Porn In Fifteen Seconds

Reddit Porn In Fifteen Seconds, aka r/PornInFifteenSeconds! How does a site that speeds up your fapping by presenting to you only short videos that last for about fifteen minutes sound to you? Awesome, right? The varieties on this site are superb and of quality more than you can bargain for. Visit r/porninfifteenseconds and enjoy a wide range of videos with the best of the best short scenes only.Before you load up the homepage, you will have to confirm that you are 18 years and above which entirely depends on your honesty. It’s probably just to impress you will still access the site even you are sixteen by clicking on the continue button. But not to worry because you only need to do this once.ThePornDude was impressed by the layout of r/porninfifteenseconds; it’s a shade of pale purple and blue with highlights of white and royal blue. I must admit these fuckin' colors blend in perfectly and still preserve the glory of the colorful thumbnails. The posts are well highlighted with a black color, and it will be easy to browse through them. Also, there is a search engine which also helps with the navigation by searching for a community, post or a user.Since the moderators regulate the posts on this site, you can only expect nothing just the high-quality videos not exceeding a time span of fifteen seconds. In case your intentions are of becoming a contributor to this community, then it high time I fill you in on the guidelines that regulate the content of this site. You should ensure that you read the following instructions before even signing up for an account;•Must be legal•Posts must be no longer than 15 seconds•Content must be hosted on Gfycat, Imgur and Pornbot only•Source or actor must be in title or comments•No spam•No poor quality submissions•Don’t be a shit head•All the content must follow the site-wide rules•Must be a montageSo that’s it, folks, follow those, and you will not be having any problems with the moderators. However, in the case you did not understand the guidelines, they are well explained on the right side of the homepage. Make a point of reading them before posting any of your nasty shit.There are a number of viewing options on this site which include; the card which displays each post as a single card, the classic option which shows all posts separated by a single line and the compact option which displays all posts as compressed together. The info presented on each post includes a juicy title, the number of views, time frame at which it was posted, a link, the comments below it and the name of the user who uploaded it. You must agree with ThePornDude that there aren't many sites which pay too much attention to how their viewers get to view their content.Moreover, on r/porninfifteenseconds you get to choose how you will view the content; I’m talking about the sorting options. They include; Hot where you will find the hottest posts, New where you will find all recently uploaded videos, Controversial where you see videos that illicit lots of controversy, Top where you find the most viewed videos and finally Rising where you find the videos that have gathered a large number of views over a short span of time.Signing up is easy, and this will enable you to follow other NSFW subreddit communities, you will also be able to upload your own content and subscribe to your favorite users. However, without an account, you can still view the content as well as the comments without any kind of contribution. Sounds enough for someone who is not looking to commit if you ask the ThePornDude.Although the videos on this site are pretty short for ThePornDude's liking, to be fair the videos are quite impressive regarding quality and this site is well organized and worth spending your time on. Especially if you are that freak who loves relieving some tension in between work, r/porninfifteenseconds is your best fucking buddy. Carry your lube to work, pornififteenseconds got you!