so much more. Oh, and you can toggle the site to show you even more thumbnails if you need to scroll through dozens of videos at a glance. But let’s talk about how these thumbnails and videos look.The video previews give you plenty of details. It helps that there aren’t really any thick borders to the videos and that the site has a sleek black background. The videos pop and aren’t too small or anything like that. You get a preview image from the video itself. Now, that won’t autoplay a clip or do anything fancy. Keep in mind that this isn’t a premium porn site where you’re paying an arm and a leg for content. This shit is free with no account, subscription, or payment required.Very Little Ad Clutter & a Dope Mobile ExperiencePreviews tell you the title, how long the video is, how many views it has, and whether or not it’s in HD. Clicking over to the full video page will have it play in a fucking huge video player. You won’t even need to fullscreen most of these kinky videos of hot babes deepthroating cocks and swallowing loads. Below the video, you’ll see related titles, social media share links for if you’re insane, and a short description. Oh, and you’ll usually get a pre-roll ad. But that’s about it as far as ad clutter goes. I didn’t get redirected a single fucking time.The mobile version of Noodlemagazine.com had a few more ads to contend with, but it still wasn’t too bad of an experience. The videos take up a large portion of the screen, and the site was definitely optimized with mobile use in mind. It’s easy to search, browse, and fap to hot gloryhole videos while you’re on the go. The only thing that you can’t do on mobile or desktop is download these videos. But, hey, at least you can stream them for free. Though I kind of wish they had some sort of account feature so that I could favorite and keep track of my favorite videos.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesYou gloryhole loving betas are going to be in for a treat with this site. There are very few sites out there that can deliver the sheer number of videos that this site has. And you’re not just getting content from one studio, artist, or whatever the fuck. This place is full of amateur, professional, toon, and hentai videos that will blow you fucks away. It’s great. And the fact that you can rub yourself raw to these videos without paying a dime makes the experience all that much better. It’s especially good if you like Russian porn. This catalog has a lot of content of Russian performers, sluts, and home videos.I also liked that this site didn’t make you go through a bunch of bullshit menus and sections just to get your hands on the content that you want to jerk off to. You get a single search bar. That’s all you need. And the whole experience is user-friendly on both desktop and mobile with how few ads there are. Most sites would plaster this shit like a JAV star's face in a bukkake scene. But not here! It’s clean and easy to browse every step of the way.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’d like to see scrolling made a bit easier. You’re stuck having to click “see more” every single time, which can be a pain if you’re trying to scroll through large swathes of content quickly. But, really, that’s not a big enough issue to be a real complaint. I’d also like to see downloadable videos, but beggars can’t be choosers. I get why they don’t screw around with downloadable content. You betas should just be happy that you’re not having to beg your poor mother for her credit card again just to see some pussy. Come on; you’re 45. It’s time to grow the fuck up and pay for your own porn.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Noodlemagazine.com is a great site for getting your cum-crusted hands-on quality HD gloryhole videos without having to dish out any dosh. This free adult search engine is jam-packed with hot amateur and professional videos that you won’t find anywhere else. And, plus, all of the content is hosted on-site. So, you won’t have to open a bunch of tabs and deal with third-party sites like with some adult video search sites. If you’re looking to jerk your dick to hot babes slobbering on mystery dude’s dicks, then you should get over to Noodlemagazine and search for the best gloryhole videos that you can find.