Stocking Tease

StockingTease! Yeah, baby, it's a stocking tube! When somebody asked me about Stocking-Tease, I said the terms of my probation strictly prohibited looking at that type of material. He had to clarify, “No, I said stocking. You know, like pantyhose? Nylons?” Of course, I actually knew that all along. is a porno site dedicated to beautiful women in stockings, and only a true deviate would wonder otherwise. These women were mostly all filmed with their consent.Stockings are such a common sight in pornography that it seems like only a fool would attempt to catalog and deliver every flash of nylon in every adult movie ever. Maybe Stocking-Tease is that fool. The search bar at the top claims you’re dipping into an absolutely ludicrous stash of nearly 46 million videos. If they’re not bullshitting, I already understand why they get a couple of million hits a month.Stockings, Nylon, Pantyhose, and MomThe page description at the top says Stocking-Tease is a Free Pantyhose Tube offering Free Nylon Videos and Stocking Porn Movies. They’re good keywords, but just to be clear, this site isn’t a free porn tube in the traditional sense. None of the videos are hosted here, which makes the site more of a nylon video aggregator than a free stocking tube. I know most of you don’t care as long as it gets you hard, but sometimes I’ve got to split hairs for the Reddit fags.What I know you’ll all care about are the thumbnails lined up out front, just like on almost any free video site whether it’s a tube, aggregator, or just your mom’s Instagram feed. Stocking-Tease’s front-page thumbnails point to some of their Most Popular Categories. If there are legs visible in the pic, they’ve got nylons or pantyhose.You stocking fans are some real classy motherfuckers, you know that? The top category is Stockings, naturally, followed by Nylon and Pantyhose. I actually thought two out of three of those were the same thing, but I am smart enough to know that pantyhose has built-in panties. It’s in the name, and they get in the way of the prize within.Fourth on the list is Mom, and that’s not the only older-lady tag getting the red carpet treatment on Stocking-Tease. Hot Mom, Mature, MILF, Cougar, Granny, and Mom Anal Sex are just a few of the other ones. Teens make the picture-list a couple of times, but it looks like the demographic skews heavily towards older sluts here.What Gets You Off, Plus NylonsThere’s a much longer list in plain text running along the opposite side of the page. I had to make a stalking joke in the intro paragraph, but I didn’t expect to actually find it here. Well, not until I noticed the J section was mostly Japanese sex categories. If you came to this site because of a reading issue and your need to follow unsuspecting women, your stuff is filed under Japanese in Public.Besides the Japanese porn, which is required by law to be kinkier and yet more reserved than any other smut on earth, most of Stocking-Tease’s list looks typical. It’s hardcore sex like bukkake, blowjobs, and BBC, but there’s nothing that stands out as weird or missing.By default, the site has you looking at the Straight, Gay, and Shemale movies all mixed together. The vast majority of the 46 million videos are straight. There are about 10 million gay videos with stockings here, and not even 2 million for trannies. The numbers seemed off to me so I took a closer look. A lot of tranny movies are actually filed under Gay instead of Shemale.Free XXX Videos of Girls in NylonsI got a little overwhelmed by all the choices on the front page, so I decided to just go for the best stuff. I checked the Straight box so I’d only see women getting banged, and then clicked on the top category, Stockings. The clips are already sorted by popularity to start, so I had super-quick and easy access to the top stocking porn movie on the whole site. It’s got a catchy title: “Lisey and Bruce are fucking like wild animals in a hotel room and enjoying it a lot”.The video link sends me over to PerfectGirls. You can read my whole review on ThePornDude, but the tl;dr version is that it’s a decent free tube, but spammy as hell. That proves to be the case here.The movie itself is fantastic, and I can see why it’s still number one a month after being added to Stocking-Tease. It’s a 34-minute clip watermarked with in the corner. I’m not sure PerfectGirls has permission to post it, but I am goddamn sure I’m going to have to take a few minutes before I continue writing this.The first five minutes of this clip is quite literally a Stocking Tease. The babe slips out of her robe and into her lingerie and stockings, taking her sweet fucking time so we can all enjoy it. I certainly have no complaints about the wild animal fucking or cock-sucking, and I do love that the stockings stay on the whole time.Stocking-Tease still hasn’t shown me any spam, but the site it sent me to sure tried. My ad-blocker knocked it all down before I had to see it, but counted half a dozen tries. Always use protection, boys.What’s New In the Nylon Tubes?I wanted to see how quickly this mountain of nylon porn was growing, so I checked out the New Videos section next. Holy fucking shit. Even filtered down to just the straight videos, Stocking-Tease has nearly 34 million videos currently in the New Videos pile.Everything is stamped with how long it’s been on the site. The newest clip added 0 seconds ago, is an old-lady lesbian scene. Sixteen seconds before that, a chubby Japanese girl fingered herself and a busty sub got throat-fucked into submission.There are a dozen clips posted in the next minute, all from Smutty. Before that, Stocking-Tease got hit with a spattering of nylon smut hosted on Pornicom, PornWhite, Wankoz, and NuVid. Some aggregators get their shit from a main source or two, but that’s no way to get to 46 million. These fuckers have spiders hard at work, scouring a ton of the free tubes and bringing back the goods.And They All Got Stockings, Right?Stockings are on most of the legs on Stocking-Tease, so it’s a surprise to see a fully bare calf in one of the thumbnails. This must be how the Amish feel when they catch a glimpse of an unclothed ankle. All that flesh--It’s fucking scandalous!I may have clicked that thick Asian broad I mentioned anyway, just ‘cause she’s hot, but I was also genuinely curious about the nylons. Why were her legs so naked in the thumbnail? Does she start with stockings and take them off? Or maybe she puts them on during the clip? Inquiring perverts want to know.It turns out the clip, hosted on Smutty, doesn’t have any stockings, pantyhose, or nylons at all. The girl tweaks her nipples with chopsticks before going to town on some dude’s pink hog. I searched the tags and maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see anything even nylon-related listed here.Once you head away from the front page, you’ll see more and more completely bare legs. Every site with category thumbnails cherry-picks, though, so that’s not too surprising. I’m actually more surprised by Stocking-Tease’s success rate. Most of these 46 million videos do seem to have stockings.You’d have to be the worst kind of entitled asshole to care about the stocking-free videos mixed in here. Their selection runs deeper and wider than I ever imagined it could with this theme, and it’s organized way better than you’d expect for a collection this massive. The fact that they somehow serve it up with no spam on their end is a damn miracle. If you like nylons and free porn, this is going to be your new joint.