Reddit BigBoobsGW, aka r/BigBoobsGW! If there’s one thing that really makes any sane straight man get an instant turn on because they are biologically wired to react to it that way visually, it’s got to be a woman with a nice set of big boobs. I mean, a woman with a nice set of big and suckable tits always fires up my imagination, and I bet that’s true for many straight men too. Can you imagine pumping a sexy girl in doggy style while squeezing her set of huge, soft, and bouncy double D’s? How about simply getting a tit fuck from a girl with some nice set of massive racks? It must be pretty fucking awesome, right? And I bet that’s whether you’re simply imagining it while polishing your pole or practically doing it with your girlfriend, your wife, or that casual hook up.Well, if you simply fancy watching top-heavy girls getting naughty or you just love fapping to images and videos of busty babes, then r/BigBoobs GW has got you covered. As the title suggests, this subreddit is all about the best, bustiest amateurs that can’t wait to display their racks on the internet for anyone to jerk off over. I guess these ladies already know that there’s a ton fuck of horny dudes ready to squeeze their hogs to images and videos of their boobs. So, why not join me on /r/BigBoobs GW and explore the kind of smut on offer!First Impressions and MetricsI always want to look at the objective aspects when it comes to analyzing subreddits. Well, for starters, there’s not much to talk about the design and layout of r/bigBoobs GW because it looks just like any other subreddit you’ve come across. But I want to note that this platform was established in July of 2013 and it has been quite active since then. Currently, over 416K ardent lovers of big boobies call this place home and frequently pass by to enjoy the content on offer.I decided to find out how often new content is uploaded on this platform, and figure sorting the submissions based on new should give me a pretty good picture. Honestly, I was rather impressed to find the activity of fresh posts here is really quite something else. I was able to count at least 25 new posts in the last 4 to 5 hours, which I must say is absolutely fucking insane when compared to other subreddits dedicated to adult content. According to expert analysis by ThePornDude, this has to be one of the top 10 subreddits in the NSFW arena going by the number of posts coming up daily.The ContentThe next thing I wanted to check out is the content on Big Boobs GW, so I can judge if the material is truly jizz-worthy. And that means checking out the hot babes with huge racks in action. I figured the best way to start is to first sort all of the previous month’s submissions according to rating. Out of the top 25 posts, 9 of them were in GFYCat format, meaning that you only get brief videos here. Of course, there are numerous standard images of big breasts, and I noticed the images made up approximately 80% of the material on the site.I must mention that this was kind of a turn down because ThePornDude much prefers watching busty babes in motion. Honestly speaking, no matter how hot a bitch looks and how fine her titties might be, I want to see the entire package in motion – not fucking still images. I guess it takes more than just an image of some hot busty chic to get the junk in my pants really excited to the point where I would want to squeeze my hog. But if your cock gets hard just by seeing some photos of bored, stuck-at-home busty bitches getting topless, you’ll be spoilt for fucking choice at Big Boobs GW.I'm cocksure some, if not most, of you are already disappointed by learning that videos are scarce on this subreddit. However, just because videos are far and in between on this site doesn’t mean you can’t get them. The site has a sorting tool where you can search content based on Hot, New, and Top, but the tool kind of sucks if you want to really narrow down on clips. That means you have to simply follow the best links for clips.On the flip side, if you like fapping to images of chubby chicks sharing their proportional racks, you can be sure this site won’t disappoint. And if you are the kind of fucking loser who thinks watching softcore adult content is more ethical than hardcore shit, you better bring your sorry ass here. At least you’ll be pleased to know that you’re watching original content by amateur girls and not fucking staged porn sets.ProsI'd say a few things about this site are impressive. To start with, if you really love real amateur ladies with a nice rack and you like fapping to their images and video clips, this site has a decent serving of that. Big Boobs GW is all about the bustiest amateurs that want to display their massive racks online for every sick pervert to jerk off to.Another great thing I found with this site is that all the posts feature original content. The busty members here only post their original photos, so there’s no acting here. It also looks like their tits are authentic too. I mean, no tits on the site have silicone implants or undergone cosmetic surgery. I don’t know about all you sick fucks out there reading this, but when it comes to adult smut, I really appreciate original content. The fact that you don't have to spend a dime of your hard-earned fucking cash to consume the material here is an added bonus for all porn-loving cheapskates. Lastly, at least this subreddit does not have a ton fuck of rules like many other NSFW sites I’ve come across in the past.The ConsOn the downside, this site kind of sucks in a few ways. First, the number of video clips is really low, and most of the material is available as still images. I’ve already said that when it comes to consuming adult smut, still images can’t just do it for most seasoned porn lovers.Secondly, most of the ladies displaying their tits here are all white, and there's a glaring scarcity in terms of ethnicities and races. Hey, guys don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with busty white babes, but not everyone likes white bitches. Some people would love to see busty Asians, Ebony, Arabs, Indian, Latina, and other races or ethnicities. I mean, it's a lot easier to tune your imagination to familiar features when jerking off to images and videos of topless girls.Lastly, the sorting options on the site are somewhat fucked up since you can’t really narrow down your search to specific content.Suggestions from ThePornDudeFrankly speaking, I must admit that Big Boobs GW is not one of the best subreddits I’ve come across in the past. Although it is a pretty massive community with 432K members, members don’t seem to be very busy going by the daily number of new submissions that I counted. I also noticed that at any one time, less than 1K members are active or online. That’s a bit on the lower side. Perhaps they should attract busty bitches from other races and ethnicities to boost activity on the site. Additionally, the site should do something about their fucked up sorting and search tools to make it easier for users to find specific content, especially videos.ThePornDude’s Final TakeIn a nutshell, I don’t think Big Boobs GW is a very great subreddit compared to other similar NSFW sites featuring top-heavy women. However, the fact that the content is original and there's a decent serving of images and a few videos all for free is rather fantastic. I would recommend this site anyone who loves to jerk off to softcore images and videos of women displaying their original, big tits. But if you’re the kind of guy who must watch some hardcore shit just to get a hard-on, I suggest you steer clear of this place.