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It’s time to head down to brown town with this next site. No, I’m not talking about scat. Thank fucking god. Time to go down and get freaky with some anal porn. One of the most popular fetishes out there. It’s up there with all of you freaky feet lovers out there. But there’s something super-hot about going to pound town on some bodacious babes’ plumb booty. And people love that shit for a reason. It’s tighter and feels fucking awesome. You know you’ve got a keeper when she likes taking it in the ass. That bitch is bound to be super kinky. It’s definitely a sign of good things to come.For this one, we’re heading back to daftsex.com and going through their selection of awesome anal videos. And if you haven’t read my other review of the site, then let me give you a quick stats rundown. Over 25 million views every single month makes this site one of the bigger free porn sites out there. And they have only been around since 2015. In four short years, they have skyrocketed in views. That’s fucking awesome, so the site must be awesome too. Let’s check that shit out.If you type in “anal porn” in the search bar up top, you’ll be taken to the page that I’ll be going over. They have a pretty big selection of non-anal related content, so go explore the rest of the site if you want to. The design isn’t bad. It’s pretty standard for a free porn tube like this. White background, big previews down most of the page, and a pretty minimal header up top for “Hottest, Category, and Pornstars.” No frills. No bullshit. Though a dark mode would be nice. The white can be kind of bright, but that’s not a huge complaint.Decent Site Design, but The User Experience Fucking SucksThe previews are pretty decent. You don’t get any sort of animated preview or slideshow, but they are a good size and take up pretty much the entire page. Plus, the images are HD, so you get a lot of detail from the preview alone. Just scrolling through you can see the title, most of which are in half English and half Cyrillic for some reason. Then if you hover your cursor you will get to see the video length, time uploaded, and amount of views the video has.Before we get into the video player, I have to tell you guys about the bullshit ad experience. Holy fuck is it bad. I know it’s free and all, but the ads here do not ever stop. The entire page starts off where if you click anywhere, you’ll get redirected. And you have to deal with that twice before you can even try to click on a video. Then, when you can click on a video, you’ll get redirected some more. And then when you try to click play, you’ll get redirected. Oh, want to fast forward? Redirect again. This site is one big fuck you when it comes to ads.There are other banner ads and popups that are pretty fucking misleading. I had multiple pop-ups saying I could “stream all the videos in 1080p if I installed a chrome plugin.” Yeah, right, don’t fall for that bullshit. So, be careful with the ads. A lot of the sites I got redirected to seemed pretty shady as well. But wait there’s more. The site will try, repeatedly, to push notifications on you. It’s super annoying. There are even little “1080p” tags on the videos themselves that just link you to a site that makes you allow notifications and then has some place to enter credit info. Fuck that. I guarantee you it’s a scam.Lots of Full-length HD Anal Videos That You Can Download for FreeBut let’s move on and talk about the awesome anal content. There’s a lot of it. You can keep pressing “show more” and it seems to go on forever. Though it’s a little difficult to find specific models and shit since so many of these titles are in Cyrillic. And it’s not even like much of their traffic comes from Russia, so I don’t know what the fuck is up with that, but it makes navigation almost, almost as annoying as the ad experience. And the titles that are in English are often just things like “Nice porn, sex, big, new, brazzers,” with no context.To filter the content, you can do the standard stuff and narrow it down to video length, relevance, view count, rating, etc. But the best button to use is the one that filters out everything that’s not in HD. And, man, there was a lot of it. Before I clicked on that button most of the videos, I saw were locked in at 420p or lower. I could see the pixels. Gross. But at least HD takes you up to 720p. You won’t really find any 1080p videos on here, at least not unless you want to go ahead and click one of the shady links and put in your credit card information, but I wouldn’t recommend that.The video player seemed to work pretty well. I had a slight bit of buffering on the HD videos, but nothing that was going to ruin my anal escapade. You can toggle the quality, click the download link to open up a player in a separate window that lets you save the video in up to 720p, and all the other usual options like comment, rate, like, add to favorites, etc. There’s nothing super unique about it or anything, but it’s actually not bad. And, after some deep diving, they do have videos of the more popular anal sluts like Lana Roy, Natasha Teen, and that goddess Nelya. You’ll just have to do some trial and error with titles to find what you’re looking for.Mobile Site Works, but the Ad Experience is Even Worse Than DesktopThe mobile site is fine for what it is. It could be scaled better. I think the video previews are a bit small, but that’s whatever. Somehow the ads are even worse on mobile devises. Requests for notifications, redirects galore, and it’s even harder to avoid them when the ads are so big on mobile and the videos are so small. Frustrating as fuck. It makes the site feel super cheap and shady. I always hate that shit.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeatureMy favorite feature about the site is that they actually do have full-length HD anal porn videos that you would usually only see on paid premium sites. It’s not simply 5-10-minute clips that end during the best part. Here you get hour-long videos that show everything from starting penetration to delicious anal creampie. And every dirty detail in between. And, when it does work, the video player is pretty nice. I like that you have download options on a free site. That’s always a cool feature.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsOh man, I have a lot of suggestions. The first one is to chill the fuck out on the ads. I won’t harp on it anymore. Throw in some animated previews, too. The site design is alright, and I’ve talked about a few of the other issues. Despite my complaining, the site really isn’t too bad at all. They have a solid selection of quality content, anal and otherwise. I’d like to see maybe a model page added to the site too. Lots of hot babes who were taking it in the ass like champs that I have never seen in other videos before that I’d like to know more about.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsAll in all, daftsex.com is a pretty average porn tube with a good selection of quality anal porn. The user experience is bad. There’s no sugar-coating it. But the content just might be worth it if you like premium content and don’t want to pay a dime for it. The ads are aggressive, and the content can be hard to find, but there’s no denying that they have a shit ton of awesome content. If you fucking love anal then go on over and check out daftsex.com and search “anal porn” for some full-length HD videos.