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I think the allure of spending time with hotties that have that something extra swinging between the legs is the ultimate frontier in porn. Long gone are the days when this fantasy fetish was kept a tightly guarded secret. Personally, I find it quite intriguing and I don’t give a fuck about some of the conservative feelings some of you may have. Ladyboys may come across as weird or queer, but I always find the idea of beautiful faces, plump tits, and big cocks in a single package to be really fascinating.If you really think about it, ladyboys can be far sexier than your ordinary bitches. Imagine their long hair flowing, big tits bouncing, your hand traveling across their curvy bodies until you reach the spot nestled in between their thighs, the shemale really packs some extra heat! Watching how some of these well-hung bitches have the equipment to satisfy both the female and male genders is a sure turn on. 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Now there’s a valid reason to call for a revolution in the porn industry: fuck those conservative cultural beliefs and fuck religion, I say we need to be more open to other sexual exploits besides ordinary heterosexual porn so that these ladyboys can feel free to upload their sexual adventures online in huge numbers.That’s why Pornhub/Shemale is Keeping it Real!In the meantime, sites like Pornhub have been making significant steps to fill the gap. The site has a section that is specifically dedicated to this unique niche – amateur and pro-tranny porn. The has been serving a fuck-ton of shemale porn videos for several years now, earning a goddamn shit load of praise along the way. Users can also enjoy a variety of other features like sharing videos on social media and liking or disliking them. You can optionally register for a free account, which allows you to download and upload videos, or post your fucking boring comments.I must mention that the action here is pretty awesome too. You have your Solo Shemales who stroke their giant dicks until they get a sticky cumshot. Then you have your hardcore shemales that use their big "shecocks" to fuck some lucky dude or chick. In either case, the action is pretty sweet and you will certainly enjoy what these girls have to offer.Clean Design – Like a Shaved Pussy!I found the overall design of the site to be quite sleek and simple, neat like a clean shaved pussy. This is pretty awesome as it makes it easy to find the kind of stuff that turns you on. On the shemale section of the site, the videos are displayed as thumbnails. The page displays the most relevant video results with 20 videos on each page. The videos have a short description of the kind of content you should expect to see along with the length of the videos just below the thumbnail. Most of the videos are pretty short with some lasting a few minutes but others are as long as 30 minutes. I found several videos in HD quality, but most of the videos are not in HD. When you place your cursor on the thumbnails you get to watch a short preview of the video, which helps to determine if the content is worth watching or you’re going to expect some bullshit.A Ton Fuck of Hot Chicks with Cocks and BallsShemale porn. Yes, I know some of you conservative idiots may think its all fake shit, a product of plastic surgery, especially if you check out the size of equipment that some of the ladyboys here are packing. But if you really pay attention to the trannies featured in the videos on Pornhub’s shemale section, you’ll notice most of them have authentic cocks and balls to match. And who cares if some hot babes I find here went for plastic surgery to get rid of their pussies and get some dicks instead?Honestly, I don’t give a fuck and wouldn’t mind busting a nut into their other holes while their hanging balls swing back and forth. 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Of course, the pop-up ads might be a slight turn off, but the fact that I can download tons of tranny sex movies makes up for it. You might also be bummed that not all the shemale content here is exclusive, but there’s a shit load of exclusive content you could go with.Suggestions from ThePornDudeThere’s no doubt that this is a fantastic place to get shemale sex videos. While there are numerous videos available in HD, the quality on some of the videos is quite wanting and they could do a better job here. Again, most of the videos are too short. ThePornDude gives this section of the site a 9/10 rating: Highly Recommended rating!