Adult Film Database

AdultFilmDatabase? I assume that everyone has already heard about IMDb, which is a place where you can learn about the old, and new upcoming movies, TV shows and so on. Well, does not really have to do anything with that site, but it is basically the same shit just with porn movies. As you can see from the name, this is a porn movie database, in case you prefer the longer pornographic scenes.Why do people love porn movies?People who watch free pornography, might not even know that porn movies exist… you know, a 1:30h long movie with pornstars and many fuck scenes. Well, unlike with the porn clips, the porn movies will often have some kind of a plot… even though we all know that those plots tend to be rather cringy or they make no sense whatsoever.With that said, there are many great porn movies out there, even with all the cringe and that bullshit. I guess, it still depends on what the fuck you prefer to fap to because the pornographic scenes are very diverse. I mean, you really do have a little bit of everything, especially when it comes to the plot, but I do not think that many of you will care that much for the plot as much as you will care about the given sex scene.Of course, the length of the movie and all that shit will depend on the beauty in question, and that is also something this site will give away; aka the information about the chicks and all that. At the end of the day, as I have said, this is basically the same shit as IMDb but the only crap it has to offer are porn films and pornstars.Very simple site with lots of movies.Unlike the mentioned website, is a very simple place, which does not mean that it is bad… but we could all appreciate some spunk here and there. There are many different ways they could have made this site look so much better and practical, but I guess this is what they decided to offer us instead.The films you can find here are from all sorts of known places and made by famous studios, so you can rest assured that you will only be given the best crap. The first time you visit, you will understand what I meant when I said that the site is very fucking empty, starting with their homepage that literally has nothing to offer, just the movies obviously.Now that was a bit confusing at first, simply because there is a lot more this site has to offer, and not just the films. You will see information about the pornstars, the movie, as well as some other crap. On top, beside the search box, you will get an option to choose what you are searching for, and on the other side, you have some other options.However, overall there are not that many different options for you to enjoy, and that is always annoying. I prefer rich places, where you have an option for everything, where the design is welcoming and does not look empty, etc.… I guess that is why I am a part of so many premium porn sites since those places tend to offer everything I’ve just mentioned.Oh well, that does not mean that does not do their job, but they could have done an overall better job if they took some of my pointers. I am a pro when it comes to this shit, as I have been researching pornographic sites for quite some time. Now, whether this place is actually worth the visit or not depends on what the fuck you are actually looking for.What kind of movies do they have?I mean, at the end of the day, what we all really want to know is what kind of movies they have to offer, right? Well, as I have mentioned, a little bit of everything… but I guess that is a wide aspect, so I shall mention some of my favorites; such as Anal Destruction 5, a movie where the name basically speaks for itself. It features four lovely porn beauties who have an amazing ass, and they will get ass fucked in many scenarios.Then, there was the Baddest of Bad Daddy, a POV movie featuring a lot of gorgeous chicks who are more than ready to give you an incredible experience of POV blowjobs and fucking. This was made by an unknown person and it last about 3h… With so many scenes, I am sure that you will find just what you are looking for, believe me.There was also a movie called ‘Absolutely Fuckable’ and all the porn babes featured there were just that… and obviously, they got rammed hard. One particular movie I am sure everyone will enjoy comes from Team Skeet, and it is called ‘Age of Consent’, and it features three gorgeous teen chicks who are ready to get fucked hardcore for the camera.Whether you will love their dirty films or not again, depends on you. Those who are not that picky are bound to find videos that will suit their naughty desires, and here I have seen many known pornstars as well, both male and female. So take your time and start browsing; most videos will be of HD quality, with some that are of the medium.You will also have a section where you will be linked to the site where you can actually enjoy the given movie, and some of the films will have a short summary so you know whether you will enjoy the given movie or not. More or less, you get the same type of information as you would get on any similar sites.Good search options.At first, I really thought that the search options on really sucked, but now that I have taken a better look at them, they are actually pretty fucking solid, just like my dick was at the time of writing this review. You will get to see all kinds of details when you open the movies, but you can also do that at the homepage.On top, in the left corner, you will have a list of possible shit you can see. For example, you can only list the pornstars, the movies, the studios, galleries… you catch my drift. Of course, I explored each section just to see what the fuck they really have to offer, and I must say, they really cover pretty much everything that you will need.There is also the advanced search bar, where you can search for a specific movie by providing the title, the year, decade, studio, director, actors or maybe the categories. What I really liked is the fact that their advanced searches work for pornstars as well; you can search for a specific porn actress/actor by their name, gender, starting or ending the year, galleries, portraits, hair or eye color, ethnicity or race, and other specifications.When you choose to browse by the pornstars, you will get to learn more about the performer; as in you will get her or his full filmography and a list of other actors, he/she has worked with. There are some other details on the side, and thankfully they did not include one of those useless biographies that nobody gives a shit about.So, is it worth it?Most porn beauties will also have their galleries listed, where you will get all kinds of scenes, from solo striptease to group fucking, or some lesbian scenes. I really enjoyed the variety this place had to offer, however, none of the videos, or the galleries can actually be viewed to their full potential for free, which might be that one thing that I do not fancy about films will have a link where you can watch them, but those are all premium sites, so of course, you will have to pay. The same applies to the galleries, and I can’t really say that I was surprised. Since you are offered such HD content, you should already know that that crap will not be free.Overall, has a little bit of everything, and I have mentioned that at least 3 times already. The reason why I like saying that about such websites is that it best describes the shit you will get to see. This is a free site when it comes to browsing, but if you came here to watch their naughty shit, you will have to pay.