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What is it about women that gets you all fucking hard and drippy? Is it their pretty faces, or do your eyes go straight to their titties? Maybe you’re a leg man, or perhaps you love ass, and I’ve known more than a few dudes who love nothing more than a woman’s foot. Then there are dudes like you, whose favorite part of a broad is her penis. Have you checked out the Shemale section over at XVideos?XVideos.com is one of the net’s biggest sources of free smut. The site gets almost 2.5 million visitors every day, which adds up to a ton of lost productivity and unborn babies spilled onto keyboards and into socks around the world. I’ve written up a review of the full site here at ThePornDude, and even ranked it among my very top favorite free porn sites. Today, I’ll be checking out the porno they’ve got stashed in the Shemale section.A Fucking Mountain of Free TS PornThe easiest way to get to the trans scenes at XVideos is to use my link, or you can just hit the Shemale Porn button in their header. You’ll get a little alert at the bottom of the screen saying you’re leaving the Straight version of the site and heading to the Trans one. I know a lot of TS lovers consider themselves 100% straight, just with an appreciation for cock, but don’t get your panties in a bunch. Oops—I meant to say, “Don’t get your boxers in a bunch,” you manly straight man.Jokes aside, there’s a lot of shit here! And by a lot of shit, I mean a lot of dick, and most of them are attached to pretty girls. XVideos.com has the same wall-of-thumbnails view as every other free tube, and the front page of them has 48 little pics of chicks with dicks getting sucked off, fucked in the face, between the titties, and up the ass. There are amateur TS flicks shot at 360p in dorm rooms and basements, and HD scenes from big-name premium trans sites like TransAngels, TransSensual, and GenderX.I see a couple of bitches who just look like dudes in drag, especially in the amateur clips, but most of the girls on the page look like legit babes, dicks, or not. I guess that’s kind of a prerequisite to being a TS pornstar, huh? The paysite scenes feature t-girls like Katrina Jade, Aspen Brooks, Tera Firma, and exotic trans harlot Jessy Dubai. The sites they perform on usually run around thirty bones a month, but you can watch all your favorite TS pornstars here for free.Most tubes show you the newest stuff first and let you pick another sorting/filtering option like Popularity or Views, but you don’t get any options here. I think they’re organized based on popularity. You can check out XVideos' stash of Shemale movies by time period, though. By default, you’re looking at videos from All Time, but the range can be narrowed to This Month, This Week, 2 Days Ago, Yesterday or Today. I set it for Today just to see how fast they update and holy shit! They’ve had nearly 50 updates of fresh tranny smut today alone.I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the rapid updates. XVideos.com is a video sharing site, and people are constantly uploading dirty movies. The full XVideos library contains almost 10 million movies, and they’ve got around 45 thousand shemale videos! I hope you stocked up on lube.Premium Smut Straight from the SourceOn smaller tranny tubes, most of the uploads are by porn fans sharing their own personal collection of smut. You end up watching a bunch of pirated anal movies that have been copied so many times they look like sex Tetris, with sluts made of tiny little blocks. You might see a Dream Tranny movie on a shitty tube, but it’ll be a shitty copy, and you’ll have to close a dozen boner-pill pop-ups and risk getting your identity stolen.That ain’t the case at XVideos. As one of the biggest free porn sites on the Internet, pulling a shit-ton of visitors every day, the premium trans sites really want a piece of that traffic. That really works out for you, even if you have no intention of following the link back to Evil Angel to buy a premium subscription. Hey, I wouldn’t blame you! When I’m cranking it to XVideos, it’s because I don’t want to bust out the credit card.Some of the biggest uploaders to the Shemale collection here are the premium TS sites themselves, as well as verified shemale performers who also have paid material available on sites like OnlyFans and Red, which is the premium version of XVideos. Since the paysite movies come directly from the source, you get to see beautifully crisp HD versions that let you make out every nutsack wrinkle, boner vein, and drop of sticky white cum. You moralfags don’t have to worry about accidentally “stealing” a tranny blowjob video, either.Shemale Smut Streaming at 1080pThe first movie I watched was a little something called Big Booty Gangbang with Tgirl Abigail Lust. It’s a 6-minute, 1080p sample uploaded by Trans500. The relatively short scenes are the trade-off you make here; the premium sites are going to let you watch this shit for free, but to see the full version, you’ll have to come buy a membership. Alternately, you could jack off faster or to more videos.With my spam blocker running, I didn’t have any pop-ups or pop-unders as I clicked through to the video page and clicked Play. XVideos has way less spam than the smaller tubes because, as a major porn site, their business model revolves a lot less around tricking you into playing “free” hentai games. The scene started playing almost immediately, opening with a quartet of dudes massaging Abigail’s huge, naked, oiled-up ass.Since it’s a relatively short sample, they have to get to the action pretty quickly. Around 40 seconds in, she stands up and spins around, exposing her big dick and showing off that thick body. Fucking hell, I can tell the boobs are fake, but I have no idea how they can make a bottom half like that out of plastic. Even as the guys start sucking her tits and jerking her cock, I sat there wondering if those hips and ass could possibly be genetic.She’s on her knees with ding-dongs in her hands and mouth by the 1:30 mark. It’s going by pretty fucking fast, but you could always hit that gear icon and pull up the baked-in playback speed control. Watch the whole orgy at half speed, and it’s a solid 13 minutes long, or go double speed if you’re in a hurry. There’s also a loop button, another way to get the most out of a short scene.Save Your Favs or Pay to UpgradeThere’s a download icon below the video if you want to save your favorite shemale movie for offline viewing. All they require for access is a free account, which also lets you comment and build your own collection of favorite videos, which you can make public or keep private. You get a profile page so you can “make new friends”, according to the sign-up page, but let’s be honest: nobody is going to chat you up unless you’ve got some big tits to go with your dick pics.XVideos also has almost 4,000 Shemale movies listed as part of their Red service. Full movies and exclusive content are the primary perks of signing up, but they also offer full 4K Ultra-HD, a step up from the 1080p you see out front. It’s ten bucks a month, which is a third of what most premium sites charge these days, so it ain’t a bad deal.Considering XVideos.com’s status as one of the world’s biggest, most popular, and most recognize porn tubes, it isn’t a huge surprise; they also have one of the largest free trans porn collections in the world. Their 45,000 shemale movies come largely from the studios themselves, meaning you can watch your favorite tgirl porn starlets getting it on for free. The site is constantly updated and has very little spam, so there’s really no reason not to shake your dick at it during your lunch break.