Reddit Ass

Reddit Ass, aka r/Ass! There are very few things better in this world than a nice plump ass. It’s the age-old debate. Ass or tits? I’m still trying to pick a damn side to that argument. Both are fucking great. What’s a nice ass to pound without being able to reach around and grab hold of a quality pair of tits? One just doesn’t do it for me. But I know there are a lot of you horny fucks out there who love a fat ass more than anything else. I can’t blame you. Squeeze it, spread it, fuck it. All of it’s fucking great. And there’s no shortage of porn out there where some sluts ass is front and center the entire time. If only there were a place to share pictures, talk about, and rave about all kinds of great asses. Well, good news for you. I have just the place you’re looking for.r/ass is a subreddit dedicated to booty. Professional butts, amateur asses, and everything else in between. In case you’re somehow not aware, you can find subreddits over at the wonderful site Subreddits are basically boards themed around different topics. They aren’t all about porn, but the best ones are. There’re options out there for exhibitionism, tits, cum fetishes, and more. But the one I’ll be giving you the low down on is all about delicious posteriors, rumps, booties, or whatever else you call a nice ass.r/ass is a decently popular subreddit as far as NSFW subs go. They profess themselves as “The Callipygian Subreddit,” which means it's for people who like well-shaped buttocks. Even I had to look up that shit. They bring in a respectable 520 thousand subscribers with around a thousand or two of them being online at any given time. With that many users, you can expect a relatively reasonable stream of content to come pouring in. And the rules are pretty loose here. Usually, subreddits like this one have a long list of community rules on the right-hand side, or at least something similar to that. Here there really aren’t any rules aside from the blanket ones for the entire site.No Restrictions Mean you Can Post and Share Booty Pics from AnywhereThere aren’t any restrictions about who or what you post. There are moderators, so if you go posting spam or shit like that you’ll likely get banned. But it doesn’t have to be your ass that you post. There’s no verification system here or strict rules against advertising personal content. Not that I saw very much of that sort of content to begin with, but just know that there aren’t any hard and fast rules if you plan to head over to this subreddit. But that definitely gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to posting content. Share juicy ass pictures or videos of your favorite pornstars, girlfriends, wives, or whoever else has an ass deserving enough to be shown off to everyone.Like other subreddits, there are the same old sorting options. New, trending, hot, controversial, and rising. I tend to stick to hot and new personally. Both feeds here are pretty fucking great. Hot gets you the best of the best while new gets you those gems posted by amateur sluts who want some attention. And, don’t worry, you won’t be plagued with much, if any, pictures of hairy dude butts or anything like that. There’s no steadfast rule against it, but the subreddit tag specifies “female bottoms” for good reason.Frequent Uploads Mean New Content is Uploaded Around the ClockThe uploads are pretty frequent. You can expect a steady stream of content throughout your entire day. The “hot” posts will linger for a bit, but you can always browse new if you thirst for bodacious booties isn’t quite satisfied enough by the most popular rears being displayed. Even though this sub is relatively small by porn sub standards, I saw over a hundred pictures uploaded in the last 24 hours alone. That beats out the upload schedule for most porn sites!And the content itself is fucking amazing. Yeah, it’s all ass, but what more could you need in your life? There were hot pictures of thick chicks bending over and spreading their plump cheeks, photos of babes showing off their flattering new lingerie, videos of hot booty cumshots, videos of girls getting fucked in the ass. This subreddit really has a little of everything and anything to do with glorious behinds.If you want to post and share your own content it’s pretty simple here. As long as you have an account you can upload pictures of perfect bootys that you see online or in the wild. Since there’s no verification process or proof required by the poster, it’s pretty much free game. I would like to see some community tags added here. It’s nice having this sort of freedom, but the sub very much feels all over the place. Having tags for OC, pornstars, fetish, spreads, and other kinds of content would make the place feel much more put together.Reddit Has a Mobile App that Makes Browsing Booty Pics on the Go a BreezeIn case you didn’t know, Reddit has a mobile app that makes browsing pictures of bubble butts on the go all that much easier. You can download it on IOS or Android for free. Some grouchy people out there take issue with the app format, but I dig it. It’s super easy to use, and I find that it’s easier to preview content on your main feed. No more clicking on individual thumbnails to see what the fuck is going on. On the mobile version, you get full sized pictures right off. Regardless, the Reddit mobile app is leaps and bounds ahead of most porn sites mobile experience. Definitely check it out and give it a shot.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature from r/ass is by far the quality booty pictures that get uploaded at every hour of the day. If you follow this subreddit, then you may very well never have a shortage of quality rumps to jerk off to again. The user base is active enough to keep things rolling at a constantly steady pace. And here you’re not stuck with same old asses you see in porn every day. Amateur chicks upload content here all of the time. So, you get the added benefit of being one of the first people to spy a beautiful booty picture here before it goes viral.I also enjoyed the freedom on this sub. It makes the content a bit repetitive at times, but being able to post any sort of booty you want makes for a pretty awesome selection of rear-ends to fap to. If the moderation were a lot stricter, then there might not be nearly enough content to keep them going.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsOn that same vein about moderation and content, I do have a few notable suggestions that I think would benefit the subreddit. Having community specific rules is one of them. They don’t have to be strict, but having some loose guidelines would make the sub feel much more cohesive. Same with community-based tags for content.Right now it’s all a wonderful slew of content, but it can be hard to piece apart and find the kind of shit you’re looking for. If you could search by specific tags that would be fucking amazing. As is, the subreddit is great. But those couple small changes could really take the sub to the next level. It would probably draw more girls in who would otherwise be hesitant to post on a sub with such light moderation.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, r/ass is a treasure trove of succulent posteriors just waiting for you to jerk off to them. Amatuer and proffessional uploads make this place a great sub to go if you’re not too picky about the kinds of asses you like. It’s a solid selection with a little bit of content for everyone. There could be some improvements to the subs organization and moderation, but those are small complaints against an otherwise awesome place to check out some fine asses. If you love booty and use Reddit, then it’s a no brainer. Head over to r/ass and fap to the plump rumps as much as you want. I know that’s what I’m going to be doing later.