Reddit Boobs, aka r/Boobs! I love it when I get to review something that I know everyone loves. And I mean everyone – from toddlers to, well, me, everyone loves a good pair of boobs. They feed us, they bathe us, sometimes, and they put a smile on everyone’s face. I still remember the first time I saw a real pair of boobs on a woman. It blew my tiny mind. I’ve been a boob-a-holic ever since that day. I’m not gonna go deep into human psychology here – I don’t know why the female chest seems to make everyone so happy, I just know that my day is instantly better when I see some quality cleavage on my way to work.Thousands of Soft and Supple Reasons to SmileReddit’s boobs sub is very old and very dear to my heart. It’s been growing steadily for 12 years now and I’ve appreciated every single day of updates. Unlike those other nudity related subs like Gone Wild, there’s no room for dudes on this one. That means that you don’t have to stick to the popular tab while you’re on /r/Boobs. You can use the “New” section and basically get a live feed of countless tits flying straight into your computer and onto your screen at break neck speeds. Sometimes I wish Reddit had the option to literally live stream new updates in a pop-up across my monitor. I’d love to be interrupted by a new pair of boobs every now and again.The sub doesn’t even have any official rules posted, because even a braindead moron can figure out what it’s about. You post boobs. And if you don’t have any boobs to post, then you masturbate to boobs. And if you can’t masturbate, I feel sorry for you, but you can at least comment about boobs. To each his own little pleasures.Personally, I consider myself to be a boob connoisseur. I’ve seen almost as many real pairs of tits in my life as there are posted on this sub. And since the sub is growing like wildfire, I have to up my game if I intend to catch up. Either way, we’re not in competition. On top of all the wonderful breasts that I see in my day to day, I can always boost my experience by checking out /r/Boobs at the end of the day.What I really like about the sub’s concept is that it’s not sexual in nature. I mean, yes, you can jack off to it and you probably should, but it’s not a pornographic sub, per-se. It’s more of an erotic, nudity based sub where you can post and explore breasts for whatever purpose. What other purposes exist for breasts other than masturbation, I’ve yet to find out. You can’t exactly stick your peen in there, since they’re digital, but I guess you could print them and make a pillowcase. Breasts are nature’s best pillows, if you ask me.A Very Welcoming PlaceI’ve said this about a lot of subreddits, but it’s damn important to note that this place is really supportive and friendly. Reading these comments makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. You’d think that a sub that’s centered around an infinite amount of dudes masturbating to a near-infinite amount of free boob pics would be a smut den. It’s more of a public bathhouse to be honest. These dudes might be typing one-handed, but their other hand is squarely on their hearts. Their love goes out to the breasts, the owners of the breasts and the other folk jacking off to them.Naturally, most of the comments are going to be sexual in nature, but even in that case, they’re very nice. I would even go as far to say that they’re a bit romantic at times. Normally, dudes on porn sites don’t have a lot of game, but I’d bet that these guys could easily pick up a girl at a club or a bar with this kind of language. You’ll see the occasional wows and oh my gods, with a few compliments on the girl’s clothing. These are a bit weird, since whenever I see a woman with her top off I don’t notice if she’s wearing something else – my eyes and my brain are pretty much stuck in place. Still, it’s nice to see that these guys are going above and beyond to be respectful.And most importantly, I haven’t seen any solicitation on this sub. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for approaching women and spitting game hoping they’ll like what you bring to the table. Hell, I frequent clubs, for this reason, every Friday night. Still, I’ve never hit on a woman online, mostly because even with my gigantic dong, I can’t quite reach past state lines. I like to reserve my flirts for face-to-face interaction.Unfortunately, not everyone shares my wisdom and you’ll frequently see dudes hitting on girls on their Instagram profiles or even on porn tube sites for some reason that I don’t fucking understand. They get paid to do porn – they’re not going to sleep with you unless you flat out produce porn. Anyways, on /r/Boobs you get none of this nonsense. These guys aren’t deluding themselves into thinking they’ll get a date with the girls in the pictures by asking nicely. Instead, they appreciate what they get and comment on the content. They don’t ask for more or request pussy pics. They just worship the breasts and describe in great detail which parts of the breasts they’d like in their mouths – theoretically of course.There Are Many Types of Breasts Out ThereEven with my compendium of titty wisdom I didn’t know just how many different types of tits were out there until I found /r/Boobs. You’d think that with all my time on other subs I’d have seen it all. Thing is, other subs tend to get very specific. /r/Boobs prides itself on being a place where there are no fetishes or genres. It’s about all the boobs. So one second you might be staring at a pair of double Ds on a pregnant mother, the next you’re looking at a custom made C cup tit job on a transgender girl. I’m not kidding when I say that every pair of breasts is absolutely welcome on this sub.If you’re the kind of stickler who only jacks off to tits that are a particular size or even a particular color, there are specific subs for you out there. And when I say color, I don’t just mean race, even though that’s a thing too, apparently. I mean that there are subs out there that are on the lookout for specific breast types by nipple color and even nipple opacity. The perverts of Reddit can be eerily specific when they want to be.Me, I’m an equal opportunist. That’s why I like /r/Boobs. I like being surprised. I like all breasts and I like all women, so I’m not in a hurry to find something specific. Scrolling down /r/Boobs is an infinite goldmine’s worth supply of hotness and I’m grateful to have it all in one place. And add to that the fact that these are pics that were taken and shared by the actual girls in the photos and I’m just blown away.For The LadiesLadies, if you’ve gotten this far into the review – kudos. Now, if you’re considering uploading your beautiful love globes to /r/Boobs, let me be the first to say, thank you. Now, most importantly, before you post to the sub, make sure to cover your face unless you’re 100% certain you don’t care about your identity being revealed. This is the internet after all. If you’re a professional camwhore, obviously, it doesn’t matter. You can post whatever you want. But if you’re an average housewife from the burbs, you’re going to want to conceal your identity and try to keep the background of your images vague. People are here to see your boobs; they don’t need to see your house or your car. Keep it simple.And if you want some motivation, let me just say, you will be performing a public service if you get naked for /r/Boobs. This isn’t just a smut site. It is an endless art gallery of the finest that mankind has to offer. With that never-ending library comes a ton of appreciation. Plus, you get all the compliments for free. And if you’re feeling self-conscious, you have nothing to worry about. Titties don’t get voted down on this sub. You might not make it to the tip-top of the hottest, but you will undoubtedly receive tons of positive feedback. For every pair of tits in the world there are literally thousands of people who would sing praises to their beauty.