Ah, a TubeBDSM! It looks like a great BDSM tube! In a sea of so-called "lukewarm" websites that are filled with entry-level pornography, even people who are seeing titties for the first time in their life are watching, a page such as TubeBDSM.com is very much needed. Matter of fact, there aren't enough pages like this on the internet, and it is a shame. Why? Well, this isn't the most popular kind of pornography, sadly, as people aren't that into violence, discipline, and shit like that. It simply does not get enough traffic, so folks hate dedicating websites to movies like that. However, a brave person does come around every now and then, and he or she decides to make a page like TubeBDSM.com, and we're forever thankful!What's the big deal?So, we found out that this website we have right here quite literally is a "one in a thousand" kind of website, seeing as not too many folks are interested in BDSM. It is simply too violent for them, or rather, they seem to be disturbed by the general aesthetic of the porn genre. There may be some more obscure reasons as to why a genre such as BDSM Isn't more popular, but I'm no behaviorist or anything of the sort. Honestly, I don't know what kind of person could know the reasons behind this. Maybe I'm supposed to know everything about this genre? Oh, boy, I really don't know. Let's not get carried away with this topic.So, to sum it up: You can expect a lot of different stuff on this website, and it may be too extreme for your taste at times. Should you consider this to be a bad thing? Well, of course not. You need to keep pushing your limits further in further, just to see what your "final form" really is like. You need to explore your sexuality as much as possible. If you don't do this, a void fills your head, and you won't be feeling too good about yourself. Trust me. It's all facts. Don't stay in the BDSM closet for too long, and give your head the kind of treatment it deserves.Whips all over the god damn placeYou are supposed to expect a whole lot of violence on this page. For example, you get to see girls getting bent over and whipped hard by their male masters. However, if this isn't something that turns you on, you can see males bent over by their mistresses getting spanked until they can't stand it. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that these folks do not mind utilizing toys every now and then. You'll catch these dudes tying girls up with all sorts of ropes and choking on these girls as hard as they can.However, this is not where the fun ends. Guys love getting tied up as well, and it's usually girls that do this. Now, girls will often focus on their cock, and they'll try to ruin it as much as possible. These dicks get stepped on it, or rather, men get handjobs until they cum all over themselves. The torture usually happens in some sort of indoors chamber, but it can also happen somewhere in the outdoors where girls get cuffed and whipped. The same goes for lads. They're no exception to the rule. If they're out in the woods somewhere, their girl ties them up and whips the living hell out of them, but that's not the only thing that may happen! You'll find that there are lots and lot of categories on this website, and they explain exactly what kind of thing you can see here. However, there are many flaws when it comes to the categorization of these movies, and they seem to be somewhat inevitable. It seems that it is finally time to talk about these flaws, is it not?The categoriesBy now, you should know what kind of things you can expect from this website. The idea is that everyone gets tied up and whipped and shit like that, but there are so many ways to do this kind of thing, so obviously, a lot of categories exist on this website. All of these categories are supposed to focus on a specific thing when it comes to BDSM, but sometimes they really don't, and they're pretty much just straight up generalized, which decreases their quality. Some of the categories here shouldn't even exist, to be quite honest. Let's start talking about these categories, one by one, and see if they're worth checking out.First off, we have the "BDSM" category. Now, I consider it to be one of those categories we don't really need. Why? Well, this category should include pretty much every video on the website. What's the point of a category like that existing on this website? If not all the videos on this page are about BDSM, then they do not belong here. However, if this category contains every video on the page, then it is also not needed. So, we could do away with this one. Then, if we move on, we see that the "Slave" category is also present. Now, not every sub who just so happens to be into BDSM isn't technically a slave. Some of them like to act as if they're pets, and some just like ageplay and shit like that, so this category is totally valid, and it should exist, unlike the category I mentioned somewhat recently.Then, we have the "torture" category, and I think this one's pretty god damn valid as well. Sometimes BDSM is only supposed to poke you a little bit in order to get those gears turning. It is meant to make you think about the weirdest things that creep in your head, and it is meant to make you think about them and why you like these certain things. Not all submissive folks like getting beat the fuck up, rather, they just like being passive, and they love being catered to. It is a very long story, but the most important thing about this story is the fact that not all submissives like being tortured by their doms. This is why this category is totally valid. So, it should exist.Then, we have the "submissive" category. Now, in the BDSM binary, a dominant and a submissive must exist, so this category seems to be somewhat unnecessary. However, if the movies in this category only included movies where the submissives showed their bodies out, then it would be totally valid. It only takes a few clicks to find out that this is totally not true. I could go on and on about the numerous categories on this website, but there's no need to do this. You get the point.Everything's sorted outSo, first things first, none of us like getting out porn all mixed up and stuff like that. Straight people only like seeing guys and girls fuck, and gay people only like seeing two dudes fuck, or if they're girls, they like seeing two girls fucking and nothing but that. That's just normal stuff. Now, the default setting of the website is the "straight" setting, All of the categories here are guy on girl, but the "lesbian BDSM" is a separate category in this part of the page. However, if you want to see some gay shit, then you need to pay attention to the upper right corner of the website. This is where you get to see two little white squares. You tick the first one, and voila, you won't be seeing any pussies on the page, it's all dicks and butt holes now. You may also tick the "shemale" option if you're curious.However, if you don't exactly know what kind of thing you're after, then you should totally use the search bar at the top of the website and look something up. The website has way too many videos on it, so something interesting is bound to pop up after a few searches, no matter what kind of thing you're into.Rookies are welcomeAs far as I can tell, this page is very easy to navigate. Everything's sorted out neatly, so finding the right stuff is an easy job. The content of this website is free, too, which is pretty neat. Next, you should also know that ads don't pop up that often on this website. They quite literally aren't a thing up in here, which is quite nifty. If you feel like looking up the most popular videos on the page, then hit the menu in the upper left corner. If you only want to see the latest movies, then you should also head out to this button. If you want to see the movies with the highest rating, again, your destination is the same. The drop-down menu that pops up after you click on this button is a life-saver! You also get a bunch of links that redirect you to all sorts of porn websites that are affiliated with TubeBDSM.com, so you may check those out as well if you ever get bored of jacking off to BDSM.