Who doesn't like some babes and stars? Lots of people who masturbate see it as something that should be done once in a blue moon and tend not to take it too seriously – these people typically open up any given popular XXX domain, select a video that has an attractive thumbnail and whack off to it without a care in the world. This is what you would call ‘the average porn consumer’, someone who probably has an active social and/or romantic life as well as an occupation that keeps them busy. But, there are also people who take their special alone time with porn more seriously – these more refined porn consumers care about what they masturbate to because they know exactly what caliber of pornography they need in order to get excited.These more advanced porno consumers are probably the people I’m writing these reviews for, and they are capable of getting more out of their porn on an emotional level since it’s likely one of their primary sources of pleasure in life. These porno fan heavyweights are also pretty well-versed when it comes to popular pornstars, and they can likely not only recognize the majority of them but also name some of the biggest names in porn without thinking twice. These people typically develop special bonds with popular pornstars, even going so far as considering them to be their significant other that aids them in their ‘time of need’. It’s because of people like this that sites like ‘BabesAndStars’ exist because the majority of them need a detailed glossary of all the known pornstars in the industry because they’ve developed a ‘special bond’ with them from all those years of jerking it to XXX videos…A Detailed Rundown of Every Pornstar Babe and Her WorksBabes And Stars specializes in cataloging all the known pornstars in existence and organizing them neatly alongside all of their works. This website is a godsend for any of you out there that have virtual crushes on famous girls that star in fuck-flicks, as was elaborated in the previous paragraph. I personally don’t get too attached to pornstars because I usually get sick of repeatedly seeing them on various XXX domains if they’re super popular, but I know all too well that there are lonely dudes out there who need to form an artificial bond with a certain pornstar which they’ve developed a virtual crush on in order to nurture and develop their romantic side.Think about it like this: If a lonely, nerdy virgin can’t get laid or even talk to a girl in real life, how’s he gonna develop that romantic, soft side of him? By whacking off to pornstars that have no idea he exists! Seriously though, if you’re ever in need of an ultra-detailed rundown of every known female pornstar in the industry including essentially all of the content that she’s been in, then BabesAndStars can certainly help you out...The Numbers Don’t LieOne of the most outstanding things about this site that makes it considerably more useful than most other XXX domains with similar popularity is how precise it can be when it comes to pornstars and what they’re featured in. Let’s say you visit this place because you’re feeling lusty for some good content that features Asa Akira – porn’s favorite Asian girl. You click on her profile here, and you get a full rundown of all the movies, pictures, and scenes that she’s in. By using this site, you can find out that Asa Akira currently stars in 282 full-length DVD movies and is featured in a total of 204 videos that are playable on this website, as well as 182 pictures which can also be viewed right here too.You literally get a treasure trove’s worth of free content that all features that one pornstar you can’t stop thinking about for days on end, regardless if you’re busy at work, drinking at a pub or getting a phone call from your mom. If you have an insatiable need to jack off to a certain pornstar because you whacked off to her a lot during the eighth grade when puberty was kicking your ass, or for whatever other reason, then this website is just what you’ve been looking for.The Full Feature Films Are Pay-Per-ViewIt’s one thing to upload pictures and scenes to a website, but adding full feature DVD movies is tricky business due to all the copyright shit surrounding it and whatnot. This website does have its own section dedicated to full movies, but if you want to watch them it’s going to cost you. How much exactly is unknown, but if you’re prepared to pay for porn then you probably know that it’s not too expensive. However, if you’re a broke deadbeat that jerks off all day, then you probably spend a lot of time on the internet and know your way around it enough to ‘get a hold’ of some full-length XXX movies using various alternate means and methods that I will not go into here.All The Tags You Could Expect From a Site Like ThisIf you’re a heavy masturbator whose been jerking it for so long that you’ve burned out your brain’s reward centers, then you’ll probably need something much more extreme than what this site has in order to get you going. This website doesn’t particularly specialize in that hardcore, extreme stuff that only advanced masturbators can truly make use of. The most ‘out there’ tags that it has are BDSM, CFNM, Rough, Punishment, Cum Eating, and Fucking Machine, and even with these categories the content itself that’s on them isn’t as extreme has it can be (trust me, I’ve seen some pretty fucked up shit on other sites).But, if you’re someone who doesn’t need their porn to include abuse or human excrement, then you’ll definitely like what this site has to offer in terms of tags – there are over 100 individual tags on this website that range from the usual stuff like Big Tits, Anal and Blowjob to some more kinky shit like Goth, Fur, Underwear and Wet. Judging from what I’ve seen on other sites, these guys fare pretty well when it comes to their tags – the only thing that I think they could implement which would really help is specifying exactly how many pieces of content are inside an individual tag, just like how they do with their listed models.No Official Video TitlesThis website wasn’t made with the content in mind, rather, it emphasizes organizing and cataloging the pornstars featured in its content as much as it possibly can. When you open up a video, the first thing you see right above the video player is a small section dedicated to the model starring in it (the same goes with pictures). For example, there’s a video starring Sovereign Syre called ‘Chick Blows a Hard Dick’, but the only way you can find out this video’s title is by clicking on the thumbnail. There’s no other way to see what’s happening in the video itself because the thumbnails don’t move, which is also a problem.However, it’s not all bad – The section that’s dedicated to the model starring in the video which I mentioned a few lines earlier contains a mini-bio of the model, including her country of origin, height, weight, and bra size (because bra size is very important in the world of porn). You also get two links leading to all the model’s respective video and photo content that’s on the site. In addition, you get a nice little sentence-long description of what goes on in the video you opened right under the unofficial title, so you can know what you’re getting into because the video thumbnails on this website don’t move.Video Thumbnails Don’t MoveI know I just mentioned this, but I feel like it deserves its own little section because this is a very common thing on most XXX websites. The video thumbnails here do not move at all – all that happens once you hover over them with your mouse is a small text declaration telling you which XXX production house they belong to. You’ll have to open the video and read the short description in it to see what actually happens in it.Search Bar is for Models OnlyThe search bar here doesn’t work for videos, because they don’t have their own official titles so it wouldn’t be logical anyway. If you want to use the search bar on this website you’d best have a certain model’s name in your mind, otherwise, it’d be no good for you.