Reddit Titties, aka r/Titties! Reddit came in out of left field back in 2008 to prove conclusively that yes, titties are in fact smaller than boobs. What I mean by that is /r/Titties is smaller than /r/Boobs in both active members and online presence. No-one knows how or why this shift in popularity occurred. After all, they’re damn near identical subs that both focus on the exact same thing. Hell, they even came out the exact same year – 2008. Still, /r/Titties missed the mark by about a few months and that seems to have made a huge difference. This sub is wholly devoted to posting pictures of titties, all titties and nothing but the titties every single day, around the clock.Diversity (Of Tits) MattersI really love /r/titties for several reasons that, in my opinion, make it even better than /r/Boobs in some ways. You see, on other subs, people are very obsessed with finding perfect pairs of breasts. Personally, I don’t take offense to that. I’ve had many a perfect pair of breasts in my life, in my mouth, and I enjoyed every single one of them, thoroughly.Still, I’m an equal opportunity breast motorboater and tit-job enthusiast. I don’t like to discriminate between women who are all equally willing to take their shirts off. If I’m at a college party and a bunch of drunk chicks start flashing me their tits, you can be damn sure I’m going to howl back at them like my voice is going out of style. I don’t have to like their breasts, I just like encouraging women when they’re having some naughty fun. After all, if we do not look out for the women who love to flash their breasts at us then they will become a dying breed and what will we jack off to then? Retro photography of Pamela Anderson? No thank you.On /r/Titties you don’t need to sort or search, you just need to scroll down. Preferably, you want to scroll slowly enough that you can really take in every single pair of breasts that comes up on screen, but not so slowly that you bust a nut to the first couple of pairs. You want to take it all in. Think of it like smelling the roses, except instead of roses it’s all beautiful pairs of tits that are yours for the cock-tribute.And boy are there a lot of types of tits on this site. First of all, we have to talk about sizes. The most popular breast size on this site is just above the C cup. I don’t know why that’s the case – it’s certainly not like that in real life. Still, the sub is divided equally between posts by people who love breasts and post by people who have breasts, the latter being selfies. So it stands to reason that horny dudes post large breasts exclusively. I can’t prove that that’s the case, so just call it a hunch.As for the girls that post their own tits, God bless them, they’re doing a public service. Right as you load the sub you are bombarded with tons of original posts by girls that want you to comment on their breasts and the comments are wholesome as fuck. These dudes might be typing one-handed but that hand is clearly tied straight to their heartstrings. They’re real romantic fucks, even when they’re describing exactly how they’d like to suckle on these girls’ nipples or some shit. I approve.In between all the young, supple double Ds, you’re going to see a lot of tiny tits, old tits, fake tits and even tits that are so terrible you’d think that there’s no way that person could lose the genetic lottery worse than what you’re seeing on screen. Still, I am not disappointed and I do not think they should regret posting, and here’s why: Even though I found a lot of tits that I personally found very unfortunate-looking, they still got a ton of positive comments and feedback. Remember this fact of life: For every pair of tits you don’t like, there are going to be thousands of dudes that would give their left testicle for the privilege of using their right one to nut all over them.The Religion of TitThere’s some holy appreciation going on in this sub. Yes, it’s mostly an extension of our natural tendency to worship breasts as the nicest most visually appealing things on the planet, well, other than my cock. Still, the guys on this sub take it a step further by really devoting time and energy towards finding the right tit pics for everyone to enjoy.That’s probably why the sub gets so many posts around the clock. I mean there are new tit pics every hour or so. That’s a lot of tit pics. And I know a lot of tit pics, because as you know I get around the porn block, and still I see new pairs of tits that I haven’t seen before. There are around 7 billion individual breasts in the world right now and /r/Titties makes sure to document every single one of them.Between all the posts, there’s also fine discussions on the various shapes and sizes as well as the preferences of the people posting. None of it is critical, mind you, it’s more like a bunch of perverts getting together to discuss baking recipes. Except instead of flour dough, they knead breasts.Titties Make the World Go ‘RoundI’ve seen other wholesome Reddit subs before, they’re not that rare. Reddit has a special way of filtering out the idiots and the trolls – I suppose that way mostly consists of the mods ban-hammering the trolls into oblivion the second they rare their heads. But it can’t just be the mods. I mean sure, there’s a handful of them and they’re really active and responsible, but it’s not like the sub explicitly bans people who leave negative comments.In fact, this sub doesn’t really have rules, just a description that reads: “/r/Titties is a subreddit for those who love titties and/or want to share photos of their own titties.” So starting with that simple premise and letting people go wild and say whatever they want, we somehow ended up with a sub that is entirely wholesome.It is this porn connoisseur’s theory that the reason that people are so nice on /r/Titties is because they’re staring at titties all the time. Think about it. Trolling comes from anger, anger comes from sadness and you can’t be sad while you’re staring at titties. You could have just survived a car crash, seeing your car up in flames with a broken arm under your shoulder and a good pair of titties would still put a smile on your face. Don’t tell me that’s not true, because I see through your lies.Even women adore breasts, for some reason. I have it on good authority that the average straight chick enjoys staring at tits just as much as you or me. And sure, she’s not considering giving them a quality motorboat before a tit-job, but the love is there. Just for your information, while we’re on the subject, don’t cum on a girl’s tits before you motorboat her. Word to the wise, plan your time ahead wisely, lest you go in head-first on your own jizz. No-one wants that.Whether you’re looking for some quality tit pics to jack off to, or you’re curious about the latest developments in the mammary world, /r/Titties has you covered. They post around the clock and when there’s no OC to go around, the boys will scour the internet to bring you the hottest bazongas this side of the West Indies.For some reason, these dudes prefer homemade dough to the professional stuff, so there aren’t a lot of pornstars on /r/Titties. Hell, I don’t think I’ve seen a single actual pornstar during my stay on the sub. There are a bunch of nude models, which are technically a bit south of that industry, and I quite like them. Most of the money on their productions goes towards camera quality so that you can see the titties in a higher resolution. I know how to respect that kind of devotion to the female form.As for the homemade smut, it’s the proper mixed bag it should be. When they’re running wild in nature, breasts to not follow a set pattern or rules. They come in all shapes and sizes, same as I come on breasts of all shapes and sizes too. Every pair of tits deserves some respect or admiration and if you’re a picky fellow then you can head on down to /r/Titties and pick your favorites. Make sure to leave a loving comment thanking the lovely lady who brought joy into our lives by deciding to go topless for the world to see.