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It’s a shemale model database solely dedicated to shemale porn pictures. And they have been going at it since 2009. That’s nearly a decade’s worth of material to dive into here. They also draw in a quite a bit of traffic for a site with such a narrow focus, but it just goes to show how popular shemale porn has gotten. They bring in over 2.5 million visitors every month. Damn, they must be doing something right. Let’s see what that is.Ugly Site Design, but Lots of Fucking ContentWell, I wouldn’t say it’s the site’s color scheme. Red and gold. It’s like stepping into a gaudy as fuck cheap Chinese restaurant. Some of you might like it, but I think it’s one of the ugliest color choices I’ve seen. Really, who thought that was a good idea? Aside from the color scheme, the rest of the site's design is okay. It’s got a slew of gallery previews going down that center that takes up most of the site’s real-estate. Off to the sides are a variety of lists. You’ve got lists for other free sites, birthdays of models on the site, top searches, and top-rated shemales. Not a bad array of options. Especially for a gallery site.Up top, you’ve got some more options. You can hit the VOD button to get taken to another site with videos, use the ?? button to get taken to galleries where the model has not been identified, or hit new to see the newly uploaded galleries. There’s also your traditional search bar, along with buttons from A-Z if you want to navigate the galleries that way. All of the galleries are titled by the model’s name, so the search bar is actually pretty useful. It’s easy to find exactly who you’re looking for. Especially compared to other sites where users name the galleries stupid shit like “babe cock” or “Petite girl gets fucked.” Like, yeah, thanks. That’s so fucking useful to me.The site has over 10 thousand models and around 112 thousand gallery links that are updated pretty frequently. So, let’s talk about those. The previews show you the first picture from that gallery and who is in it. Unfortunately, that’s it. No picture count, upload date, user rating, view count, or anything like that on the thumbnail. You do get most of that information when you click through, but it would be nice to at least have the picture count so that I knew what I was getting into. Though you can generally expect there to be around 8-12 pictures.Weird Site Change with Broken Features When You Click on GalleriesAnd the gallery is confusing when you click to it. You get taken to what at first looks to be a different site, but it’s actually the same one with a completely different design. Why? The site turns into one with a white design and a whole new list of header options. There are buttons for Home, Pictures, Movies, Models, Categories, and Tags. But the only headers that work are Home and Models! The other tabs don’t do a goddamn thing. And the ones that do work just take you back to the main site page. I tried clicking on each one like 20 times and nothing happened. I don’t know if they are in the middle of a site redesign or what, but they need to get their shit together and fix whatever is going on there.Decent Galleries OverallBesides the weird site design, you can see what the rating of the gallery is, add your own comments if you want, and click a link to see more of that model on a different site. I have to share one of the comments I saw before we go any further though, “She has a sweet blow hole in the back. Sweet!!!!!” Whoever this anonymous person is, thank you for giving me a new and hilarious term for asshole. But, yeah, you can flip through different galleries pretty easily, but I would like to see some arrow key navigation or slideshows. As is, you have to click in and out of each individual picture if you want to view the full-sized images. It’s a pain in the fucking blowhole.Shitty Mobile Experience, but At Least There Are No Ads!The mobile site isn’t great. It’s not really designed especially for mobile or anything. It’s just the desktop version of the site. Everything is hard to read without having to zoom in, which is made frustrating because you’ll probably accidentally click on a gallery or link in the process. If you do find a way to use the tiny ass buttons and get to a gallery you want, then you’ll have to deal with the same issues as on desktop. You still have to click in and out of the pictures. There are no options that let you swipe through or autoplay on mobile either.At least there aren’t any ads really. I didn’t see any on desktop either. I guess they make all their revenue through the links to full galleries and videos. But, hey, I’m not complaining. It makes the user experience a lot better when you’re not being bombarded by shitty advertisements every five seconds. No redirects or anything either. Good on you shemalestardb!ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about is probably the site's navigability. Every gallery is clearly titled and numbered, so it’s incredibly easy to find your favorite shemale model through any of the many search options they have here. That feat is made even more impressive by the fact that there are so many fucking galleries. Seriously, I didn’t even know there were that many shemale porn models out there. They really are a pretty comprehensive database of shemale pornstars. If you’re looking for one, you’re bound to find some shots of them here.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestions for the site are about that weird site transition when clicking on galleries. If you’re changing your site design, that’s fine, but at least finish it before it’s made public, right? But, if that’s the case, I like the new direction they are going in. I’d love to see those tabs for videos, categories, and all that have content. If they had videos and fetish categories here it would take them to the next fucking level. They have already pretty much conquered the gallery side of things. This could be a great database for shemale videos too.Another facet I think needs to be fixed is the navigation in the galleries themselves. Give us some arrow keys for fuck's sake! And slideshows too. Do that and then actually make a mobile site and this place would be awesome. Right now, it’s kind of frustrating to use, especially since most other gallery sites have these features.ThepornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, has a lot of potential. It’s a pretty good shemale porn gallery site, but some small changes could bring them to the top. If you like shemales, which if you’re still reading, I assume you do, then I would head over and give them a shot. They have high-quality pictures, thousands of models and galleries, and a decent site design on desktop. I wouldn’t say it’s one my new favorites or anything, but it’s one I could come back to.