Eporner Blowjob

There's nothing better than a good blowjob. You spread your muscled legs, you sit down, relax, and then you get sucked off. And, it doesn't even matter who does it. It can be a man, or a woman, or something between those two. Everyone's got a mouth, and people got different preferences. So, today, for all of you, I'm going to explore a new website and the category that it dedicates to blowjobs. So, if you're up for that, you can explore this place with me, and you can see people willing to suck dicks. So, without me boring you to death with this shit, let's officially start the review.The homepage, better known as the start of all of my troublesThe design of Eporner.com's homepage is fucking embarrassing. This place is a free website for porn. And then, you get this design, with like three shitty colors, no originality, and of course, ads flying around. I mean, maybe I'm too fucking aesthetic, but this doesn't look good at all. A kid could make it in class or at home. This place is how all those phone prank websites looked back in the day. Aside from this, you get a few ads here and there, as I said. And then, in the end, the navigation system at the top. On Eporner, all the blowjob videos are in the middle of the site. They look okay, but I usually keep surprises for other parts of the review. To sum it up, the site's not impressive, but it's okay for now.NavigationI have mixed feelings towards Eporner.com's navigation system. It has some super elements, but it's also full of stupid shit. It's confusing, as a Mexican meal. But only if you took that spicy, delicious bowl of godly goodness, and then threw a sack of horse shit right into it. So, let's start right from the beginning. First, you get the homepage and the videos. These two options make perfect sense, and I have absolutely nothing against that. Then you have two other idiotic buttons for HQ clips, which is dumb. If you click on the 'videos' page, they already roll out. So, they're repeating themselves for a few possible reasons, because they're not capable of creating anything original. And the second reason is that they wanted to make the navigation system seem more elaborate, which is just dumb. It's like that kid that watches Rick and Morty and wants to look smart but fails every subject in school.Then, on Eporner, you have the categories, the porn stars, and the images. These options also make sense, and the rest is just dumb, besides the community one. So, to get to blowjob videos, you'll need the categories. Once you enter this particular section, you don't even need the navigation system. That's because you have the weekly top videos. And all the monthly top, top-rated, most viewed, and all crap like that. The owners of this website are repeating things once again, so they're just proving my point. The videos are undoubtedly fresh, but we'll explore them later. For now, you need to know that, if you're looking for originality in this place, then you won't find it. This place is as bland as those homes that minimalists praise when they see them in magazines. But, these places usually have like three chairs, two forks, and a half-dead cat in the back licking its asshole. So yeah, this place is a bit similar to that.Since we're focusing on blowjob videos today, I have to say that all of this is not a problem.