Do you have a foot fetish? It’s okay; you can tell ThePornDude. I’m not going to rat you out to your friends and family or anything. To tell you the truth, I’ve seen a lot of shit. Someone’s foot fetish is the least of my fucking worries.  So don’t sweat it. If you want to jack off to women’s feet, you might as well pick a tube site that’s tailored only to foot worshippers. Head on over to FootStockings.com and take a look at all of the different types of feet videos they have ready for your viewing pleasure. You’re going to enjoy the variety to say the least. It’s rare to see a tube site that only caters to only one fetish, so you owe it to your cock to at least see what it’s all about.Over 230 pages of foot fetish videosYou don’t have time to waste browsing on tube sites that try to appeal to everyone. That’s not true of all niches and kinks. When it comes to foot fetishes and all of the unique subcategories that only those in the niche are familiar with, they’re undependable. You need a tube site that delivers all of that meta kinky foot fetish content.Fortunately, FootStockings knows exactly what you are looking for. When I was browsing their over 230 pages of foot fetish videos, I kept an eye out for content that wasn’t foot-friendly. It isn’t that fucking hard to pick it out when every thumbnail has a goddamn foot front-and-center. But I couldn’t find anything.The more I dug from one page to the next; it became more obvious the further I went. FootStockings only has foot fetish videos that are sure to get you off. You won’t find videos that ‘split hairs’, so to speak. Kind of like how lesbian videos sometimes has a dude jerking off in the background. Just because the bitches never actually suck a dick doesn’t mean there’s still a cock somewhere in the picture.Likewise, I never found videos that just happened to star someone getting a foot massage, leading to 30+ minutes of fucking with no foot in the picture. In other words, nothing that could be mistaken for being posted on a vanilla tube site. That isn’t to say that all the foot fetish videos are hardcore and intense. They’re not. But when you watch each clip or movie, you will know for a fact that the content was made for horny bastards like yourself that have a foot fetish.That’s the kind of niche content you come to expect from a fetish tube site. It’s what FootStockings happens to deliver. They also make it extremely easy to find the foot fetish videos you want to see!Decent sorting optionsThere are so many fucking videos to look at on FootStockings that you need an easy way to sort through it all. Rather than browsing blindly at all of the foot fetish videos the site has to offer, you can get a number of sorting options to make finding your preferred content easier (you can also browse by category to make finding the right video easier – more on that later).FootStockings allows you to sort videos by latest, most viewed, top-rated, longest, most commented, and most favorited. It’s a flurry of sorting options that you don’t find at nearly enough tube sites. To their credit, you typically find sorting options of this magnitude at top porn sites like PornHub and XVideos, so good on FootStockings for adding the appropriate sorting options.The sorting options are especially convenient when you are visiting the tube site for the first time. It can be difficult to find the right video when you are again, browsing blindly. These sorting options will make it so much easier to find the right foot fetish video for you so you can beat off to what gets you off.Browse by playlistsWhat if you don’t feel like browsing from one page to the next or even looking at categories (again, more on these later)? What if you are instead in a mood? Fortunately for your horny freaky ass, if you want to watch content based on your mood, all you have to do is watch via playlists. Click the section at the top of the page, and from there, take a look at the variety of playlists that are available here.The one thing I appreciated is how much information is in each playlist. The playlists are informative, and show important information to help you make the right decision about choosing a playlist. They detail information such as the number of videos in a playlist, title, when the playlist was published, rating, and views. Moreover, you can also sort the playlists by top rated, recently updated, most viewed, most commended, and most videos.This is even more of a convenience. Just look at how excellent the sorting options are for the playlists. If you know me, nothing makes me jizz harder than a tube site that uses convenient sorting options to make it easier to find the kinky shit you’re horny for. No matter how you wish to look at the playlists, the sorting options will make it simple to find whatever it is that you are in the mood for.Look at top categoriesSomething that I saw on FootStockings that I typically do not see elsewhere is the unique way in which the site showcases categories. The tube site shows the average combined rating of each category. That’s a crazy convenient way to show the very best categories that are on here! If you want to see the very best categories on the tube site, this will tell you exactly what you need to know.Another thing that stood out to me was the number of unique categories on FootStockings. There was not nearly as many categories as I thought there might be, which was a bit of a bummer. There are only a handful of them available, which I don’t think should be the case but whatever. At least the categories are more niche than I expected them to be.I noticed that there are unique categories here like stinky feet, fucked feet, painted toes, dirty feet, and more. You may find yourself wishing that there were more categories. Either way, you will still find something worth watching. And dare I say, worth keeping.Download videos for safe keepingBecause the type of niche, unique foot fetish content that you love is not always readily available on other tube sites, you may feel the need to add a couple of videos to your bookmarks folder. There is a better way to do this instead of saving your favorite videos for anyone that is using your device to see. Besides, what are you going to do if the link is not valid in the future?Believe me or not, but what you need to do is download your favorite foot fetish videos for offline use. Fortunately, FootStockings makes this happen. When you are watching a video that you know will make you cum a bucketload later, scroll to the bottom of the embedded video. You may have to squint your eyes, but below the video is a link to download the content. If the content is available in more than one resolution, it will say so. All you have to do is click the appropriate resolution, and the content will download with fucking ease.And that’s it! That’s all there is to actually download the content from FootStockings. It is easy as fuck, and the best part of all? You get to actually store the content on your personal device for offline use. Save the content to your home server, back it up to the cloud, whatever you want to do. It’s your content now, do what you wish!Too many pop-upsUnfortunately, when you are looking at foot fetish videos, you will come across a variety of pop-ups that seem to never end. Whenever I would get on the homepage, I had to keep closing an ad in the right-hand corner of the page. When I would close the pop-up, a new tab would open. It was so fucking annoying, but that’s not all.I was also getting alerts that Trojan installations were blocked on my antivirus software. In fact, there was an instance in which the Trojan would not stop fucking with me until I closed the tab. This cannot happen. FootStockings needs to knock this shit off now if they want people to continue visiting the foot fetish tube site!Suggestions:FootStockings is a foot fetish site that has a variety of foot fetish content waiting for you to jerk off to. There are not that many categories, but that’s not the biggest problem. The pop-ups and the Trojan installation attempt may keep lots of people from wanting to visit the site altogether. These few things need to be fixed to give visitors the confidence to continue visiting the site.