Are you ready for pain at hc BDSM, a (bondage) BDSM tube? I totally get it if you are a crazy, fucked-up freak whose porn tastes veer towards the bizarre and kinky direction. I know rough, painful female domination in a dungeon solves your wet pussy/hard dick problems as does the sight of pregnant girls lactating milk, Japanese bukkake scenes which involve multiple dudes depositing their perverted juices on one [un]lucky slut, women being choked and bound to the bed and being force raped and other such kinky crap. Look, I’m not here to judge. Those who know me well reckon I’m a pretty open-minded motherfucker when it comes to porn preferences and I’ve spent ungodly hours scouring the web to bring you a destination that avails exactly that; kinky, hardcore porn of the BDSM variety on a silver platter. It’s all in the name: HC BDSM (Hcbdsm.com).Just looking at the site name tells you everything you need to know about what to expect. If it doesn’t, I’ve practically told you what the fuck you will find here. Whether the site is worth your visit is something you need to stick around to find out at the end of this review. All I can promise is, y’all fucking nerds can expect to jerk off to Extreme Porn, Femdom, Maledom, Bondage Videos, and much more deplorable smut. Are you down?But wait, what the fuck is BDSM?BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline - Domination and Submission - Sadism and Masochism. This porn genre is without doubt for the sick fucks who like being sexually dominated (or vice versa), those who prefer to incorporate weird paraphernalia like ropes, handcuffs, gag balls, cages, blindfolds, and such in their sexcapades, those turned on by having their partner inflict pain or humiliation to them (think about having your fuck mate spank your ass until it bleeds or having them stick needles in your ball sacks), and such weird shit. If that’s too disturbing for you, I suggest you stop reading this review immediately and go sing praises to the lord or whatever.However, if this kind of weird shit turns you on, welcome to the world of Hcbdsm.com where morality is just another word in the dictionary. Fuck morality anyway, right? Expect plenty of extreme tit torture, brutal outdoor whippings, pussy punishment, cunt torture, humiliation and much more. Maybe you prefer strapon anal pegging (dubbed painal because it fucking hurts) or a dose of gay BDSM? Don’t fret. Hcbdsm.com is fighting in your fucking corner.Smooth design and navigationThe first thing you notice the moment you step into this BDSM den is the dark design which looks pretty good, to be honest. I prefer a site with a design that allows me to peacefully go about my nightly browsing routine without worrying about losing my eyesight. Who has time to watch smut during the day anyway? Unless you are unemployed or too young in which case you shouldn’t be reading this. That said, the site allows you to change the background color from black to white if you so wish.The site might appear a little busy with thumbnails, but at least they offer good sorting options. For starters, there is a basic search with a drop-down menu for different sections including videos, photos, models and more. The top navigation allows you to access movies, albums, categories, community, and a tab directing you to the numero uno porn directory- theporndude.com among others.Like you will find out, everything is neatly laid out at HC BDSM and it will require little effort to locate your weird dose or whatever it is you came here for. The homepage is filled with random clips that include the videos being watched (updated every 15 minutes), most viewed videos in the last 7 days, and the newest videos where new shit is added every 15 minutes. The videos have no preview feature, but you can check them out for free which is fucking awesome. You may use the browsing menu below that to flip through the pages at your convenience.Diversity of categoriesHC BDSM has plenty of variety to offer with their archive lining up a diverse list of over 20 categories all covering your weird-ass kind of fap content. Head over to the left side of the site for the full list of categories and the number of scenes in each. They include anal BDSM, CBT, FemDom, Clit torture, torture, humiliation, pegging, and orgasm torture among others. There are even categories covering BDSM content of specific ethnicity with German, Chinese, and Japanese BDSM some of the locations represented. The number of categories could no doubt be higher, but they do help you in your quest for specific BDSM shit which is the most important thing.Absolutely decadent contentI must say that I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of smut, but I was impressed that some of the videos I watched although some of the shit here is downright cringe-worthy. How do y’all sick fucks get a hard-on watching some of this? I saw one scene with a hot looking lass having her cunt whipped hardcore by a bunch of equally hot sluts. The bitch could even afford to smile through the pain! Un-fucking-believable. At least the sluts were naked.Needless to say, all the clips here have a certain BDSM aspect about them mostly involving chicks enduring some kind of painful pleasure. Bitches are fucked while tied up, whipped into submission, have their boobs pierced with needles and blow darts and more. Someone said that women were meant to endure more pain than men since it is them that prefer the painful shit and the collection here just about proves that point. I only hope no fucking feminist is reading this before they start another stupid hashtag. Fuck feminists.HC BDSM has lined up thousands of scenes covering a little bit of everything in this genre. Imagine watching a slut having her cunt pierced with a needle or her whole body scarred from hardcore whipping, motherfuckers having their balls crushed and such depravity. Damn, how do these fucks even derive pleasure from that? I struggled to get my dick up watching this shit. But as they say, to each their own. That said, the sorting options allow you to sort the clips by length as you have videos as short as under 5 minutes while others run for well over an hour. Pick your poison wisely.Steamy Hot galleriesYou might think that HC BDSM is all about the videos, but it is not. They have a section dedicated to erotic galleries that also cover the BDSM niche. You will come across amateurs who derive sexual pleasure from getting tortured with some of the photos coming from members who are feeling more than a little naughty. Sounds exciting to you? The good news is you can easily become a member and be a part of this den of perverts where you can chat and probably make a few friends. Birds of a feather and all that shit.What’s there to love about HC BDSM:Thousands of kinky BDSM videos; there is no denying that the videos here are fucking hot for anyone into BDSM pleasures. Users have thousands of super hardcore pleasures to pick from. Could there be better news?Decent quality; the scenes mostly come in solid quality while a good chunk is available in HD.Categories; there are many sub-genres in BDSM porn, and the site tries to cover various kinks and fetishes in their list of categories.Frequents updates; a new scene after every 30 minutes. Damn! Is there a way to say it better?Possible concernsDownloads require registration; the shit here is available for free streaming, but you’ll need to be a registered user to download the scenes. What a shame if you don’t want to give out your email address.Some ads; not a lot to be fair, but you will encounter the occasional banner which will obviously prove distractive.What I think should be done;The site is doing a pretty solid job, to be honest, and it’s hard to pick a flaw. The only improvement is probably the addition of more categories to cover even more niches. Otherwise, good job.Final thoughtsIf you are on the lookout for a good BDSM tube, you’d be well advised to give HC BDSM a try. There are thousands of some pretty fucked up scenes covering the whole BDSM sub-genre with content cutting across all orientations. The number of categories could be higher, but that won’t stop you from thoroughly enjoying the collection especially with the good sorting features. It’s as good as they come.