r/NSFW_GIF/, aka Reddit NSFW GIF! I must confess; when I started doing porn reviews, I was more interested in Latina babes. However, you get exposed to porn long enough, and you start warming up to other ethnicities, and currently, I wouldn’t mind getting my wiener wet inside some chocolate coochie to see if the reality matches the fantasy. That will have to wait, though, because I’m currently seeing someone. Luckily, she can’t do this review for me, so I get to be the one to feed my eyes on some exotic sin slits. Today I’ll be reviewing Reddit.com’s own /r/ NSFW_GIF, which, as the name suggests, is a source of sumptuous Not Safe For Work GIFs that you will gladly jerk off to.The world of sexy short videosWell, this erotic bliss couldn’t have been present when NSFW_GIF was created almost a decade ago. But thanks to technology, all this is now at your fingertips. You can abeat always meat to short videos in the GIF format, MP4, and WebM, which is mostly delivered in Imgur and is mostly the case with r/ NSFW_GIF, GFYCat. Considering this subreddit has 1.4 million members, you can expect this place to be teeming with GIFs showing all kinds of nasty sexual situations. If I get a few ebony sluts riding on dicks thrown my way, this would be an arrangement that appeals to my lust demons. Just don’t be the fool that uses the office Wi-Fi to access this site. You don’t want your colleagues to know you are a porn-loving prick. Like the subreddit promises, you can expect gifs of adult material ranging anywhere from hardcore sex to beautiful boobies to one-on-one girl action.Impressive longevityI know I mentioned that I love ebony whores, but I’m a fucking professional, and I can’t let my porn preference cloud my judgment. You can, therefore, expect a clean review that’s free of personal bias. Let’s start with the subreddit’s age, where the site puts its Cake Day as Mar 24, 2010. For y’all slow motherfuckers, this means the day the site was created. That is almost 10 years of bringing nothing but fap inducing content. If that’s not an indication of a group of people who know what the fuck they are doing, I don’t know what is.The best of dick riding whoresWell, like you would expect of Reddit.com, they get the party started right away and by default, bring you the hottest content. Remember this is shit that has been voted for by porn addicted freaks who obviously know a thing or two about what makes those juices flow. It appears everyone thinks seeing whores expertly riding cocks is the hottest way to get off and who the fuck am I to differ? You see, the best thing with GIFs is they capture the hottest part of the movie in a few seconds. You won’t have to deal with buffering during the streaming or any of that bullshit. Don’t even get me started on some of that so pathetic acting. Anyway, GIFs highlight the best part you want to see, and I can tell you there are loads of sluts with bubbly butts bouncing on erect meat rods and you will scampering for lube. The action is that hot.Strictly NSFWIf you have been using Reddit.com as your source of fap materials, then you know these guys don’t fuck around. They deliver on their promise, and if they tell you to expect NSFW content, they mean every word of it. As a matter of fact, the site moderators won’t allow anyone to post content considered Safe For Work, and ultimately, everything here is fapworthy.Besides the bevy of sizzling babes bouncing on cocks, you can look forward to loads of solo masturbation, toy play, blowjobs, stripping, threesomes, some outdoor sex, and more. As is the norm with Reddit, you can watch the GIFs in SD and HD. Predictably, seemingly pussy starved freaks are watching these videos clutching on their cocks if the number of views is anything to go by. A post that was just 6 hours old had 344k views! As usual, you can sort the content by hot, new, controversial, top, and rising.Like you would expect of a platform with such a massive crowd, this place is teeming with new content, and you can expect a fresh new GIF every 10 minutes at most. However, this is mostly a place for softcore porn, so don’t expect kinky content like brutal anals, double penetrations, creampie, and the likes. Make no mistake, there is plenty of fantastic fucking, but nothing really controversial. If you are the kind of prick that needs scat porn to get that cock up, your needs are better off suited elsewhere.Inevitably interactiveBesides being a fucktastic source of fap content, r/ NSFW_GIF is a fantastic place to interact with other porn-loving toads, and with so many people following this particular subreddit, you can expect plenty of interaction in the posts as everyone jostles to show their knowledge of porn. Needless to say, you will need to be a registered member to leave your comments, and considering what you are getting, it’s a no brainer. It will only take a few minutes.With the content sourced from porn tubes, you can expect a mixture of professional and amateur content. You can look forward to rubbing one out to some of the leading professional fuckers putting their skills to good use. It’s what you’d have hoped for and more. After all, it’s Reddit.com we are talking about.An all familiar layoutIf you have been a Reddit/com user, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the design. It is the usual white and blue background with everything nicely set up. In fact, I daresay Reddit almost looks like a social media site minus all the adult content. They have recently added the night mode option, which allows you to move from the blinding bright background to a darker mode, much more soothing to your eyes if like me you like enjoying a fap under cover of darkness.Who else digs an ad-free experience?Besides the tasty collection of content, Reddit doesn’t bother you with intrusive ads like some sites we know. I know they make money somehow, but how they make it is none of my business. As long I’m able to steer clear of annoying ads promising penis enlargement pills, I’m perfect. You can expect a clean experience that should allow you to peacefully bust a nut. After all, that’s what you came here for, you pussy starved knob.A few rules can’t hurtWell, when you have a congregation of 1.4 million, a few guidelines are needed to whip them in shape. As is typical of all Reddit.com’s subreddits, there are a few rules to be followed, although r/ NSFW_GIF are not as hard-hitting as I’ve seen with other subreddits. I know you can read a list of rules so I’ll leave you to it. You will be glad to discover they don’t fuck with censored content here.ThePornDude’s favorite featuresLots of hot GIFs; if you prefer GIFs as your way of consuming porn, then you will be pleased to discover a treasure trove of hardcore and softcore smut in that form.Ads free; nothing sounds sexier than an open porn destination that doesn’t bombard you with ads and popups.Huge community; over 1.4m freaks have been converted to this gospel of XXX GIFs, and you could do worse than join them.Updates; with such a massive crowd, you can expect new content in religious regularity.Things to hateNo ebony/interracial porn; I’d have loved more content featuring chocolate babes getting nasty, but unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.Must be a member to interact; this one is pretty inevitable. The only way you’ll be able to interact with other members is by having a user account.ThePornDude suggests;Well, it’s Reddit, and there is nothing much I can tell them that they don’t know already, but some more interracial/ebony porn could be a fantastic addition.Final wordAll things considered, NSFW_GIF is a great place to find porn. This subreddit has a collection of mouthwatering GIFs covering softcore and hardcore porn, with new updates almost added every minute. Reddit is a no-nonsense adult platform, and if you want to quickly rub one out and are not feeling lengthy video clips, this is the perfect place to be.