A Hypno Tube dedicated to sissy hypno aka hypnosis videos? That's not something you get to see every day on porno websites...what the fuck is a Hypno tube? No one knows, exactly. Well, it's not really hard to explain, but it's still beyond my reasoning why any man would want to watch any of these videos. Well, assertive, dominant heterosexual men obviously don't want to watch these videos, because they're supposed to hypnotize you into becoming a submissive girl or something like that? I don't know, really.It's what this page is seemingly about. This fetish is a bit hard to understand, but then again, it's perfectly reasonable, since there are tons of submissive dudes out there who would just love to get their holes filled by other men who they see as more worthy of being "men" why they want to take on a more feminine role. I like to see them as lesser girls or something like that, because that's what they're turning themselves into, essentially, Girls that cannot be impregnated. However, they aren't the same as a sterile girl, obviously. Furthermore, not all sterile girls will be this submissive, while these "hypnotized sissies" are almost exclusively always submissive. They are sometimes full-on traps, but these traps want to be on top sometimes, but they will try to be as submissive as possible, even when they are tops.Now, there happens to be a whole lot of dick sucking involved in these videos, too. Often, it's all about getting the "sissy" to "cross the line" in order to embrace his femininity (what he was truly meant to be, according to what these videos say) and to take a cock inside of his (her?) body, whether it be in the ass hole or inside of his/her mouth, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the feminine dude must submit to the one who is seen as more masculine.The standards for masculinity are quite fucked up in these videos, seeing as hypermasculinity isn't exactly a thing here. "Gross" men are seen as men who are more masculine in here quite often even though they're not even strong, or muscular or anything. They're just fat and hairy. It sucks how people sometimes want to equate looking ugly and looking masculine, but oh well, it is what it is. Can't tell these people what the fuck they're going to get hard for, right? It's weird, but that's just how it is, and there ain't much we can do about it.Then again, should we even want to do something about it? Obviously not, let these men live life the way they want to do it! Now, the HypnoTube is pretty fucking weird if you ask me because apparently, there are multiple types of (sissy) hypnosis. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in many formats. First off, there are obviously videos with tons of catchy songs and all that where fanboys and traps get their holes stuffed with large dicks, dildoes and stuff like that.However, there are also tons of gifs where trans chicks get their holes stuffed, then there are videos that are all about sucking dick, videos that are all about taking dick from other men, and there are videos that are all about eating up cum. Hell, there are even loads of audio recordings, too. Not only that, but there are also videos about feminization where these guys would end up getting dressed in girl clothes. Sometimes they are even forced to change their behavior to act more feminine. Well, we'll talk about the various "genres" of hypnosis on Hypnotube a bit later when we talk about the categories.They're fun. Raceplay is sometimes a big element in these videos as well. Men of other races are often portrayed as more masculine when compared to men of your own race. This can actually seem to be quite depressing if you're a hetero male that belongs to the race that is being "sissified," but hey, if you're absolutely hetero, you wouldn't still be reading this review, right? Well, some of you might be curious...if so, keep going, I promise that you're going to love every single bit of HypnoTube.com.Now, I'd also like to mention that not only will you find many videos on this website, but there are also plenty of pictures as well. I've already mentioned the gifs, if you didn't miss that, seeing as I didn't pay proper attention to them. There are also loads of playlists for you to check out as well. Not only are there many playlists on the website, but there is also a way for you to register for free, and the process isn't even that complicated. Just give HypnoTube your email, come up with a password, and voila! Now, you're free to interact with one of the most perverted and deranged communities on the internet, doesn't that sound exciting? I bet it does!Now that I've explained to you what the fuck this website is about and what kind of videos you're going to see here (don't worry, if you're a curious hetero guy these videos don't have the power to turn you into a submissive girl, these things don't really happen), it's best that I start talking about the little details of HypnoTube. There's not much to say, really, but I still have to mention these things. There are many places where I could start from, but it's best to start from the homepage and see what this section of HypnoTube.com is all about.The wonderful sissyfying homepageAs soon as you make your way inside the HypnoTube, you will notice that there are tons of videos on the homepage, just like on any other tube website. Naturally, these videos are divided into a few sections, and there really aren't too many, but rather, I'd say there's just enough in here. First off, right off the bat, you'll notice the "being watched now" section. This is the section where you get to see videos that random dudes on the internet are jacking off to at this very moment. You get to see the number of views every single one of these videos has, and not only that, but you get to see how many likes the movies have as well. Obviously, you also get to see the duration of these videos, which is quite nice. It's very important information.Now, right underneath this section, there's yet another one called "most viewed" videos, and these tend to be quite weird. I mean, there's one called "cock confusion," for example, and I'm still not sure what it's about, but there are some more understandable ones here. There are some videos that are called "sissy anal hypno," and these videos are supposed to convince you that you're supposed to take cock up the ass or something like that. The idea of "cumming like a girl" gets thrown around a lot in here as well, seeing as these "sissies" do not think that you're supposed to cum from masturbation, as you don't need your dick, as an inferior male, but rather, you're only allowed to have prostate orgasms, and that's that. That's some fucked up shit if you ask me, but each to their own, I guess.Then, there's a section of the website called "free tube," and what you see in here can't really be defined by a single term, seeing as this section is filled with random videos of dudes in skirts, cut panties, thigh-high stockings and shit like that. Might as well call this section the "dudes in girl clothes" section, as unimaginative as that sounds. But hey, at least it's true, right? Right. What about the other parts of the website?The "movies" and "albums" sectionBasically, these sections of the website don't matter that much, as the "movies" section will show you the "most recent," "most viewed," "top-rated" and "most discussed" movies. Oh yeah, it will also show you the "longest" videos. I mean, you shouldn't really care about these things, except for the "top-rated" or the "longest" videos, maybe, but the rest of these are pretty pointless in my opinion.The "albums" section of HypnoTube is also pretty pointless unless you're really into pictures of sissies and shit like that. First off, there's a section dedicated entirely to pictures that have been uploaded recently, a section where the most viewed pictures can be seen, and a section for the top-rated pictures. There's not much to say about this one, really.They're trying to turn us into girls?Well, the main idea behind this website isn't "turning straight men into feminine fuck toys," obviously. You can't get a straight dude to be into any of this shit unless you get off to the idea of forcing another man to be feminine for some reason, but that's an entirely different story. You wouldn't be watching these Hypno's if that was the case, right?