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CosplayPornTube! Porno has always been the realm of fantasy. Most of you neckbeard motherfuckers ain’t getting beautiful lesbians to double-team on your little nubs, and even fewer of you are bagging your step-mom with the big tits. In real life, nobody at all gets to fuck the anime sluts, comic book whores and video game bitches of your masturbatory fantasies. Well, not unless you count cosplay fantasies. That’s the shit that CosplayPornTube is all about.Sex tubes are a dime a dozen, and if you’ve browsed my Free Porn Tubes area you know they’re mostly hot garbage. is a new entry into the world of free online smut, so we’ll see how they measure up. I will say it’s nice to see a tube with a specialty, and it’s nice to see somebody tapping into the lucrative nerd porn market with all these simulated schoolgirls and fake princesses. It should certainly be a step up from jerking off to Netflix again.Another Generation Jerking Off to CatwomanCosplayPornTube hit the web at the very beginning of 2019. Being this young, they’ve had time to see all the shitty free tubes that clog up the interwebs. The interface here is pretty clean, free from excess clutter. I took a quick peek with my ad-blocker turned off and it didn’t look as ugly as it could. Somebody’s concerned with appearances, as they always should be on a site full of beautiful, naked women.The header is simple, with a logo that looks a lot like Catwoman’s mask, the prototypical cosplay slut. How many generations have beaten off to fantasies of smashing Batman’s female nemesis? I typed her name in the search bar and got 15 scenes of babes dressed like Selina Kyle getting fingered and fucked, sucking cock, doing ass-to-mouth and comic book orgies, plus getting tied up in bondage scenes.I usually start my reviews on the main page, but this scene of Harley Quinn and Catwoman has caught my attention and it just can’t wait. Thumbnails on CosplayPornTube don’t move, so I’m not sure who the two pornstars in the video are, nor am I sure what they’re doing. They look like they could be grappling, but the clip title tells me they’re passionately fucking each other. There’s only one real way I can find out for sure.Watch This for 5 Minutes Without CummingEven with my ad-blocker on, I got a video ad for a sex video game that claims I can’t play it for 5 minutes without cumming. After five seconds, I was able to skip it and jump to the comic book sex movie.The video opens with what looks like a paysite montage intro full of professional cumshots and half a dozen broads licking cunt in a circle, but I’ve never heard of the site and Google turns up nothing. When the Harley Quinn and Catwoman scene starts, it’s a couple of amateur hotties in a pre-recorded Chaturbate stream.The resolution is pretty grainy, but so was the original stream. The intro that played before it looked better, though I’m not sure if it’s HD. You can’t adjust video quality, nor is there a download button. That’s a shame, because these teen sluts are legit hot. In the span of half an hour, they finger each other’s assholes and lick each other’s pussies, use a bunch of vibrators and a strap-on, and have loud, body-shaking orgasms.New Cosplay Pornos All the Damn TimeBy default, the front page of CosplayPornTube lines up the Newest stuff first. The site is updated with a pretty steady fucking stream of hardcore pornos where the girls are wearing wigs, costumes and elaborate make-up. If you get arrested every Halloween for walking around with a raging boner, this is going to be your shit.The newest clip, added a couple of hours ago, shows Zoe Bloom as a purple-haired schoolgirl getting her twat licked. An hour before that, Tyrion fucking Lannister hammered a couple of hot whores in a dungeon after chasing them around a bit, because that’s just the kind of shit a lecherous midget does.Other scenes added today include two policewomen sucking a suspect’s giant BBC and a sexy teen maid servicing herself with a bunch of toys instead of cleaning the goddamn house. This is why you don’t hire a teenager for a job besides babysitting or oral deflowering.Somebody celebrated Christmas in August by adding a Mrs. Claus scene this morning. Does naughty count as naughty when old Saint Nick himself asks for some good JOI? I was about to watch the video and hopefully find out, but the shapely white ass in the next thumbnail caught my full attention. It’s an army babe outdoor anal threesome, so I painted my face up like Rambo and got out the lube.Sexy Butts, Naughty Girls and Ugly PixelsI got the same video loop of an animated slut getting fucked doggystyle before the scene loaded. It’s a 22-minute DDF Network scene starring Harmony Reigns and Sophia Laure and good goddamn! The resolution is absolutely fucking awful. When I go full-screen, it’s like I’m watching army babes humping in an old video game. It’s all pixels in camo and flesh tones.I clicked on a random front-page video and another sexy Harley Quinn showed up on the screen, looking more crisp and less pixelly than the last couple broads. She whipped around and had a strap-on ready to pound her victim, so I moved on to an amateur scene of a babe dressed like Elsa from frozen giving herself multiple orgasms.I watched a chubby mermaid give a sloppy POV blowjob and a bitch from Overwatch getting a facial. Then I jerked off to an elf’s boyfriend fucking her doggystyle before busting a nut to a curvy Latina in a cow costume. The cow does the milking in this scene.Each clip came with at least 5 seconds of video spam, and the resolution varied a bit. I think it depends mostly on the quality of the source, and there are a fair number of lo-fi amateur scenes. There’s less of an excuse for the premium scenes that stream like somebody playing a sexed-up Contra on the goddamn NES. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right and I’ve got a serious mess on my hands. Nothing on CosplayPornTube is HD, as far as I can tell.A Treat for All Your Horny TV NerdsThe constant video spam and low resolution would be deal-breakers on most tubes, but CosplayPornTube’s specialization in free cosplay smut gives them a heavy advantage over most porn tubes. If you like seeing broads in elaborate costumes getting violated in every way imaginable, you’re going to fucking love their collection.There’s a dropdown menu in the corner of the screen that pulls up pictures of their categories. Movies on the site have the typical set of porno tags (Anal, Big Tits, Blowjob, Outdoor, etc), but the Categories here are fairly unique to the world of cosplay pornography. Fourteen categories divide fantasies into broad groups like Nurse Videos, Bunny Videos, Anime Videos and Comics Videos.This is the only free porn tube I’ve polished my pole to that has entire sections devoted to Fortnite porno and Overwatch fuck flicks. I don’t recognize the blonde hottie sucking cock in the thumbnail for their Game of Thrones video section, but she can be my Khaleesi any day of the week.The GoT parodies run a couple of pages deep here. They’ve got the Mother of Dragons getting fucked up the ass and Arya Stark humping a couple of lesbians with a strap-on. Melisandre gets boned by Jon Snow and and Cersei gets face-fucked. It’s a fucking bizarre scene because she’s licking a stranger’s balls and not her brother’s.Even if you ain’t a TV geek, it’s hard to complain about getting access to a stash like that for free. You could get it all elsewhere, probably at a higher resolution with less spam, but how long would it take you to track down every piece of smut with your favorite characters getting their faces stuffed with hard cock?CosplayPornTube is a site that asks you to make a compromise. You can spank your monkey to a ton of free science fiction, fantasy and comic book cosplay porn, but you have to put up with spam and non-HD video. If you’re into fuck movies where the chicks are dressed up like characters, there’s a good chance you’ll put up with the inconvenience.