HQporner Anal

I’ve got four words for you: free anal sex videos. You’re sold already, aren’t you? Well, lube up the ol’ silicone rectum or buy your wife a box of that wine she loves. It’s time to take a trip down the Hershey Highway on our way to the Anal porn stash over at HQporner.HQporner isn’t the biggest or most popular free porn tube on the ‘net, but it’s up there. They’ve been serving up no-cost sex movies since 2013, and currently, pull nearly 40 million horny viewers a month for a show and a wank. They’ve got dozens of different categories on their menu of sexual depravity, but today I’m going to focus on their Anal section. Check out my other write-up of the site for a more general overview.Does the Butt Stuff It Says on the TinThe biggest text on HQporner’s Anal page is at the top of the screen and spells it all out in simple, bold letters: ANAL PORN HD VIDEOS. 3626 HIGH DEFINITION VIDEOS ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOU. Just for me? You shouldn’t have.Of course, even if I was illiterate I’d know what was going on here. Most of the thumbnails on the page show anal penetration of some kind, whether that brown hole’s got a couple of fingers, a toy, or a massive cock in it. If there’s no explicit butt stuff on the front image, there’s usually some in the moving preview you get when you hover your mouse over.I’m happy to see there are a lot of full scenes here. HQporner doesn’t look like it’s clogged with 2-minute sample clips from premium sites trying to lure you in for a membership. We’re here to beat off for free, remember? The shortest scene on the front page, a stewardess being hammered up the butt, clocks in at nearly 20 minutes. I see a couple of others that are well over an hour.The thumbnails look pretty fucking crisp, so I’m inclined to believe they weren’t bullshitting about the whole high-definition porn video thing. There’s only one way to find out, though, and that’s by pulling out my dick and shaking it at these free buttsex movies until I cum.One Up the Bum, No Harm DoneI went straight to the newest Anal clip on HQporner. The thumbnail features a POV shot of a hot redhead turning around to look at the cameraman, who has his dick stuffed up her twat. Even though the babe is small, the monster ain’t big enough for her; there’s another cock jammed in her asshole.The hover-over preview features stripteasing, cocksucking and ass-eating, double penetration, and tons of anal sex. I was pretty fucking excited by the time I actually clicked through, which contributed to the next screen being such a bummer.A message saying “Loading May Take Some Time” appeared across the video player. I only had a second to worry before it loaded fine. The problem was the new message that pops up in a box over the clip:“AdBlock detected. Only low-quality videos will be available.”Oh, fuck you, HQporner. My ad-blocking plugin says it’s already blocked 5 popups, and I’ve only been here a few minutes. If I turn it off, it’s going to be a real shit-show.I’m not going to do it, but I know other masturbators will do it if the porn is good enough or they’re literally retarded. There’s a lot of overlap between them and the guys who butt-fuck craigslist trannies without using a rubber. To each his own, right? Let’s take a look at what kind of risk/reward we’re talking about here.One Up the Recum, Doesn’t Affect ‘EmI clicked OK, agreeing that HQporner would show me lower quality Anal videos because I don’t want spam. It wasn’t really okay, but whatever. I just wanted to see this redhead get double-fucked and then suck a cock that’s been deep inside her anal cavity.The good news is that it’s a 45-minute scene that lives up to video tags such as Deepthroat, Orgasm, Redhead, Squirt, Teen, and plenty of Anal. The scene is stolen, borrowed, or used with explicit written permission from PervCity, a paysite that typically charges around thirty bucks a month to watch. At zero bucks a peek, you owe yourself a look.The eager nympho begs and screams for it as she gets her tight little holes stretched out. She hops off the dicks and demands to lick a taste of her asshole off the shaft. They pass the tiny whore back and forth like a toy, pounding that asshole and cunt. It’s truly a fantastic piece of anal pornography.The bad news is the video quality is just okay. I’m not getting fucked as hard as this little-redheaded fuck-toy, but I’m getting fucked a little. 1080p is listed as one of the tags, along with Small Tits and Threesome, but I can’t watch in that definition. It will look passable on a little mobile device, but it’s visibly grainy even before I stretch the video to fit my laptop screen.It’s disappointing, but not that surprising. Free porn sites have to make money somehow, and I’m just costing them bandwidth money if they can’t show me any ads.The video quality is good enough that you’re not going to have any problem getting off. It’s bad enough, though, that it would be a deal-breaker if the porn wasn’t as good as it is. Based on just this scene, I want to see more. I mean, fuck, the price is right. I think I might even risk some pop-ups.Stretching the Starfish in High-DefI went back to the front page of HQporner’s Anal aisle, turned off my ad-blocker, and refreshed the page. Nothing hit me immediately, so I clicked a Latina anal clip that caught my eye earlier.This time I got a pop-under for sex cams as they transported me to the video page. No big deal. I closed it and fully expected another one as I hit the Play button on this girl’s thick, round booty.Nope. The 45-minute BangBros movie started with minimal buffering and no spam. Skipping ahead to the asshole-licking portion of the film was smooth and painless as well.And the crispness. Good god, the perverts at HQporner really do deliver on that High Quality in their name. Every sticky drop of cum on every ripple of this girl’s asshole is visible in up to 1080p. It’s so close to being there that I can practically smell it. Actually, wait, I think I just forgot to clean up after that craigslist bitch sat on my face.I fell in love with the girl, Canela Skin, and clicked her name to see what else she had on the site. It pulls up all her clips from HQporner, but not necessarily just ones from the Anal section. Butt stuff does seem to be one of Canela’s interests, though. Most of her scenes have Ass in the title and the ones that don’t have it in the preview images.I don’t like that I had to turn off my ad-blocker, but the experience wasn’t as bad as I expected. Hell, I’ve had more pop-ups from shitty sites even with my ad-blocker running. As I said, I can’t hate HQporner too much for needing to make a buck. They could be bigger dicks about it if they wanted to.The quality of the Anal movies on tap at HQporner is high enough that most perverts will be willing to brave some spam for a visit. Even if you’re a premium site subscriber, and even if you hate piracy, it’s going to be hard to resist all this expensive porn out in the open for taking. Speaking of out in the open for the taking, that’s how you’ll find the top pornstar buttholes in this section of the site.