Shemale Z? Oh, my Lord, my brain is so damn confused right now! I know what shemales are but I have one question: are they chicks with dicks or are they men with boobs? It's a question that I hoped that I never had to ask, but since we live in this hardcore of a PC culture right now, I will call them just trannies, alright. No one got offended? Good, since I don't care anyway. Shemalez.com is a free tube site dedicated to celebrating shemale porn videos in all shapes and sizes. From the get-go, there was a lot to take in. The dick sucking, the anal sex toy playing, the big boobs, and dick masturbation...oh so many things, where to start? Lucky me.The layout is as expected, lots of thumbs for the videos to click on, right on their homepage, and the most popular models, channels, and Top Rated videos are more to the bottom of the page. Now I must say that that's an unnecessary way of displaying videos. I've seen simpler ways but alright. I clicked on the video to check it out. I wasn't gonna like it, I already knew that, but there were things that needed to be inspected. I put my hard hat on, my wrench and my shovel were next to me and I went into the cave to mine this site called Shemale Z.Each video had a watermark pass on top of the screen that was exclusive to Shemalez.com which at times knew to be annoying but to me, it was a good sign. It showed me that the videos were checked by the video raters and that they passed the bar, however high that bar is for Shemalez.com. The bad thing was that the quality was not so great. It was as if most of the videos were filmed with a watermelon and a carrot. In fact, some videos had the blur part in the bottom right part, where someone's logo is supposed to be. To a layman, this is irrelevant, to me, it's a sign of things. I had to tread carefully from now on, I'm in murky waters.The top bar had various options to give such as Videos, Models, Categories, Playlists, Channels, Community and so on. The community got my attention so I went to see what my eyes will find, but I have to admit, I was wincing. I had to adjust my eyes to the debauchery that was about to be released upon me. There were 8 pages of members who got registered to the site which is a decent number, and they all left some brief personal info so that maybe they can date each other or chat with each other. A nifty thing for shemale fans.Not all videos had that watermelon quality to them. There were some videos that were tagged as HD videos so I had to check it out and see if this was true. To my surprise, it was. This was a huge plus for a tube site, to have HD videos since most of their content is playing in default quality. I appreciate it when a site that absolutely is not expected nor does it have to offer something extra, offers it. This is the way fans are made and how loyalty is maintained so big up to ShemaleZ for placing this variety in.You could also upload your own videos and be a proud contributor to this growing community and the site and as I could see, there were 70,459 videos at the time I was doing this review. Fantastic. To all of you who love men with boobs, this is a heaven for you, right? I was looking to scram from this site as fast as possible so I could do some more manly things but as a pro, I still had to check out a few more things.Users have the option to create their own playlists which are available to others to view them. This way, you can find the one who shares your tastes and you can just follow their suggestions and never again have to click on other videos during your fap sessions. Say bye-bye to your mouse once you click play on a Shemalez playlist. This makes me happy for the users on this site since they can even make friendships with each other. So cool... ... alright, I've stayed long enough on this site, time to wrap it up.When I entered this site, the color purple was what got me to stay, to tell you the truth I am grateful that I did. From a site standpoint, it is a solid one. Few things can be said about it that really sucks, besides the chicks who have dicks, but that's a matter of my own "real man" opinion, it's not objective. What is objective is that Shemalez has the potential to grow into a juggernaut of a site that hosts tranny vids and it's just a matter of better marketing and appeal to the crowds. This is not my cup of tea, but to those whose is, I'm sure you'll drink 4 cups a day. Cheers.