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As much as I love watching a good creampie video or seeing an orgy of sexy lesbians eat each other’s pussies, there’s a time and a place for blowjob videos. It’s tough to beat the best of them, too. When a hot bitch is slobbering all over your cock and jerking it like they know how to work a dick or three, nothing is fucking better.That’s why if you’re in the mood for some of the sexiest blowjob videos on the Web, you need to pay a visit to XVideos.com/Blowjob. Since 2007, XVideos has been giving the world exactly what they want: hot fucking porn that loads seamlessly and gets you off faster than you can count to five (not much of a stretch for some of you horny fucks). It’s been delivering amazing blowjob videos just as long, and if you don’t believe your pal ThePornDude, then you need to see how many fucking blowjob videos they have on their free tube site.Do it, you lazy bastard. Do you think I would lie to you? Just look at that number there!Over 424,000 blowjob videosI fucking told you! Have you watched that many blowjob videos in your…yeah, you probably have. Can you imagine sitting down and watching this many blowjob…yeah, you probably can. Still, pause for a moment to appreciate how many blowjob videos that is. I’ll be here waiting, I’ve got as much time as you need to take.Look, for a free tube site, over 424,000 blowjob videos are an insane amount! You’ve crossed over into mainstream porn territory at that point, which is exactly the kind of free tube site XVideos has become over the years. But whereas a lot of free tube sites that grow in popularity try too hard to appeal to everyone (and lose their edge as a result), that has never happened at XVideos.com/Blowjob.The free tube site has never shied away from the kinky content that people crave. Nothing has ever felt whitewashed there, and good God, I know I’ve seen some blowjob content on the site that has made me cum bucket loads over the years. It’s the same as it’s always been, with the same level of quality blowjob content that you’ve come to expect from XVideos.With a number that insane, it seems evident that there is always something new getting posted to the free tube site. While there is no indication of how often content is published to XVideos.com/Blowjob, during this review, I actually noticed new blowjob videos getting posted. You expect to see content getting posted in real-time on a porn aggregator and even a NSFW subreddit, but you rarely see it coming from a free tube site. It goes to show that even though the site is getting up there in years and has seen the rise and fall of many a porn site, there’s a reason why they are still around and a force to be reckoned with.Outstanding sorting and filtering optionsOne of the reasons XVideos.com/Blowjob has fucked killed it among the free tube competition is thanks to its awesome sorting and filtering options. This site has and may always be one of the best examples of properly providing sorting and filtering solutions that work. Add to the fact that XVideos.com/Blowjob offers an assortment of settings that allow anyone to fine-tune how the sites browse, and you’ve got a recipe for a XXX tube site that could not be easier to navigate. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or come here every goddamn day and whack it until you pecker is blistered: get to know the ways that XVideos.com/Blowjob makes it simple to find the blowjob videos you want to cum to.You can sort by relevance, upload date, rating, length, and views. It’s a by-the-books approach to sorting on a free tube site, but where the options shine are the filtering options. In addition to sorting, by filtering by date (anytime, last three days, this week, this month, last three months, last six months) and by duration (short videos (1-3 minutes), medium videos (3-10 minutes), long videos (10-20 minutes; 20+ minutes) and even by video quality (all or 720p+), you can find the perfect blowjob video that you’re in the mood for when you need to cum the most.Insanely sexy blowjob videosNone of this shit matters if the blowjob videos are fucking atrocious. On average, this isn’t the case on XVideos.com/Blowjob. For sure, if you have 424,501 blowjob videos (and counting) to jerk it off to, not every video is going to be gold. You’re going to come across videos that suck – in my case, some of them were teaser clips. It’s all to be expected when you have a massive collection that’s nearing half-a-million blowjob videos alone.And look, I’m regurgitating what my cock is telling my brain, so make what you will of what your ol’ pal ThePornDude is about to say, but it seems to me that on the average the blowjob content here is amazing. The first page of content that appeared made me want to pull my cock out and jerk off to the first row of blowjob videos, but because I’m an alpha male that’s in control of his cock, I held back until I hit page two. The thumbnails will fucking get your attention and make you realize instantly that you’re looking at a catalog of jaw-dropping videos that you’re going to want to cum to for the foreseeable future.Finding and watching all of the sexy blowjob videos comes right back around to the outstanding sorting and filtering options. It’s because of these options that finding the proper blowjob video for your situation could not be easier. For example, even though I did find teaser clips throughout my review, sorting by relevance and long videos (20+ minutes) is all it took for me to see only the content that’s not going to end prematurely. As of this review, that’s almost 420,000 blowjob videos (so if you were worried about teaser clips, don’t fret your ghost penis about it).Browse content on your termsNot only does XVideos.com/Blowjob make it simple to sort and filter blowjob videos so you can only see the XXX videos that are relevant to you, but the free tube site also gives you the options you need to look at content in the way you feel most comfortable. When you click the settings button at the top-right corner of the homepage, you can choose how the site is laid out and, ultimately, what you see on the site.Horny fuckers like yourself can choose the language displayed on the site, version: country (i.e., the country you are from – this is usually automatically chosen), version: sexual orientation (e.g., gay, straight, trans), dark/light theme, number of columns per row, view icon enabled, suggestions enabled, and even if the history is enabled. These options make finding the blowjob content you are seeking even easier to find.Finding content is a cinch thanks in part to the informative video listings. Each listing has as discussed a detailed thumbnail (that will make you want to fucking watch immediately), title, uploader, view count, and duration. As if XVideos.com/Blowjob could not be even more helpful, the free tube site has also added a related search section at the top of the homepage that shows the most popular blowjob search results on the site.My God, could XVideos.com/Blowjob be even more helpful? At this rate, they’re going to come over to my headquarters and get me off themselves if I choose the right setting. If that ever happened, I would have no doubt that XVideos.com/Blowjob would somehow pick the right bitch to blow me!Videos load instantlyThe content may make you want to cum bucket loads, but none of that really matters if it doesn’t load. Fortunately, you’re not going to have to wait long at all for any of the blowjob videos on XVideos.com/Blowjob to load. Regardless if you are on mobile or desktop, you’re going to come away impressed by how nearly-instantaneously videos truly load. No matter the size or quality, I never had a problem with content loading on any device, and I doubt you will either.When you find a blowjob video that you don’t want to lose, sign up for a free account! You can save content to your account for later viewing, or download it to your preferred device so you can watch it online. If that doesn’t make you want to sign up for an account and take advantage of everything that XVideos.com/Blowjob has to offer, your cock and balls may have fallen off. Better check them, then come back and masturbate to the amazing blowjob videos that you can find only on XVideos.com/Blowjob!Suggestions:XVideos.com/Blowjob may want to consider showing when content was added to the site. Beyond that, they don’t need to change a thing. They are still killing it after all these years, and the same trend will continue if they continue on their current trajectory.