It can be hard to describe a specific porn themed subreddit sometimes, especially if it’s very specific. I’m not talking about describing it to your friends, that’s easy. /r/Boobs is a subreddit where you can see boobs. There, done. I mean, try doing a full-length review of a sub where the entire point of it is outlined clearly in the title. You’d have to comb through really carefully to find some fine details that are worth people’s time. And since most subs that cover the same shit are damn near identical, you also have to figure out what makes a sub unique.Well, I don’t think I’m going to have that problem with /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS, because these guys are anything but specific. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they have specific rules on what is expected on the sub, but when you browse through their smut, you can expect a lot of pleasant surprises. You’re not in one section of a large library, you’re running circles through all the genres and hoping something sticks.Random Porn is BestIn my many years as a proud chronic masturbator and porn connoisseur I’ve discovered a simple fact of life that stems from deep within male psychology – Different porn is the best kind of porn. If you’ve been jacking off to tit shots for a week, pussy pics are going to get you rock hard afterwards. If you haven’t played a porn game in months, it’ll be the hottest shit you’ve ever seen. For some reason, the cock craves variety. It’s like it has a diet and you need to balance it out with all the right nutrients. If you’re not getting enough tits and ass, your dick will let you know by staying limper than usual until you switch it up. That’s why I like the roulette wheel that is /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS.On this sub, you never know what you’re going to get. The whole premise is that you’re supposed to post and of course masturbate to actual gifs taken from mainstream pornography. Now, mainstream porn on its own can be a bit bland, especially if you’re browsing recommended sections. It always boils down to the same cookie-cutter shit that the average dude has deemed the hottest. For the past two years we’ve been stuck on a “stepdaughter” binge for some reason, so if you do try to spin the wheel on a popular tube site, chances are that’s all you’re going to see. Triple-A pornstars pretending to be your adoptive sister, asking for a cock sandwich. That’s fun the first 100 times around, but after that, even if you blue-ball yourself, you need to switch things up.That’s why I love the clusterfuck that is /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS. Guys will find a random porn video that they feel is the hottest shit they’ve seen and they’ll clip a part of it that usually shows you the money shot or the hottest part of the action. If they’re really astute, they’ll even splice together the best parts of every sexual position in the video, so you’re getting the most of it condensed in under 10 seconds.It reminds me of those 30 Seconds to Fap boys who’ve been making super-hot compilations for people who only have half a minute to jack off. I don’t know how you can even manage to jack off to completion that quickly, but more power to you my dude. So if you’re looking for more instant porn, like the fast-food of the porn industry that you can grab a bite of on your way to work, /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS is sure to have a meal for you.Filtering Triple-A Porn for Your PleasureMainstream pornography manages to be the absolute best and the fucking worst at the same time, because it’s so fucking dense. You can’t just “know” mainstream pornography. You have to do tons of homework to catch up to what’s been done so far and if you so much as take a piss break, you’ve already lagged behind. The mainstream western porn industry produces so much smut that it’s hard to stay on top of things. That’s probably why niche websites are still making money. It’s much easier to subscribe to a single fetish site and keep up with their daily videos, than to keep track of everything on Pornhub’s recommended section.And with literal tens of thousands of pornstars in the west, finding the best of the best is out of the fucking question, unless you get help. That’s where /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS comes in. They’ve got a whopping 170 thousand members who are all working to catalog the best parts of the best porn, so you don’t have to wade through thousands of videos to find a cumshot that doesn’t suck ass. I’ve given them a deep comb-through so I can tell you that these guys really know their stuff. Sure, it’s all subjective and everyone has their own preference, but overall you’re getting a really good feed of recent hot productions.Hot or Not in Mainstream SmutFinding the hottest part of an industry that is busted with quality is no small task. These guys all have their own preferences but there seems to be some common thread of what they all seem to enjoy, across the board. First of all, I can tell you that these boys are on the lookout for perfect bodies. Very few posts feature girls with small breasts. Now, personally, I don’t mind a girl with pert knobs, but I get the logic behind this. Given the choice between a double and a triple stuffed Oreo, you go for the latter, because you can.It’s the same thing on this sub. They go for the absolute most gifted girls in porn, because those deserve more of their time. Large breasts have always been a popular topic of discussion among perverts, so it stands to reason that you see a ton of them here. Then there’s also the shaven pussies, of which there are millions on here. And of course, all the porn is really expensive and well produced. You won’t see any half-baked productions on /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS.And the smut ain’t half bad either. There’s a veritable shitton of sexual positions in these clips. The boys on /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS really appreciate their anal scenes, both extreme and sensual, depending on the flavor of the day. There’s also a ton of blowjob videos and these are the ones that led me to the conclusion that this is a quality sub. Sure, there are regular blowjob videos, but the first one I saw on the sub was one of a girl with bound hands getting a load of cum in her throat. She couldn’t hold back and neither could the dude. This is the kind real and raw shit I like to see from quality pornography. Most of the rest of the scenes are bland and repetitive, so it’s good to get the inside scoop on the best part.An Active CommunityFor the number of people on the sub, you see more than your fair share of comments, especially when the porn in question is worth discussing. These dudes come together to share opinions and find more smut down the same vein. And you’re not gonna find a piece of porn on this sub without a source, either. If the video isn’t directly sourced, and it usually is, someone in the comments section will lend a helping hand. Hopefully, it’ll be his off-hand and not the one for downtown shakedowns, but you’ll take what you can get.The mods are also pretty chill. Most of this smut is public and available elsewhere so it’s not like they have to wade through potentially scandalous content. The chances of this sub going down are pretty much zero because they barely ever post homemade content and if they do it’s hosted on a mainstream tube site so they can’t be faulted. Normally, subs like to make sure that they don’t host any content that is illegal or infringes copyright, but since this smut is all linked externally, they’re just playing middle man. They’re not liable to suffer any consequences.It’s worth mentioning that when I say moderators I really should be using a singular because they’ve got one automated bot and one dude who’s pretty much in charge of everything. This is the smallest large sub I’ve ever seen. I mean, they post an uncountable amount of smut every day, but because they’re mostly just external links, there’s not much to talk about. It’s more of a repository than a hangout. Yes, there are conversations here and there and they’re very respectful, but you’re not going to spend a lot of time on the sub, per se. You’ll probably just use it to find smut and bounce away from Reddit onto a mainstream site to finish watching the rest of the video. Or, you’re a one pump chump and you’ll do what you do best to the gif animations without ever leaving /r/The_Best_NSFW_GIFS.