Free Use Porn! Let’s be honest: nearly unlimited access to free porn was one of the things that turned the Internet into a household tool. Sex movies brought everyone and their mom online, and continues to seduce subsequent generations with the allure of no-strings-attached porn streaming. We’re so jaded by the stuff; it’s hard to get us excited with a site name like FreeUsePorn.FreeUsePorn.com is yet another free sex tube offering up a nearly endless supply of lesbian tribbing, teen blowjobs and interracial butthole fingering. The domain was only registered a few years ago, making them something of a newbie in the world of freebie smut. That ain’t always a bad thing, as evidenced by their traffic numbers, which total nearly a million visits a month.Free Porn by the GridFreeUsePorn has the typical free tube layout you’ve seen and spanked it to a million times before. The wall of explicit thumbnails dominates here as it does elsewhere, with a page-long grid of Asians getting their titties sucked and bald guys getting their knobs slobbed.A sliding row of Featured Videos at the top breaks up the wall a bit. There’s a girl getting fingered with the title Demon Contract, and I wonder if maybe she signed a contract with Jeffrey Epstein. A couple of titles in the row suggest a hypnosis and mind-control theme to the blowjobs within.I’ve unfortunately already got spam on the front page, even with my adblocker running. A petite brunette in lingerie and a cat mask dances around before being replaced by a schoolgirl in a skirt short enough to flash her goodies. The video broads swap in and out, teasing me in a way that I can’t ignore because they’re literally on top of those thumbnails I’m trying to look at.The full-motion video sluts dance all over those thumbnails of pornstars like Veruca James, Bella Rolland, and Melissa Moore. The gorgeous spam girls tumble over kinky JAV (Japanese Adult Video) scenes of airplane incest and superhero parodies where Captain America is a girl who sucks a mean dick.I honestly don’t know whether to be annoyed by the spam or beat off to it. I’m trying to review this site, but I’m a little hypnotized by Harley Quinn gyrating with her clothes off and grinding her twat against a baseball bat. I’m tempted to click the spam, but that’s what they want, isn’t it? No, damn it, I came here for the free stuff!Speaking of hypnosis, I see more mind control scenes in the Most Recent Videos. There are all kinds of smut on the front page, but it’s rare to see so many hypnosis flicks at once on a free tube. It could be a theme, or maybe it’s just what FreeUsePorn users are into at the moment. I do see scenes in the niche added recently by a few different uploaders, not just one dude with a boner for hypnotist scenarios.Classic Bitrates of the Olden DaysI recognized Alex Coal as one of the schoolgirls in the thumbnail for a movie called Detention Mind Control. I clicked it, and the dancing girls in the corner followed me to the video page. At least this time, I could see the X to close the spam, but goddamn, they’re persistent! An animated sidebar ad with a stripping schoolgirl decorates the page in no fewer than 3 places, but at least it’s less intrusive.I was surprised I didn’t get more spam when I clicked the Play button. The scene started without any buffering, though at a toaster-quality 480p. The blurry bitches sat in a detention room, bitching and looking blurry. I bumped the resolution up to what was supposed to be 720P HD, but it still looked like fucking garbage.It’s a full movie that runs over 90 minutes long, and the video has clearly traveled around the net before it landed here. The entire image is reversed, maybe to obscure the clip store watermark in the corner.Not only is the video quality bad, but the audio is seriously degraded and distorted. Even if you turn the volume down, it sounds all crackly and abrasive, even when the broads aren’t yammering in their whiney SoCal voices.I could hear the mind control element to the scene, with the dude repeating the same commands over and over and over again in the background. It was really fucking hard to listen to, though, and I was relieved when everybody shut the fuck up, and Alex started dancing in the middle of the room. She may be fuzzy and low-res, but she’s still stunning.And then the girls started talking again, and I had to turn the goddamn sound off. It’s like birds screeching in my fucking ears when I’m trying to jack off to schoolgirl porn.A Pirate’s Chest of PixelsAt least FreeUsePorn has a speed control baked into its video player. That’s cool, right? I watched the girls sit on a bench and masturbate together at half speed. The distorted squeals are legit less annoying that way, but it’s hard to see much of anything with the bad video quality.I went back to the front page, hoping one of those Featured Videos at the top looked and sounded better. I was greeted by those dancing spam girls once again as I chose a movie called Whore Counseling.This one has really similar issues. I can tell it’s stolen from that same clip site because the watermark is there, and they didn’t mirror the vid this time. The audio isn’t screaming in my ear, at least, and the “720p HD” video looks better than the last one. It’s definitely not high def, though.The original source doesn’t seem to matter much. I found full-length porno movies pirated from various sources, and none of them looked like they were actually in HD. It’s not always toaster quality, but it feels like the site just isn’t actually able to deliver HD, no matter what the settings say.Free Hypno Porn with Strings AttachedFreeUsePorn’s issues run deeper than their low video quality and relentless spammy dancing whores. Looking at the Most Recent Videos, I can see this site doesn’t have the constant stream of updates like most tubes have.The Most Recent Videos out front show things added almost 2 months ago, but it’s not quite so bad. Clicking deeper into the collection, I can see they actually added two clips last week, and another two the week before.It’s not a bad update schedule for a paysite releasing exclusive HD movies, but it’s pretty awful for any free tube. It’s even worse for a free tube consistently serving up low-quality movies.So what the fuck? How does FreeUsePorn survive? If I had to guess, I’d say they’ve earned a following with fans of the mind-control and hypnosis fetish. There are a ton of movies in the genre here, way more than you’d find on almost any other tube. It seems like they’re adding hypnosis movies to the exclusion of everything else. Lesbian videos and anal orgies hit the premium sites every day, but nobody is pirating them here.I’m not sure FreeUsePorn was always the haven of hypnosis it is today. Looking at the Tags page, which lists the number of videos per subgenre, I can see they have a decent Amateur stash. Around 740 scenes carry that tag, with only 123 for Mind Control and 135 for Hypno. Make of that what you will, but to me, it looks like changing tastes and shifting demographics.If I’m being entirely honest, you’ll probably think FreeUsePorn sucks. It’s a free tube full of pirated full-length movies, sure, but it’s barely updated, and the quality is painfully low. Sometimes you can’t even make out who the broads are on the screen, even in “high-definition.”FreeUsePorn.com might be worth your time if you get a raging hard-on for mind-control porn but can’t afford to pay for any of the full-length movies you want to see. You’ll have to make some serious compromises to your dignity and standards to whack off to the content here, but hey, at least you don’t have to pull out your wallet.