Femdom POV

FemdomPOV isn’t exactly for everybody, but for a certain type of pervert, there’s nothing hotter. I mean, sure, you could aim your browser and your boner at yet another of your standard porn tubes, cranking off to lesbian threesomes and teenage cocksucking whores, but what if you need something a little harder? What if your whole fetish is having some hot bitch tell you what a fucking loser you are, making fun of your micro-dick, and then stepping on your balls with an expensive and terrifying pair of stripper boots?Some of you submissive perverts have spent years of your life beating off to whatever subpar fap fodder the vanilla tubes serve up when you type ‘fetish’ into the search bar. I’m here to tell you there are much better sources of precisely the first-person POV femdom videos you’re looking for, a place that specializes in nothing but. Like it says on the fucking tin, Femdom-POV.me is a free video site where mistresses, dominatrices, and goddesses put you in your despicable little place. The domain’s only been around about half a year, but with a focus like this, they’ve already been attracting a particular demographic of masturbators, slaves, gimps, and cucks. If that’s you, read on or just go ahead and click the link now.Bow Down and Serve Your POV Femdom MistressLoad up most free tubes, and you’ll get a pretty standard mix of porn categories, from interracial BBC scenes to cum-drenched bukkake epics. You will also get reality porno films where some guy with a camera helps out a lady looking for a lost dog before fucking her in the back of a van decorated with fake fur and Christmas lights. Pull up Femdom-POV, and you’ll find something noticeably different. There’s a big blurb at the top talking about CEI, CBT, Cuckold Porn, Footworship, Findom, Mesmerize, and Sissification videos, but even if you’re illiterate, the thumbnails tell a similar story.Most of the front page is taken up by the usual wall of thumbnails you expect on any tube, but they barely look like the shit you’re used to on the “regular” tubes. Yeah, the girls are way hotter than any of the local fatties you’ve banged on Tinder, but they aren’t up to the usual tricks you expect from traditional pornstars. For one thing, most of the scenes are solo. For another, most of these sexy bitches look like, well, bitches.Some of these femdom hotties look like they’d whip the dick right off you, while others look like they’d laugh while mocking your length or inability to get it up. The categories here include a nice range of femdom fetishes where the babes are always in charge. The vaguely named “Femdom POV” is their biggest subgenre, with nearly 50,000 movies, but the others are no less cruel, sadistic, and hot as hell. (Well, assuming you like gorgeous chicks forcing you into a dress and sticking a dildo up your butthole.)Femdom-POV.me has some of their biggest draws right out front, from their extensive collection of Masturbation Instruction videos to their CEI library and Forced Fem stash. There are a couple hundred Anal Training movies and a couple thousand filed under Blackmail and Findom. You can get your blue-balled kicks under Chastity or Cheating Wife or find some literal kicks under CBT or Foot Fetish.Download Some Whole-Ass Femdom FlicksI was feeling like a glutton for punishment this morning, so instead of cranking my dick to my usual routine of hardcore anal creampies and incestuous stepmoms, I pulled up one of the edging movies I found on Femdom POV. Until I clicked my way through to a video, I thought this place was a free tube, but it turns out they offer full movie download links instead.Now, there is streaming available, but it comes with a big caveat. If you’ve fucked around with these movie download sites before, you’ve probably seen similar setups. The flicks here are hosted on file locker services like Keep2Share. It keeps the website free from copyright liabilities since they aren’t hosting anything, but they pass some inconvenience to the end-user.I was allowed to watch a minute and a half of Alexa Divina in a skimpy outfit talking shit during her mean-ass edging JOI, but then the stream cut off. You can’t stream the whole thing unless you buy a premium K2S membership, which sucks. Instead, I’ll have to download the entire movie. And as you already know, if you’ve used these sites, free users have to wait an extra long time thanks to download limits and throttled download speeds. If you want to grab those files at 21st-century speeds, again, you’re going to have to break out the credit card.The Keep2Share Premium accounts are something like $12 a month, with a 10% discount available through Femdom-POV.me, which is a lot cheaper than your typical paysite. Since fetish movies tend to cost more than vanilla pornos anyway, that’s arguably a good deal. On the other hand, it still costs a hell of a lot more than a free site should. I’m guessing most of you are just going to opt for the slow downloads.Wait, How Many Femdom POV Movies?I’ve hinted at Femdom-POV’s library size a couple of times already, enough that you Rainman motherfuckers have already done the math in your heads. Yeah, my dudes, it’s a fucking lot. Femdom-POV.me has tens of thousands of femdom movies, which isn’t anything to scoff at. Hell, some of the smaller vanilla tubes don’t even have that much traditional porno fare available, let alone this kinky stuff. While the dumbasses are busy searching the other tubes for ballbusting, chastity, and femdom brainwashing, the smarter subby fucks can get their rocks off to the massive stash here.“Right where you belong,” reads a random blurb halfway down the landing page. “Bound and confined in place. Ready to become a total toilet.” Does that sound like you? Because it doesn’t sound like the average Pornhub visitor, and I don’t mean that as necessarily a bad thing. If bad bitches are your fucking problem, the huge library here is going to serve you a lot better than anything the other guys have to offer.It doesn’t stop with Femdom POV videos, either. There’s a pictures section, which is cool and all, but I know most of you don’t get all that excited about still photos anymore. There’s some nice foot fetish stuff in the pile, but overall, I think you guys are going to be more interested in the site’s big-ass library of femdom audio. That’s a rarity out there in the porno world, so this is one of the only places where you can find hundreds of MP3s of doms, bitches, and other assorted mean girls indulging your darkest, most submissive kinks.“Awesome Femdom Audio Clips for Real-Life Sex Slaves,” reads the text at the top of the stash’s first page, and it only gets better from there. The entire collection stretches on for 63 pages already, and the site’s been growing at an impressive rate. They’re adding audio and video content to the site every day.In case you were wondering, yeah, the audio files are also hosted on file lockers. The fact that they put the actual content on Keep2Share is probably my only real complaint about the site. There’s a ton of material here available for free, but you don’t get modern perks like fast downloads or streaming unless you’re willing to pay for it. The wait times are arguably a small price to pay, especially since you’re probably not going to have any real issues with spam as long as you go in protected. (Because really, you should be using an adblocker all the time, whether you’re jerking off to free porn or just sharing photos of your dinner on social media.)Femdom-POV aims their content squarely at a very specific demographic of submissive perverts, and they absolutely nail the delivery. If you’re into femdom content, and you like the first-person stuff where the bitches are talking shit directly to your face, this is going to be one of the easiest sites for you to get your rocks off to. Just make sure to budget some extra time into your routine to account for all the wait times and slow downloads, or spring for one of those premium memberships.