Have you ever heard about r/pillowtalkaudio/? This is a very specific kind of subreddit, so I think that starting with a simple description is the best call. Pillow Talk Audio is a subreddit that is filled with a lot of audio recordings (obviously) that can be put under the pillow talk genre. Now, this all might be confusing as shit if you have no idea what pillow talk means. In the simplest way possible, pillow talk is an intimate conversation that is had in bed.In r/pillowtalkaudio/ subreddit, anyone can post their private recordings or of their consenting partner. The subreddit welcomes anyone who loves this kind of shit, obviously. Reddit.com is a free website, so even if you check out r/pillowtalkaudio/ and your dick is not impressed, there are many other subreddits you are more than welcome to check the fuck out.In fact, there are about 1.2 million subreddits, with around 138.000 of them being active. A lot of them are considered to be NSFW (not safe for work), just like r/pillowtalkaudio/. This subreddit is filled with naughty audio recordings, and everyone is free to listen to them all they want. To be fair, you can browse and enjoy everything that Reddit.com has to offer, so it is obvious that that applies to this subreddit as well.Great design and simple browsing.If you have read any of my other Reddit reviews, you will know very well what I think about their design. All the subreddits look the same, with the only difference being that they offer different content, duh! All the information about each subreddit will be listed on the side of that particular subreddit, which is good since this way you can know what the fuck to expect.In this case, r/pillowtalkaudio/ will have a short description telling you the gist of this subreddit. Although I have already pretty much done that. Below, you will get to see that r/pillowtalkaudio/ has over 57k members, and usually, around 250 of them will be online. From what I have seen, the updates are fairly frequent as well… but you never know when the heck they will come.This is quite normal, considering that everything you can find on Reddit.com is uploaded by the users. There is no schedule to be followed; the users of each subreddit just upload whenever the fuck they feel like uploading. It is as simple as that. So, there were days when I found lots of uploads of horny people talking in bed, and there were times when I got maybe one or two new uploads. You never really know.On some occasions, the subreddit will also explain what a certain niche is all about… if it is not that common. For example, on the side of r/pillowtalkaudio/, you get a whole explanation of pillow talk and what the fuck that is. You also get some other info, which I shall talk about later. Now before I move on, in case you did not know, Reddit has both a dark and a light version of the site… and the dark layout is so fucking great!What kind of content can you expect?Let’s talk about the real reason you are here… the content. What kind of crap can you really expect on r/pillowtalkaudio/? Well, it is obvious that you can expect to hear pillow talk audios, but that can be a very broad subject if you ask me. So, let me just give some examples of what the fuck you can hear in this subreddit.First of all, you should know that there are many naughty erotic pillow talk audios, where the chicks will just talk dirty or even play with themselves. However, there is also something for the soft-hearted or well the virgins of Reddit. Some sluts prefer to upload cute audio recordings, where they will give you a good night message or something like that.Personally, I think that this should have been very obvious already. You should also not expect to see anything other than voice recordings on r/pillowtalkaudio/. In case you are looking for pornography, r/pillowtalkaudio/ is not the place for you. But there are many other subreddits that are filled with pornographic videos, and you are welcome to check those out instead.This subreddit is for those who appreciate the erotic sounds, and I do not mean moans and orgasms. That is why I started the review by saying that r/pillowtalkaudio/ is a specific kind of subreddit. You will only have pillow talk audio, which means lots of cuties giving you the pillow talk. Now, what does this actually include… do you need an example?One of the first audios I opened was like 30 minutes long. The chick introduced herself and talked to you in a soothing voice, telling you it is okay to be a bitch, basically. From what I have seen, the majority of these audios are ten or more minutes long. There are some that had a couple of episodes, and they all had a different kind of setting.Sometimes you hear a beauty just waking up and talking to you in the morning; other times, you have full-on psych sessions with these chicks… there were also the naughtier babes who prefer to talk during the night before you go to bed. So, all in all, you do not know what to expect… so just expect a little bit of everything, is all I have to tell you.You can register for better user-features.Now, you are welcome to register for those who plan to stay on Reddit for a longer time. Keep in mind that you do not have to register to enjoy what r/pillowtalkaudio/ or any other subreddit has to offer. That is the beauty of Reddit.com, if you ask me! Although, if you would like to have some of the usual user-privileges instead of just browsing through Reddit as a voyeur, you should register.The registration to Reddit is free and fairly simple. Once you become a member, you can vote/downvote and comment on any of the posts you find… in any of the subreddits. You can also post your own audios on r/pillowtalkaudio/ or contribute to other subreddits if you want. But, if you plan to do this, you should first read the rules of posting.On the side of this subreddit, and most other subreddits, you will get to see the rules of posting. In this case, you have ten simple rules, so try to follow them. If you start posting shit that is out of line, you can be banned from Reddit, which means that you lose all your karma points, and basically whatever the fuck you contributed.Chat with the community.On the other hand, Reddit.com allows its users to chat with each other. As a Redditor, you can send private messages to other Redditors, and chat about whatever the fuck you want. However, you should know that those who came to r/pillowtalkaudio/ or other similar subreddits where the content is the main point of that section are not really here to talk to idiots.If you want to just chat, you have plenty of other subreddits you can check out. There are subreddits dedicated just to chatting, such as r/R4R/ or r/Chat/. Although… if you just want to chat, why the fuck are you on Reddit? There are many existing websites dedicated to chatting, and helping you find a fuck buddy or whatever the fuck you might be looking for. r/pillowtalkaudio/ is a subreddit that will give you naughty audios and nothing more.Enjoy listening to vanilla and erotic pillow talk audioThat’s about all I have to say about r/pillowtalkaudio/. In case you skipped through the review and just want a conclusion, here it goes. If you are somebody who appreciates pillow talk, in any shape or form, you are welcome to check out r/pillowtalkaudio/. Here, beauties tend to post audio recordings from late at night, giving you a naughty version of pillow talk, to some deep morning pillow talks.Since Reddit.com is a free website, you are more than welcome to browse through and check out as many subreddits as you want. If you find any that you really like, you can become a part of their community and get updates on your homepage. There are also a lot more privileges than users get overall. Anywho, if you want to listen to some therapeutic or naughty audio recordings, you are more than welcome to check out what r/pillowtalkaudio/ is all about!