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Putting a cock in a hot wet vagina is something that’s as old as time itself – think about it, nature has made these two things to be perfect for each other, with one being a thick meaty rod and the other being a soft, wet hot pocket of pleasure that has accepted and embraced the thick meaty rod as its eternal home since time immemorial. Sex is nature’s perfect way of creating the most ideal key for the most ideal keyhole, but what happens when the key prefers another, tighter, darker keyhole? Well, that’s where anal comes in, and it’s certainly worth trying at least once in your life (if you actually manage to have sex with real women, that is).Anal is man’s way of saying fuck you to nature and doing things ‘back to front’ in reverse. Millions of couples around the world get anxious and/or excited at the mere thought of anal, and it’s safe to say that it’s not for the faint of heart, but as many risks as there are to it, it certainly comes with its own rewards. But, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of preparing for and actually try out anal with a partner, you can always jack off to a video online that features this kind of ‘backdoor sex’. There are millions of them out there on thousands of different websites, but I think we can all agree that PornHub has the best anal videos out of all porn tubes, simply because it’s the most quality XXX website in existence.Feast Your Eyes on this Design and Simple UX/UIFirst things first – before I get into any content specifics, I’d like to compliment PornHub’s overall design and user experience. This website has always had a dark background theme with orange highlights that beautifully pop out of the background. I think that its design has played a major part in its success, but its user experience is also something that other websites should take notes about, because PornHub is definitely one of the best XXX websites when it comes to navigation and ease of use.The theme is dark, the utilities and functionalities are highlighted in orange, the content is front and center, the content filtering suggestions are neatly laid out on the left side, the site’s category mix-n-match suggestions are right above the thumbnails and below the filtering options, and everything seems to align perfectly. There’s no poorly-designed utility options, no overly-stimulating presentations, the content and option choice doesn’t overwhelm you – everything is right where it needs to be and responds perfectly to your clicks.Community’s SuggestionsPornHub has defined a very clear target audience in the past couple of years during its ongoing reign as the most popular XXX site on the internet – they know exactly what kind of people visit it and how regularly, and they care about retaining their traffic, which is why they’ve laid out some suggestions that help you mix your preferred category with others which allows you to watch a combination of both. In this case, the anal category has ten other category suggestions along with it that compliment it perfectly. Right on top of the main video thumbnail section is a list of ten separate categories that are frequently combined with anal, and they are: Teen, Japanese, Amateur, Verified Amateurs, Ebony, Big Tits, MILF, Lesbian, Asian & Threesome.Notice how PornHub has both amateur and verified amateurs as separate categories – the amateur category is simply amateur videos uploaded by anonymous users which are just like the amateur categories on any other given XXX tube. The verified amateurs category, however, is a category that contains real people filming themselves having real sex, which have been verified by Pornhub themselves. These people film and upload good quality content of themselves on this site, and I for one am a big fan of this particular category. The content within the verified amateurs category is as authentic as it gets. But enough about that – if you ever want to mix up your favorite anal videos and add another category such as threesome, MILF or big boobs, you can easily do so on PornHub. But there are way more categories that you can add to your anal-themed videos than just the aforementioned 10…Spice Up Your Anal Videos with Over 50 Additional CategoriesLike I said, ease of use is one of the best things about PornHub and one of the main reasons why I, despite knowing over a thousand XXX websites and being an expert on internet porn, decide to fap on PornHub myself. There are the 10 aforementioned categories which are most frequently combined with anal, but if you want to spice up your anal videos with a theme, kink or genre of your choice, you can easily do so by combining it with one of the 70+ categories neatly listed on the left-hand side of the website. These categories go pretty far and wide – there’s BBW, blonde, blowjob, compilation, cumshot, interracial and many other themes, kinks and fetishes which you can include in your preferred anal videos.Ever wanted to see your favorite female LoL champion take it in the ass as she screams? Throw in some cosplay. Wanna feel as if you’re the one doing it? Add in the POV category. Maybe you have an intense foot fetish but also want to see some anal action? Combine your anal videos with the additional feet category. Adding a category to your preferred category, regardless if it’s anal or anything else, is as easy as pressing the ‘+’ button that’s next to each category on the left-hand side of the page. All you have to do is click one, and click another one right after it – the people running PornHub are so thoughtful and caring about their audience that they even let you know precisely how many videos each category has by listing the number right next to it.All The Video Filters You Could Ever NeedWhen you jump onto a give category on PornHub, regardless if it’s anal or otherwise, not only do you have a ton of options to mix and match it with, but you also get more technical and specific video filters in order to be able to filter in/out your preferred kind of video content within that same category. Like any other good porn website, PornHub lets you decide how long you want your video results to be. On the left-hand side right above the category section is a slide bar which determines the duration of your preferred content results. You can set it to be between 0 and 10, 20 or 30 minutes – or if you want to go long and possibly watch a video where there’s a little plot or long foreplay involved, you can set it to maximum with 40+ minutes and only see long-form video results.Then once you’ve chosen how long you want your videos to be, below it you can pick what sexuality you want them to be too – the default settings for this option are naturally always set to straight, but there’s the option to set it to display gay results too. Just below that and above the category list are a few more filtering options which you can tinker with if you need to – there’s a live cam filter which you can turn on if you want babes to put things in their ass in real time for you, there’s popular with women, which you might want to use if you’re a woman or just someone who likes softcore content. There’s also verified amateurs, which I highly recommend because most if not all of them are pretty hot couples that know how to properly film themselves and upload some good quality content.Verified models is another filter that I also recommend, as it contains some of the hottest solo amateur babes on the planet (which are sometimes accompanied by a partner). And last but not least there’s the virtual reality filter, which you should turn on if you have a VR mask as well as an insatiable appetite for porn and a need for excessive masturbation in order to be semi-emotionally stable.