Spanking Tube

Bad boys and girls belong at SpankingTube! There’s nothing hotter than watching free spanking videos with girls quivering and whimpering as they get spanked, caned, whipped or paddled. Or, hell, even getting spanked can be fucking awesome. There’s not much better in this world than a strong dominatrix paddling your ass until its Christmas red. Whether you’re a dom, sub, switch, or bitch a good spanking can really get the night going. A little pain makes pleasure just that much better! Trust me, there’s a reason this shit is so popular. Give it shot. Get kinky and don’t judge it until you give it a shot.The worst part about being into a fetish like spanking is that it’s usually a pain in the ass to find. And not the good kind! Usually, you have to find some weird fetish site that makes you pay for a membership to even view their content. Today, you’re in luck. I did some looking around and found a gem of a website called Spanking Tube has been pumping out free, high-quality spanking vids since as early as 2009. And they have gained quite a following for such a niche fetish site at over 45 thousand unique visitors every day. If you lined that many people up to get spanked that line would stretch over 10 miles!Okay Quality Videos and a Well Organized SiteThe first thing you see when you head over to the site is actually a warning to confirm your age. But we’re all of age here, so click and enter and you’ll get taken to their homepage. Here you’ll see a list of their featured videos, stuff being watched now, and a section for new videos. The overall layout and site design are well done. Nice and easy on the eyes black background with yellow-orange text most places. Everything pops and it’s pretty simple to navigate.While the thumbnails aren’t animated, they aren’t quite static either. If you hover your cursor over the image you get a short couple picture slideshow of the video. Not as good as a gif, but definitely better than a still image. For some reason, the featured vids don’t have a video length in the bottom right corner, but every other section and page does so it’s not really a big deal.Before you click through to the video the preview lets you know how many views it has, if it’s in HD or not, and what its rating is from 1-5. When you do click through you get even more info about the vid and the user who uploaded it. This site is pretty community-focused, so it tells you how many vids, pics, blog posts, the user has posted as well as telling you how many times this specific video has been favorited.But let’s talk about the content quality. It’s okay. The HD vids are in 720p, which isn’t as high quality as I would have liked. When I see HD I think 1080p. I’d love to see some higher definition vids here. I want to see every mark, tear, and detail! But it’s free and there’s a lot of content, so I can’t complain too much.Big Community and Free User UploadsAnother factor is that a good portion of the content is user uploaded. You can upload vids of yourself getting down and dirty, or you can upload just about anything that isn’t copyrighted material. But you need a profile to do so, which is also free to make. Having a profile lets you contribute to community boards, direct message users, upload content, subscribe to other users, and add friends. You can set up spank-dates, meetups, or whatever else your heart desires through the site. If you’re just here for the vids then I would skip the profile, but if you want to stick around and get involved then make a profile and make some friends with weird benefits!And everything isn’t just the same shit since it’s all spanking. There is a full categories page with all kinds of sub-categories for you to explore. Fetishes within fetishes! God, help, I’m stuck in kinky inception. But seriously, there’s stuff like whipping, bondage, spanking machines, breast spanking, schoolgirls, and FemDom. There is so much here that you are bound to find what you’re looking for.This site offers a lot more than just free spanking vids. There’s a section for photos where users can upload pics of themselves getting spanked for everyone else to see, comment on, and rate. It’s like social media but for all of you paddle enthusiasts out there. Bare your ass, get spanked, and share it with a community full of sick freaks like yourself! It’s perfect. The site also has a community for where you can learn new techniques, get video previews, and talk about all things spanking. If you want to share your own steamy stories, then the site has a blog section just for that. Let loose all of your master/slave fantasies and flex your writing muscle.The model section houses a page of over 200 pain-craving spank sluts for you to browse by. Each model has a picture of them and clicking on the model will take you all of their videos, photo albums, personal information, and links to other sites where they have featured content.Some Ads and a Good Mobile ExperienceLike most free sites, there are ads on both mobile and desktop versions of the site. There’s a small banner ad, some ads down the right side, and a single pop-up ad the first time you click on the website. The pop-up is for a popular camgirl site, so it’s nothing too sketchy and it goes away after the first click anyway. Still a bit annoying, but it doesn’t take away from the usability of the site too much. All of the videos load quickly and without ads on both mobile and desktop. The mobile site is designed very well, and I had no problem popping through all of the different menus and videos.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature on the site is without a doubt their blog/community sections. It’s cool and different having sections to get down with other people who you can be certain share the same fetishes that you do. Bigger sites with more content make that tougher to do, but spankingtube has such a single focus that it makes it easy to connect with other people on the site. Where else can you send a few DM’s and set up meeting to spank some 10/10 chick who loves being submissive? Fuck sketchy Craigslist meetups. Come over to spankingtube and find some people who you know love this shit.The News page is another solid feature on the site. It gives you up to date, in-depth reviews of all of the newest content, toys, and people in the spanking community. It’s a good place to get started if you’re new to the fetish and want to know more about what kind of new stuff there is in the scene. The news page also has a pretty big master list of spanking sites, premium pages, and a bunch more. It’s not quite as good your boy here ThePornDude, but it’s not bad if you want to find some more spanking content.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestion for this site would be to increase the overall quality of the videos. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting some more HD content to check out. If the platform supported more HD vids, animated previews, and maybe some of the more popular pornstars on here I think they could be even more successful than they already are. But, as is, the site is killing it. Great niche fetish content, solid site design, strong community, and user-uploaded amateur content. It’s fucking great.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsGrab an ice pack, get a donut pillow, and really ease into that seat because you’ll be getting your ass beaten raw in no time after going to No pain no gain, right? Feel the sting and head on over to jerk off to all of your deep-seeded spanking fantasies. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. And if you’re not too afraid, let those secrets fly and meet up with other people to live out those fantasies. If this is your thing, then I don’t know what the fuck you’re waiting for. Get going!