Shall we check out the latest porn news on Adult DVD Talk? There’s only so much porn that you can watch before you just have to talk about it with someone. Come on, we’ve all been there … you see a particularly awesome porno, one of those videos that is just so good that you wish you had a group of people to talk about it with. Some pornos are just too amazing to spank to and then forget about. But, unfortunately, it can be hard to come across people that will be willing and interested to have conversations about porn.It’s not like you can just go up to somebody on the streets and say something like, ‘hey, did you happen to catch that new Mia Kalifa video on Porn Hub the other day?’ You will be deemed a sexual predator! Especially in today’s ultra-sensitive #metoo climate. You’ll be immediately written off, at the very least, as an outcast, a freak, a creeper to be avoided at all costs.Sadly, sex (and, therefore, porn) is still almost a universally taboo subject. Of course, when watching porn is one of your main activities, this doesn’t change the fact that it is something highly desirable to talk about. It only means that one of your favorite hobbies must largely remain all but a secret, only to be shared with certain like-minded bros. But, even then, it’s not like a lot of dudes want to have in-depth, face to face conversations about the details, the camerawork, the production quality of specific pornos.If only there were porn clubs the way that chicks have book clubs – communities with which you could meet up with and discuss a given porno once a week or month. ‘Well, I found the symbolism of the dick in the pizza box in scene 2 to be a particularly scathing commentary on the hyper-sexualization of masculinity that is inherent to capitalism…’ Ha! Could you imagine?Well, porn clubs may still not be a thing (nor am I sold on the fact that they ever should be), there are certain online resources, online communities, for you to get out all of your porn conversation with – letting you get all you have to say about your favorite pornos off your chest in a safe and appropriate setting, so that you to go out into the real world without risking ending up a registered sex offender or some shit. There are plenty of porn forums and chat rooms and subreddits out there – places, where you can be your naturally creepy and porn-addicted self without shame, for you, will be surrounded by other likeminded people who also do very little outside of watching hours upon hours of porn.Yup, I’m talking about porn forums and chat rooms. They are the unsung heroes of the online porn industry. Not only do they provide safe spaces for viewers to indulge in and share their favorite videos and discuss what they liked about them (in more depth and seriousness than you’ll find on any porn site’s comments section), but they also sometimes offer up perspectives and discussions with industry insiders, granting you a point of view of porn that you are not likely to be able to access anywhere else.However, as is the case with any kind of website, there is a large variance in quality. Some forum and chat sites are really well-designed, easy to use, intuitive, offer up streamlined user services and features, and are moderated for quality assurance. Whereas others are poorly designed, clunky, hard to navigate, nonsensical in terms of usability, are all but completely unmoderated, and offer up little in the way of individualized user features and services. It’s really a gamble. But when forum sites are at their best, they can be fun and fascinating forays into a different side of porn than you’ll ever see on a site like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Porn Hub, or Red Tube. They offer a certain behind the scenes and discursive approach, and they do so with grace and style.Plenty of Features, Needs a Serious MakeoverWhere, then, on this spectrum does Adult DVD Talk fall? Well, let’s take a look, shall we? Adult DVD Talk has been up and running since about 1999, so they are certainly no novices when it comes to the world of online porn forums, news, and chat rooms – all three services they offer. Then again, though, longevity is not necessarily the sign of a great website. All too often, it seems, the longer a site has been around, the less likely they are to have updated their site design or offered up and significantly modernized features. It seems that older sites can get caught up in what they’ve always done, afraid to break from their formula – the unfortunate downfall to the adage, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Sometimes we can get blinded into never seeing that it might be broke to begin with!As far as design is concerned, that does seem to be the trap that Adult DVD Talk has fallen into. It looks kind of like they haven’t once updated the site since its launch in 1999. It has a very dated look to it – everything just kind of basic and functional, nothing dynamic to the site design, no interactive tabs or bells/whistles. What you see is what you get on Adult DVD Talk. And what you get is a blank white background, lots of text, and the occasional tiny (low-resolution) thumbnail to go along with it.It’s also a little confusing to navigate at first. I mean, as a forum site, you sort of expect to find, well, a forum. And on the home page, there does not appear to be a forum in sight; instead, the site kind of just looks like a cheap, independent news site or blog from the mid-1990s. Instead of just delivering you straight to the forum of the site, it seems as if they have plucked certain conversations and hot topics, linking to them on the home page. Nowhere is this clearly stated, however, there is very little to guide a first-time user. You’re on your own, bub, good luck!That being said, the site does have a lot to offer. This is made clear by just taking a quick glance at the menu bar. Here, you can take your choice: Movies (dropdown: New Releases, Coming Soon, New Previews, New Reviews, Write a Review, Top Rated Movies, XXX Movie Trailers, Must-Have Movies, Top 50 Movies, and Porn Studios); Porn Stars (Porn Star Interviews, Porn Star Galleries, Official Websites, and Top Porn Stars); Talk (dropdown: Porn Forum, Porn Star Members, Chat Rooms, and Email Alerts); and Shop (dropdown: Where to Shop, Porn Bargains, XXX Coupons, and Advanced Search).To the right of all of these options, you can also browse the site by typing in keywords. Just select a filter option (Actor, Director, Movie, Forum, Reviews, and Review Text). From there, type in whatever it is that you’re looking for. Those of you who have read my reviews in the past probably know already how much I appreciate a good search engine on a site like this. And Adult DVD Talk has certainly come through, providing multiple channels to make your search as easy as can be.Great Adult Industry Resource, but it could Use Some Updated FeaturesAdult DVD Talk, in hindsight, is so much more than merely a porn blog for you to chat up other pornoholics about your favorite films and actresses. It is a one-stop resource for all things porn-related. Plus, they even have a little bit of porn on the site itself (which is rare for an informational site like this), in the way of galleries of porn stars. I also really appreciate that you can actually chat with industry insiders on the forums. Hey, who knows, maybe your favorite porn star will even make an appearance on here one day!The only thing that could really take Adult DVD Talk to the next level – well, other than a much-needed site update – would be to enhance the user and community features. You should be able to add titles, studios, and actresses to your own personalized top lists. I also think there should be a way to instantly add a title you see discussed in a forum to you own personal watch list. Plus, as is the case with any site, the ability to direct message fellow users would be a crucial addition to elevate this site to the realm of greatness.One last note: although it’s nice that you can look at pics of porn stars, I do kind of wish that Adult DVD Talk would partner up with a tube site or something, so that they could actually link to the videos that are discussed and reviewed here. They do, but it’s pay per minute viewing (which is absurd in 2019). This site has so much potential – it just needs a little bit of modernization is all!