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Like our "friend" the PornGeek who is with a lady of the evening, when we review a website, we are typically one and done. However, either due to reader demand or the sheer amount of smut, a particular platform has we sometimes revisit a website.As with other tubes, Porntrex has a lot to offer and plenty that we have gone over. Despite having already done an article on it, we feel the need to do another post about the pages and pages of oral sex videos.To be clear, this article is focusing on phallic sucking specifically, though we might later do an article on this site’s cunnilingus content, so stay tuned. Anyway, here is our review of the blowjob porn on the Porntrex tube…Will You Only See Superb Sucking Films?It is hard to get an exact number on the amount of oral action you are going to see, but a lot of it seems to be a collection of a few significant sites.Jules Jordan – These sucker scenes typically str some of the hottest, trending performers who are working today. Examples of some of these legendary pros include Gianna Dior and Lana Rhoades, plus they are shot POV, so it is easier to imagine the action is happening to you.Kissamorous – While their scenes are typically more than just oral, most of the movies uploaded which come from this studio nearly always start with an oral warmup. While it may not seem to make a difference, the models who star in these movies are Russian, or at the very least, ethnically Rus or Slavic.If that reference does not make any sense to you, there is a reason why Russian porn sites have gotten a positive reputation among smut aficionados around the world. Check out these videos, and you will see why.Desperate Amateurs – While the name would imply that these videos are from amorous wannabe pornstars, this is another professional site. That said, there seems to be a fresh face in every scene and, since the premise is centered around introducing new babes, there is a sort of non-professional quality to each video.And unlike some other pornos that popup in this category, not only are there tons of oral sequences, but this studio has produced plenty of blow-and-cumshot scenes as well as oral compilations. Lastly, if you like chubby gals, you are going to want to make a beeline to these uploads.These are the top studios worth whose clips which are worth mentioning, though there are some other famous fap makers like Blacked, Sex Art, and Brotha Lovers. Then there are the smaller websites that have videos represented, which are too numerous to mention but still fun to watch.Playing With The Filter Tools Can Be EffectiveThe problem with Porntrex is that the search engine does provide a ton of additional ways to modify your search results.Further, while typing 'blowjob' into the site's engine does get you some decent results on the first few pages, there is a mix of other videos in which oral play is only a small part of the video. Then there are even some videos that do not have any beejees at all.However, if you play with the existing tools, you can mix up your results and hopefully get better results. For instance, you can sort results between the most recent additions, sort by length, those which have wracked up the most comments, favorites, and views.Then there is a tool that augments your results for the 'best' results. No guarantees if this will work for you, but it is worth trying.Lastly, another thing you could try, which we found was effective was specifying search parameters. Besides the word 'blowjob,' you can try using terms like 'blowjob only,' 'just blowjob,' and 'getting head.' Just be aware that while you are more likely going to get more than just hetero scenes if you do that.Will You Like The Oral Action On This Tube?If you like free porn which features oral sex, there are three things which this tube does exceptionally well compared to other tubes:1.) Variety of women – Variation is always good when it comes to watching wank material, but we think this is especially true when it comes to mouth-to-crouch action.While it varies from site to site, you will see petite nubiles, curvaceous women, and even a good collection of BBWs. And just like body types, there is a bevy of beautiful women of every color who all have a different approach on how to suck a c*ck.2.) Free smut from the best studios – Getting access to porn from studio sites, which is cost-free, full-length, and non-pirated, is harder than you might think. Finding professional porn that fits one or even two of those criteria is easy with tubes taking DMCAs seriously and the pros shelling out preview clips, it is not as easy as it was circa 2010.However, most of the oral scenes on Porntrex are not mere clips, but the complete movies, cost-free, and apparently have been legally posted. That or Porntrex is setting itself up for the biggest FBI takedown notice since MegaUpload went down.3.) High-quality content – Since these movies are from the best studios in the industry, most of which are at most a couple of years old, it is hard to find a scene – at least an oral one – which isn't in at least 720p. Further, there are plenty of 1080p movies as well, even those who are rendered in 4K Ultra HD.What We Wish The Users Of This Tube Would AddThis site is awash in porn clips and even full-length movies from studios from all over the world wide web. While this is great, one of the things that Porntrex sorely lacks, unlike the bigger tubes, is some sucking action from amateur producers.It is hard to predict user behavior on a website with social interactivity, let alone try to influence how people are going to act. However, people do respond to incentives, which is why we would split ad-revenue with users who would make their own oral smut.It would also be nice to see more group face banging action, either amateur or professional.With the incredible number of ads, the webmasters of Porntrex should be able to afford it. On the note of ad revenue, we cannot possibly think that the number of ads that popup on nearly every link you click is necessary. In fact, the ads are so spammy it almost seems like this platform was hijacked by hackers.Anyway, besides trying to encourage more amateur content and tone down the ads, we would improve the search algorithm so that only blowjob-heavy scenes show up when searching for that term.Our Final Thoughts On This Tube’s BJ ActionGetting free erotica is excellent, even if you will have to put up with a ton of possibly malware-loaded adverts to get to see it. That is what you are in for on this site. Though, there are some definite perks about the BJ porn here.So, we do feel comfortable giving this tube our recommendation. However, there are several problems that make us feel the need to tell you that there are better blowjob platforms elsewhere on the web. All these things taken into account, Porntrex Blowjob gets three hands out of five.