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When you want to watch blowjob clips, you want to be able to watch the whole fucking thing. Most horny fuckers like us scrobble around, we jump to the point where the dick is harder, and the bitch is really pouncing on it, but the one thing they must avoid is ending too early. A blowjob video that never really gets going is like lame sex: it sucks, and you wonder why in the fuck did that shit in the first place.Daftsex.com/Blowjob doesn’t fuck around with any of that. They’ve been delivering full content since 2015, and the same applies to their blowjob selections. When you want to see the pros suck the biggest dicks on the planet without a second left out of the content, this is the free tube site you need to visit. Visit it the moment I finish telling you what makes this one of the best fucking blowjob selections around and be sure to have a moist towelette or the equivalent because you’re going to cum!Excellent options for viewingOne of the things that you cannot fucking fault Daftsex.com/Blowjob for is how the free tube site gives you plenty of options for finding the kind of blowjob content you crave. While the video listings lack crucial information (more on this later), it’s simple to sort and find the type of blowjob pornography that you ultimately want to watch. You watch plenty of porn – the third-degree burns on your cock prove it – you know that porn videos are not one-size-fits-all.We all have preferences regarding the desired length of the porn we watch and how it’s presented in the library on a free tube site. Not every porn site gives its visitors the freedom to sort and look at only the porn that they know will be ideal for their viewing habits. Daftsex.com/Blowjob cuts against the grain to make it simple to browse the hot blowjob content they provide and see only the content that will be pleasing to you.One of the ways they do this is by giving you the option to look at only HD content. Daftsex.com/Blowjob has a massive library of blowjob pornography, meaning not every video listed is going to be at a 720p+ ratio where you can see every vein in each lucky guy’s pecker. Believe it or not, you younger, horny fuckers: HD porn hasn’t been around that long!Thus, there’s an abundance of pre-HD blowjob videos available on the free tube site. That doesn’t mean they suck (watching Asia Carrera deepthroat every giant cock thrown her way is a feat that shouldn’t be missed): they’re not in a resolution that’s crystal clear. If you’re a spoiled porn baby and can’t stand watching pornography that doesn’t feel like you’re staring through someone’s window like a creep, Daftsex.com/Blowjob allows you to select the Only HD button to see only true, HD content (there are limitations, though – more on this later).A vast collection of full-length blowjob contentThose that typically bitch about shit that matters – like a porn video being way too short – will find Daftsex.com/Blowjob’s duration filtering feature convenient and welcoming. Visitors can select the Filter button at the top-right of the page, then look at the by duration subheading. You can choose between long, short, or any if you don’t have a preference.It would have been convenient if Daftsex.com/Blowjob had managed to add what short and long entail. What’s the cutoff here? Browsing the short content, I saw content that was less than five minutes. When sorting content by duration and looking at only the short content, this was confirmed.The longer content was a bit all over the place. I noticed that it ranged from 20 minutes to 8+ hours! When selecting any, ThePornDude noticed that was all over the place. I saw content that was between 10-20 minutes, while some videos were less than one minute long. It ranged, but the main takeaway is that the vast majority of the blowjob content on the free tube site is full-length, complete, and won’t tease you like on other free tube sites. It ranged, but my main takeaway was this:Content loads insanely fastIt’s one thing to see all of the amazing full-length blowjob videos on Daftsex.com/Blowjob, but what if your Internet connection is total shit or you’re data plan blows harder than the hot sluts in these blowjob videos? Although I cannot help you with your bullshit broadband woes, what I can tell you is that Daftsex.com/Blowjob delivers amazing content that never buffered, paused, or fucked up when I was watching videos.This is the amazing thing about watching content on the free tube site: it just works. It did not matter if I was watching a hot young slut getting face fucked to completion in less than 10-minutes or if the hung lucky bastard took his time and enticed the horny bitch to suck him off slowly for over an hour, the videos never faltered once. I never had to sit there waiting for my videos to buffer, nor did it take forever for the video to load enough for anything to play.It didn’t matter if I was watching on mobile or my desktop – the content on the free tube site never stopped playing or cause me any difficulties. Even when I watched content in 720p (not 1080p – more on that later), the content loaded instantaneously. To that end, it did not matter if I watched in HD or SD: it all loaded equally as quickly!This was eve the case as I downloaded content from Daftsex.com/Blowjob. It took me only a few minutes to download a 600mb video. It was such a far cry from the porn download sites that sometimes force visitors to spend hours download one single file. Here, I could have gone from downloading my file to putting it on my device within 10 minutes.The efficiency is nearly unmatched. This is a free tube site that works where it counts. When you need blowjob content now instead of waiting minutes for the content to load (never mind finding the right video in the first place), this is where you need to visit.Videos need more information in listingsUnfortunately, Daftsex.com/Blowjob isn’t perfect. One of the biggest problems with browsing the site is the lack of information in the video listings. Although you can see all the important information after you click the video, it doesn’t do you any fucking good when you are looking for content in the first place.Currently, the video listings only show the title and thumbnail. There is zero information on the listing regarding the duration, the view count, or when the content was added until after you click a video’s thumbnail and look at that video’s page. It’s such a missed opportunity, and I wonder why the hell the site even considered doing this in the first place.Daftsex.com/Blowjob seriously needs to add all of its important information to each video listing. It’s important information that saves a ton of time when trying to find the right blowjob video to jerk it to. Missing the mark in this regard is something the free tube site simply should not do, and the problem needs to be fixed.Must add an extension in Chrome to watch content in 1080pHere is another problem that Daftsex.com/Blowjob has for some reason: the lack of streaming anything in 1080p. You have to actually add an extension in Chrome to watch content in 1080p; otherwise, you can’t do it. Never mind if you want to watch content in Firefox or Safari: you have to actually click the extension on the homepage, install it, and ensure that it’s activated while using Chrome to render it in true 1080p.Moreover, the extension used has piss-poor reviews. At least it’s a legitimate extension and not some kind of malware, but I’m not sure you should install it with as many shit reviews as it has. Perhaps Daftsex.com/Blowjob should consider not relying on an extension to render its content instead.An amazing assortment of blowjob videosIn the end, Daftsex.com/Blowjob hits all the right notes when it comes to delivering amazing, blowjob content for the horn dogs that want it no matter what kind of device you are using. It also helps that the content is complete, it kicks a ton of ass, and it will get you off so fast you’ll be downloading the video immediately to go for another round. It’s hot, seductive, and you will be adding this site to your bookmarks folder! If the free tube site could fix a few of the problems where it’s lacking, it would be hard to find anything wrong with this already stellar site!Suggestions:Allow visitors to watch content in true 1080p without relying on an extension that only works in Chrome and provide better information in each video listing.