Reddit Traps

Reddit Traps, aka r/Traps! Have you ever taken your pecker out for a nice wank, when suddenly the chick lifted her shirt up and instead of a drenched twat, there was another fellow staring at you? Was that a weird analogy? Well, that is what r/traps is all about. This subreddit will have a lot of feminine dudes who simply look amazing, but they are, dudes or trannies, so unless you are into that, you might want to browse elsewhere.Traps are everywhere since I am sure we have all at least once thought a dude or shemale was hot, without knowing who she was. Oh well, I am not here to judge. I love traps, they make my day more exciting, and whipping out their dick mid-way, my masturbation did not really stop me from wanking off. I am very passionate about that.Now, keep in mind that this subreddit is all about traps, but if you would prefer something else instead, Reddit has it all. I have personally reviewed many hot subreddits, and you are more than welcome to check them out. Take your time, explore, and enjoy. There is a lot for you to go through, and I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck your dick desires.Lots of traps, just the way I like it!Let’s face it. We are all here for those naughty traps, but what kind of content can one expect? Well, it is very simple. You have lots and lots of posts featuring the same niche. Luckily for all of us, everything Reddit has to offer is free, but some of the NSFW sections, such as r/traps is only available for the users because well, the shit is not safe for work, mate.As soon as you open r/traps, and you can do that by following my link on the side, you will be welcomed to a page with lots and lots of dirty babes or dudes who love to trick you with their feminine exterior until you get down and actually see their dick. Usually, you will get a glimpse of their junk, but some of the videos and images are just portraits instead.It all depends on what the fuck you want to see, but having a combination of everything naughty and innocent, is a good mix. This way, you get to see a little bit of everything, and I am sure that you will enjoy what r/traps has to offer. Take your time and start browsing through, as I always say, Reddit has a section and content for all our dirty needs.I like to start my day with some Reddit browsing since there is always something interesting to explore. While browsing through r/traps, I found plenty of hot dudes and chicks (depending on how they preferred to be called), who displayed lots of passion towards tricking my dick into thinking that they are hot… Well, they are, I am just not really into sword fights.Only real men can still fap to these sluts because let’s face it… they are pretty fucking hot. Not to mention that since these hotties have a dick, they very much know what the fuck a dick prefers, and thus they give the best pleasure. Trust me, I am actually talking from experience, and I have a lot of it!I took my sweet time browsing, and I saw a lot of videos and images. The videos were pretty short but sweet, and most of them got straight down to the point. The images are usually teasing, but some of them are all out, and you get to see all the details. I mean, they pretty much nailed it with the “trap” category!Statistics.So, are you interested in the statistics? If you are not, you can check out other shit I have mentioned instead, or skip right to the conclusion. r/traps is a subreddit that was created on the 28th of February, 2010. There are over 286k members, which is quite a lot! Usually, there will be over 1.4k members online, and again, that is quite a lot!On top of that, r/traps have very frequent updates, which means that you will always have new hot trap content to enjoy. On the side of the site, you can also see the description of the subreddit, and that is often where the description will be shown. Sometimes, you have the introduction on top of the subreddit, or there is no introduction at all if the subreddit is self-explanatory. It all depends.This subreddit is pretty straightforward, and the description is as well. I mean, you have a section with lots of lady-looking hotties who have a dick, and they like to flaunt it for everyone to see! So, if you are up for something like that, you are welcome to explore what this subreddit has to offer or check out other subreddits instead.You want to post your own crap?It is quite obvious that that is fucking possible… otherwise, how could Reddit be a user-driven website? Well, most of the images here are posted by users, and they show pictures of themselves, which is why it is so fucking hot. Of course, you have the opportunity to do the same, and if you look as beautiful as these sluts and you have a dick, go right ahead.Now, for those who do want to post, you need to start by registering. Luckily for all of us, Reddit offers free registration, and once you do that, you will get lots of other privileges. You will be able to comment, upvote, downvote, and of course, post your own crap!Before you actually start posting, you should check out the rules and all that crap about each subreddit. For example, r/traps/ has its own rules when it comes to those who want to post… the rules are listed on the side of the site, and it is nothing too complicated. Basically, the standard shit, that will keep you within the niche.If you post something that is out of the niche or goes against the rules, you will be banned from the site… So, unless you are a fucking moron, how about following the actual rules and not getting banned for something so idiotic? I know most of you do not want to spend your time reading all that crap, but it is pretty short and basic, so you might as well.Chat with members and even traps!Once you become a member of Reddit, you will be able to check out everything they have to offer, and you will also be able to send messages to all the members. Of course, if you are too out of line or just a pure douchebag you can be banned or blocked, so how about you tone it the fuck down? Many of the posts here are actually the users themselves, which means that you could chat with traps too!The chats are pretty simple, and while you have an option to chat, you should not abuse it. You should also not treat Reddit as a place meant just for chatting and meeting people. At the end of the day, Reddit is a site created for the users to share whatever the fuck they want, and in this particular subreddit, r/traps you get to see lots and lots of traps.Other subreddits.Let’s not forget that Reddit is not only dedicated to traps, so don’t be a little bitch when browsing if you do not like what r/traps has to offer. You are free to check out every other subreddit Reddit has to offer, and trust me; there is a lot. Not to mention that Reddit basically covers pretty much everything, so no matter what the fuck you were hoping to find, you will find it.From subreddits dedicated to shit such as traps, porn videos, small girls, gays, or whatever, to more serious topics discussing problems, or just memes. I mean, it all depends on what the fuck you are searching for, but I am pretty sure that you will enjoy r/traps as well as other subreddits you find.Hot traps and thousands of subreddits.At the end of the day, Reddit is all about pleasing its users. You have a subreddit called r/traps that is dedicated to just that, lots of traps. You also have other subreddits dedicated to certain niches that will be explained. So, if you love traps, you are welcome to check out this subreddit. Or you can browse through Reddit in general, your call mate.